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Trish-Trash?  Well, that was a school nickname, long gone, but one which proved perfect as a blog title back in 2015 when I started posting.  To be perfectly honest, I hadn’t a clue what a blog was – other than a horrible word – but, then, technology has never been my strong point.  Six years later, I am really none the wiser but I grasped the opportunity of a platform to vent; a place to voice my thoughts and opinions in a rapidly-changing world.  Calling it Trish-Trash enabled me to write about anything and everything – and I do!

Back to the beginning, though, I was an avid reader from the age of six.  My children may remain unconvinced but it’s true.  I have always loved words and writing and my boxes of old diaries are testament to that.  For some reason, I have this need to document my life although God knows why?  Suffice to say, enjoying the happiest of childhoods, I believed that Walton’s Mountain really did exist and that everything was going to fall into place, as Pop always promised.  Of course, there were curves in the road; crossroads at which I took the wrong fork but, then, hindsight is a great thing – or, in truth, a double-edged sword.  I took everything as it came, really.  A Graduate Secretarial course followed a degree in English before I married and had two children.  Happy to be a stay-at-home mother, I thought I was sorted.  Well, no.  Children grown up, lying, cheating husband equals not sorted!  In fact, equals years of legal wrangling.  Time to get back to writing, my therapy.

Thankfully, my son – in particular – encouraged me to start a blog and set me up on Weebly.  Writing infrequently, at first, I had few expectations but, then, I discovered I wasn’t, actually, talking to myself.  This was fun.  This, I could do.  In fact, my, now, ex-husband kindly handed over one of my posts as ‘evidence’ to the Judge in the Court of Session and boosted my readership dramatically!  Always one step ahead, however, one has to remember that anyone could be reading – and they do.  Often controversial – particularly, of late – I have posted twice-weekly for some time, covering topical issues, mainly.   I scribble notes or quotes of interest on numerous bits of paper and then sit down and write – about something completely different!  Spontaneity.  Huge advocate!  Individuality?  A must.  Courage of one’s convictions?  Definitely.  Humour?  Integral to my DNA.

Small acorns into large oaks grow and thus Trish-Trash grew into Trish-Trash.com, my website, of which I am extremely proud.  Yes, I may still be learning how to update some pages but I will get there.  Meantime, please take a look.  Very personal to me, it has become my voice.  Agree or disagree, that is the point.  In this increasingly dark world, why not inject some colour?  For my part, my strength lies in humour – the dry, Glaswegian sarcasm of my much-missed father, Pop – and that ‘little spark of madness’.  Pulled up sharp almost a decade ago now, I have learnt so much – both about myself and the things which truly matter.  Laugh, dream, be kind, take one day at a time and read Trish-Trash, regularly!  Love her or loathe her, in this cynical world, I believe a little escapism goes a long, long way.

‘We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend’

Robert Louis Stevenson


One person’s colourful take on an increasingly black and white world. Never forget the power of humour … and that ‘little spark of madness.’ (Robin Williams).

Once Upon a Time

The weekly comment and opinions – relevant or otherwise – of Trish-Trash inspired by the past seven days …

More Than Words

A love of words, this page is filled with quotes which have touched or inspired me – or both!

Seriously Good!

Acknowledgement that it’s not all bad … !


Dedicated to those daily occurrences which make one shake one’s head and, perhaps, appreciate that one’s grasp of our rich vocabulary is considerably more extensive than one realized!

The Voice In My Head

Dedicated to Pop, the most influential person in my life. A collection of words, quotes, sayings or jokes; in fact, anything which reminds me of him and his greatly missed but unforgettable sense of humour.


Photographs and memories … important places in my life and, perhaps, some people.

Recent Trish-Trash blog posts

18th October, 2021

It seems the less I write, the more people read.  Silent for a few days and I have gained India and Spain!  China remains a stalwart, of course - and for that I am very grateful - but, from time to time, I do question the relevance of some of my subject matter in...

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11th October, 2021

Did I mention that I never check my ticket until at least a week later?  I am aware that I did not win the jackpot on Friday but nobody did and, quite honestly, £12 million more may come in handy being that tomorrow's winnings, now, amount to £184 million.  Utterly...

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8th October, 2021

Right, let's hit it!  What a week for ... achieving very little.  Honestly, I don't know what happened to me but I just could not get motivated.  Didn't sleep well.  It rained.  My beach still looked dirty, the sand dark instead of golden and dumped with seaweed.  It...

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‘You’re only given a little spark of madness and, if you lose that, you’re nothing.’

Robin Williams

A weekly dose of Trish-Trash: an insurance policy with a difference.

Introducing Tom (Odell) to Trish-Trash.com

…He seems to find it amusing!

Have a read and see for yourself.