The sun is shining … God teasing us, once more.  Still, if tomorrow happens to be snowing, at least we will have had today.  Trained to be grateful for so little!  Amazing how one’s mood is lifted by a soupçon of brightness, though.  The sky is suddenly blue, the grass greener and the fields of rapeseed, pockets of vibrant yellow creating nature’s very own patchwork quilt.  Uplifting and humbling at the same time …  I was in Edinburgh on Wednesday.  As I walked out of Haymarket station, I felt immediately claustrophobic – and dirty.  Dirty!  Everywhere, as the pungent smell of weed wafts on the polluted air engulfing the homeless on the pavements.  Pavements of grey, save for the grime and discarded chewing gum ground into every surface.  Does anybody clean them or sweep them anymore?  I doubt it.  Everywhere there are people to avoid, all going nowhere yet focused on somewhere.  Too little time.  No time to connect; slaves to technology and that self-monitoring device which never leaves the hand.  Programmed.  Oblivious.  Back to dirty …

I think that’s it.  The over-riding feeling is one of a city neglected, devoid of the pride she once knew.  That is largely due to the people, though.  The antithesis of elegance, and not just in appearance, in attitude, too.  Once upon a time.  How low we have sunk.  No style, no class, no manners, no respect.  In their place, ego, insolence and an all-encompassing apathy.  Why should I?  That about sums it up.  Sad, for the Edinburgh of the late Seventies/early Eighties is unrecognisable now.  Another world …  Didn’t help watching the two-parter on Channel 5, Holidaying in the 1970s, this week.  Pretty air hostesses in stylish uniforms who, actually, liked people and addressed their passengers as Ladies and Gentleman, moreover, in the Queen’s English.  Roomy planes with clean seats, a free drinks trolly with proper glasses and a menu of food which didn’t resemble old tyres and incorporate every additive known to man!  Those were the days.  Holidays abroad were a luxury and to travel by plane, so exciting!  People dressed up for the occasion.  There were no luggage restrictions, no security to negotiate and the only thing one had to remember was one’s passport and paper ticket – oh, and the camera!  Nothing more precious, now, than those old faded Polaroids …

When is somebody going to invent a time machine?  Even better, most would have no desire to go back in time.  Let’s face it, Gen Z – or whatever they call themselves – are more interested in erasing history than studying it, unless they can make it all about reparation.  For, of course, their ideology – in this climate of victimhood and grievance – is completely skewed, a fact which was glaringly obvious on Patrick Christys’ programme on GB News, last night.  I am so glad I happened to turn over at the opportune moment when he announced that Suella Braverman was to be live in the studio following footage of their visit, that morning, to the encampment of Pro-Palestinian protesters on the lawns in front of King’s College, Cambridge.  Supposedly students, the university – which, questioningly, has done nothing to disband said encampment – has been forced to move today’s graduation ceremony to another undisclosed venue.  The Tyranny of Tolerance rears its ugly head, unchallenged, once more.

So, there were Patrick and Suella – and two cameramen – brollies up, walking quietly along, chatting, while keen to find any protesters willing to engage in a conversation as to their stance and reasoning for being there.  Stonewalled!  Their faces obscured by masks and balaklavas, the irony was palpable: clearly, determined to conceal their identities while, apparently, there to protest and highlight their cause.  Or are they?  Suella remained unflustered as she pointed out that these are some of the brightest students in the land, educated and taught to articulate their views; to open their mouths; to voice their opinions and justify their reasoning.  Nothing!  As she approached each group, one by one, courteously asking if they would like this opportunity to explain why they are there, they turned their backs on her or just stared, silently, at her, insolently refusing to acknowledge her presence or her questions.  Fascinating footage.  Nothing, if not revealing.  Here was an opportunity handed to them on a plate and not one of them had the courage of their supposed convictions.  Not one of them had the guts to engage in conversation or to put forward their case.  Why?  Easy.  They are nothing more than vacuous sheep!  No surprise, then, that Patrick questioned whether they were, in fact, students?  More like rent-a-mob!  Of course, they can’t talk to Suella – or anyone for that matter – because they have no actual understanding of their cause; no grasp of why they are there – other than to intimidate.  Brainwashed or brain-dead, courtesy of technology or drugs, they are aimless.  Far from cognitive individuals with opinions, they seek anonymity in a crowd geared, only, to antagonise and disrupt.  Whether Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion or Pro-Palestine protesters, they are all the same.  Morons, devoid of any direction or understanding.  It is they who represent the cowards at school who sought refuge in numbers and bullied for kicks; they, who, entirely malleable, seek only to channel their own self-doubt.  Imagine being the parent of that female who, back in March, sprayed red paint all over the historic portrait of Lord Arthur Balfour – hanging in Trinity College, Cambridge – before slashing it to bits!  A Conservative MP, Lord Balfour was behind the Balfour Declaration of November 2nd, 1917 which pledged the formation of a ‘national home for the Jewish people’ in Palestine.  Neither deterred nor detained, that female – to date – has never been arrested nor charged.  Still, one for the Christmas card!

The Tyranny of Tolerance, ignited on the 25th May, 2020.  Black Lives Matter set the way for violent protests; protests deep-rooted in the past and demanding of reparation; protests devoid of control or jurisdiction; protests above the law!  Statues were pulled down without consequence; continue to be defaced at will.  Historic paintings are destroyed without arrest.  Jews are driven from the streets of London by intimidating mobs as the police stand by, gormless.  Four years on, this country is lawless.  Woke and lawless.  Woke equals lawless!  The police would rather waste thousands on equality lanyards, badges and whistles than remove these aggressors from the streets …  Where will it end?  I have a suggestion, further supported by her performance last night: Suella Braverman for Prime Minister!  In a class of her own.  In fact, she reminds me of Maggie.  Intelligent, strong, forthright, level-headed … nobody’s fool.  In a lawless society, however, she endeavoured to hold the police accountable and, in so doing, lost her job.  Says it all.

Suffice to say, she was in the GB News studio with Patrick Christys last night and faced with Fiona Lali, a Revolutionary Communist (don’t ask), who, give her her due, had the guts to come on and open her mouth!  That said, she only confirmed what we already knew.  Calling Suella a liar and declaring she was out of touch and hated, she refused to discuss Hamas or condemn them as a terrorist organisation; she refused to answer Suella’s direct question as to whether Israel has a right to exist, preferring to mock her whilst decrying capitalism – and there’s the rub.  Perhaps, though, Fiona should have paid heed to the Eurovision Song Contest public vote, last week, when Israel received the second largest number of votes and the UK, zero.  Enlightening.  Sad, too, that the majority insists on remaining silent.

In the end, well-spoken and clearly educated, Fiona Lali is the face of a rising problem in this country; an increasingly lawless country.  For she represents an upcoming generation strewn with deluded paper socialists who, privileged, believe it cool to protest; to assign themselves to a cause – any cause.  In another time, Hitler would have relished the potential of such ignorant recruits.  Those who have learned nothing – or merely choose to ignore.  Oh, that a visit to Auschwitz was on the school curriculum, compulsory for every child forever more.

A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.’

Saul Bellow

This is Trish, signing off.