So, I sat down at my desk at 14:00 hours, precisely.  It is now 17:17  Not one word!  What have I been doing?  More to the point, what was I doing this morning, I hear one ask?  Being busy doing lots of busy things of great necessity.  One of routine – a bit OCD-ish, truth be told – I have a running list in my head which must be completed before I can get going.  Today, I was de-railed and, thus, here I am.  I had an hour-long chat with my friend, ‘Peggy’, as she ‘delighted’ me with the upcoming itinerary for she and her husband’s extended drive through Europe.  Montana, last Autumn, and now a month in Italy taking in Lake Como – dinner with George! – Tuscany and Rome.  What can I say?  Never one for jealousy, I must merely learn to live, vicariously, through others.  After all, we are, each of us, blessed in different ways; bountiful ways …  Peggy’s on a 5-star trip round Europe and I’m here with a large bottle of Tanqueray!  Seems fair to me.  Acceptance, my dear, acceptance.

Not for Trump!  That’s the other thing I was doing this afternoon, watching him, live, as he addressed his conviction.  The only President – or former President – to date, ever to be convicted of a criminal offence … by ‘criminals’!  Finish the sentence.  One couldn’t write it.  One hundred percent, that trial was rigged.  One hundred percent, that trial was a stitch-up.  Trump is right.  The thing is, at the end of the day, it makes no difference.  Everybody has already made up his/her mind about Donald Trump.  Love him or hate him.  Undoubtedly, there are many who hate him.  Love him?  Wrong word.  I don’t necessarily like the man but I do believe he is the right person for the job; a strong leader for the free world.  HIs own person, he will not be swayed – and he has guts!  Two qualities I admire greatly; as rare as gold dust in this world of marionettes.

This was no ordinary political assassination.  This was a machine gun, mob-style hit job on Trump.’

 Boris Johnson

Nothing from Sunak or Starmer, the schoolboy and the sleaze.  Most, now, will be continuing with their lives aware, only – interested, only – in the news that Trump has been declared guilty on all thirty-four charges and he is declaring the trial ‘rigged’.  Typical Trump, they will think, and maybe go as far as to ponder whether or not he will go to prison.  That’s it.  No further thoughts on the subject.  On with their mundane lives.  Chinese or Indian tonight?  Such is the apathy in this country.  To say the dumbing down has been successful is an under-statement!  Meanwhile, in the words of President Biden (or his AI robot), ‘No-one is above the law’.  That may be, unless one is a Democrat!  Clinton.  Bill Clinton.  Former President Bill Clinton.  The Clintons, plural!  My stomach churns every time I see that horrible, slippery man who got away with it all.  ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’.  Lied under oath.  Accused of sexual harrassment and more.  So much more that he slimed his way out of and now he is treated like some kind of god.  Then, there’s his embarrassingly loyal wife, Hilary, and her deleted emails …  The Obamas?  Squeaky clean?  Not a chance!

Back to Donald Trump’s claims of a ‘rigged’ trial, one brought in the state of New York, a notoriously Democrat state lending 5% of votes to the Republican Party.  Balanced.  Then, there’s the controversial Judge assigned to the case, Judge Juan Merchan.  He, who was cautioned by a state ethics panel over two – granted, small – donations to Democrat-aligned groups in 2020.  Needs no comment.  On to his daughter, Loren Merchan, who has served as President of Authentic Campaigns – any reference to her has been scrubbed from its site – a firm involved in digital campaign work whose clients just happen to be Democratic political candidates including some of Trump’s most outspoken opponents.  Biden and Kamala Harris?  Affirmative.  Not a ‘rigged’ trial, though.  Definitely not.  This Judge, even if acting alone, was far from Switzerland!  The last thing he wanted was for Donald Trump to be acquitted.

The jury?   The claim that the unanimous guilty verdict was an accumulation of ‘guilties’ spanning the 34 counts has been dismissed; however, on reading Judge Merchan’s instructions to said jurors, semantics is very much in play.  This was an almighty stitch-up and, I agree, a very black day for democracy but, in truth, who really cares?  Those who hate Trump certainly don’t.  He must be stopped by any means, corrupt or otherwise.  Trouncing Biden in the polls, the White House beckons for a second term and the Democrats, terrified, are prepared to fight dirty.  Will they put him behind bars?  Not feasible.  Will they put him under house arrest on 11th July in another attempt to snooker his campaign?  Even if he were guilty of falsifying business records, not a punishment that fits the crime.  The Democrat think tanks will be working overtime.  Meanwhile, Biden – convinced he is an AI robot – continues to be wheeled out in public, worked from behind by the Clintons and Obama.  (By the way, I have highlighted in my notes of 28/3 that the delightful triumvirate – Hilary? Works for me! – were charging $80,000 to have one’s photograph taken with them at some event.)

What a wonderful world!  The choice, as ever: head down and keep eating the grass or stand tall and continue to fight for integrity and justice?  The former is so much easier; the pool of the latter increasingly small.  Lonely are those who choose to educate themselves; who choose to have an opinion and, moreover, choose to voice it.  I hate Trump and, therefore, the trial was not rigged.  How many fall into that category?  Of course, he didn’t like the verdict.  Six weeks wasted.  A charade.  ‘Our justice system has endured for nearly 250 years’.  Joe Biden.  Once upon a time, I, too, believed in fairy tales …

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.’

Benjamin Franklin

This is Trish, signing off – unchecked.  Rushing!