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Trish-Trash?  Well, that was a school nickname, long gone, but one which proved perfect as a blog title back in 2015 when I started posting.  To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t a clue what a blog was – other than a horrible word – but, then, why would I?  Technology has never been my thing.  Seven years later, I am really none the wiser but I grasped the opportunity of a platform to vent; a place to voice my thoughts and opinions in a rapidly-changing world.  Calling it Trish-Trash enabled me to write about anything and everything – and I do!

Well, the above. is the only paragraph I have salvaged from the previous ‘About Trish’.  Hands together for Take 3!  It’s funny how something one wrote just a couple of years ago can suddenly seem so wrong.  So much is irrelevant now.  Yes, I happen to be divorced but that doesn’t define me.  While, undoubtedly, said trauma proved the catalyst for Trish-Trash – a do-it-yourself form of therapy – I was born with a love of words and, I think, always destined to write …

So, a synopsis of me?  The middle child, I was born on a Sunday in late October – a Scorpio.  One of the nice ones, I might add!   Glasgow was my city of birth.  Home to both my parents, I would only spend the first four years of my life there but it plays a huge part in who I am.  Renowned for their humour, Glasgwegians are unique in their dry wit and sarcasm – and none more so than Pop.  Just one of the many traits I am so grateful we shared.  For he has, most definitely, been my greatest influence – and continues to be so.  A Consultant Psychiatrist, he had a love of books – of words – but not so much people.  He either liked you or he didn’t and, believe me, you knew!  Fiercely loyal, he was stubborn to the end …  I am my father’s daughter.

What else?  As a little girl, I had the straightest of fringes and I rocked bunches!  Always my own person, at the age of four – while attending Sunday School – I happened to be displeased with my place in the semi-circle, preferring to sit beside my cousin.  Without a word, therefore, I just picked up my chair and proceeded to carry it to my chosen spot.  Known as the ‘I moved my chair’ story, consigned to family folklore, that does define me!

Growing up, my two favourite films were The Sound of Music and Born Free.  Still are, actually, both having had a huge impact on my life.  I read books, avidly, from the age of six and, for most of my years, have kept a diary.  English was always my favourite subject at school and that which I went on to study at university, forever harbouring the dream to write.  Never ambitious or coveting a career per se, however, I was lucky enough to secure the most important job of all: that of a stay-at-home mother.  Testament to my skills, I am immensely proud of the results and, may I add, I was never bored!

Fast forward to 2012 and, in coping with one of life’s lovely curved balls, Trish-Trash was born.  Topical, opinionated and, more often than not, controversial, humour remains at its heart.  For laughter sustains me and I would be hopeless without it.  As the world becomes ever more scary, the need for escapism is heightened; an injection of colour on a canvas of grey. Thus, Trish-Trash is not only my voice but a vehicle for my imagination.  Laced with fun, it is my nod to the oh, so wise words of the late Robin Williams

You’re only given a little spark of madness and, if you lose that, you’re nothing.’

Love her or loathe her – and you will – at least she is never boring!

‘We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend’

Robert Louis Stevenson


One person’s colourful take on an increasingly black and white world. Never forget the power of humour … and that ‘little spark of madness.’ (Robin Williams).

Once Upon a Time

The weekly comment and opinions – relevant or otherwise – of Trish-Trash inspired by the past seven days …

More Than Words

A love of words, this page is filled with quotes which have touched or inspired me – or both!

Seriously Good!

Acknowledgement that it’s not all bad … !


Dedicated to those daily occurrences which make one shake one’s head and, perhaps, appreciate that one’s grasp of our rich vocabulary is considerably more extensive than one realized!

The Voice In My Head

Dedicated to Pop, the most influential person in my life. A collection of words, quotes, sayings or jokes; in fact, anything which reminds me of him and his greatly missed but unforgettable sense of humour.


Photographs and memories … important places in my life and, perhaps, some people.

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23rd February, 2024

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16th February, 2014

'When he shall die Take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine.' 'Romeo & Juliet' (Act III, Scene II) To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death in 2016, the Royal Shakespeare Company commissioned artist and...

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9th February, 2024

Just keep adding the layers ...  I do wonder what it is that is stopping me from turning on my electric blanket and climbing straight back under the covers?  Am I nuts?  There's nobody here.  I feel exhausted and the driving wind and rain battering the windows is...

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‘You’re only given a little spark of madness and, if you lose that, you’re nothing.’

Robin Williams

A weekly dose of Trish-Trash: an insurance policy with a difference.

Introducing Tom (Odell) to Trish-Trash.com

…He seems to find it amusing!

Have a read and see for yourself.

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