No excuses.  Just busy.  Now, I’m writing on my day of rest, for goodness sake!  By the way, did it even get light today?  Overcast and miserable, I am being taunted by messages from Becca, sitting in ‘our’ piazza café in Monti, ordering Prosecco!  Remind me, again, why I live in this country?  Put it this way, I’ll be gone in a heartbeat come Tuesday when I win the £122m courtesy of EuroMillions …  What an utterly ridiculous sum!  Even I would struggle to dispense with that amount, for all my good causes.  Manny has told me, many times, that he would have to commandeer our winnings be that I would be inclined to give away the lot.  Perhaps, but I did point out that the process – however swift – would make superb material for a bestseller!  Having said that, would I bother to write a word having just won £122m?  Quite.  This may, indeed, be my last entry.  Don’t worry, though, the Trish-Trash archives are far from meagre …

Yesterday – 27th January – was Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I do wonder how many were aware.  Becca, herself, questioned why the Spanish Steps were bathed in purple on Friday evening until I enlightened her.  Someone I follow on Instagram, @citychic4ever__, was posting old black and white photographs throughout the day, yesterday, of some of the innocent children who were taken to concentration camps, along with their families, and murdered.  Directed left or right, their fate was decided no matter their age.  Some, no doubt, bore witness to the deaths of parents and siblings.  It does not bear thinking about.  Seventy-nine years ago, now, since the liberation of Auschwitz, their names are all but forgotten.  No family to remember them …  The images are haunting.

I am continually learning of the atrocities of those Nazi concentration camps; the barbarous acts of cruelty inflicted on one human being by another.  Human beings devoid of heart or feeling.  Clearly, there are those who exist.  There is an abundance of evil in this world and man has the monopoly.  The T4 Program, a Nazi policy initiated by Hitler in 1939 instructing the euthanasia of those deemed as ‘burdensome lives’ and ‘useless eaters’, I knew nothing about – and, for that, I am ashamed.  I had no idea that being deaf, for example, labelled one as ‘a life unworthy of living’.   Ignorance is no excuse.  Each and every one of us should know about the Holocaust; should learn about it.  It should be compulsory in all schools forever more!  One of the spring trips at the international school in Rome at which Becca teaches is to Dachau, one of the first concentration camps – opened in March 1933 – situated just outside Munich.  Impressed.

A sobering weekend, then, particularly when one is forced to admit that we have learned nothing!  Ego continues to abound.  The quest for power.  Greed, capable of supplanting all compassion.  As Russia tightens its grip on Ukraine, the world is on the brink and, only this past week, it was revealed that – in an upcoming speech – General Patrick Sanders (head of the army) will stress the need for the Government to ‘mobilise the nation’ should Nato go to war with Vladimir Putin.  This, in a bid to replenish the numbers of a British Army reduced to its smallest in centuries …  A frightening concept for all but just imagine reality!  Already, there are polls suggesting more than 60% percent of the youth in this country harbour neither the desire, nor the intention to put their lives on the line for a Britain which lost its ‘Great’ a long, long time ago.  In truth, in November 1990 with the resignation of Maggie Thatcher!  Since then, the demise of this nation and its people has been rapid with the onset of technology – and, moreover, social media – responsible for both isolation and apathy, the umbrellas of doom.  With the majority glued to their phones and, subsequently, devoid of a brain cell, one has to ask whether they would even entertain, far less understand, the idea of discipline (Google it!) and danger – receiving a pay cheque, to boot – thus forsaking the familiar life of a clone on benefits?  Their uniform of trackies and trainers for combats?  Not a chance!  Nothing else for it: AI soldiers.  Sounds like a song title!  God help us all.

Further expanding on the demise of this country, the Sturgeon …  Never mind the missing millions or her select amnesia – to be demonstrated, once again, this coming week – this is someone whose entire life and career has been driven by hatred and grievance.  Reducing a country, once with so much potential, to its knees, she has long been an utter embarrassment to Scotland – and a corrupt one, at that.  However, with the Covid Inquiry underway north of the border, this diminutive scourge on our country is set to be further disrobed.  In fact, evidence from the Inquiry in Edinburgh to date – before she has even appeared – seems to support the fact that Ms Sturgeon was more focused on opposing Westminster than combatting the virus.  Who knew?!  Childlike in her obsession, in a WhatsApp message exchange between herself and her, then, Chief of Staff, Liz Lloyd, she states that the Scottish Government did ‘not get nearly enough credit for how much better than them we are.’  In a nutshell.  Acting under a cloak of secrecy, deleting vital messages relating to their controversial Covid policies, the anti-English attitude which pervades the SNP – indeed, which is their very raison d’etre – is being laid bare for even the most blind to see.  As for the Sturgeon’s penchant for expletives and lude references?  One would/could expect nothing more …

The rapid demise of a nation.  One in which a couple with four children, obliviously, spent an extra £300/wk – on top of their main shop – on carry outs for themselves!  In a bid to find something to watch on television – other than soaps, Goggle Box or Love Island – last Monday, I came across Michael Mosley:Secrets of Your Big Shop on Channel 4.  In a way, I wish I hadn’t.  Is this it?  A couple, stupid enough to spend £15,000/year on carry outs?  The tip of the iceberg.  I repeat, God help us all!

A nation which, in recent years, has flocked to the Canary Islands …  I have to admit – out of curiosity – I watched The Canary Islands with Jane McDonald on Channel 4.  Never having been – and with no intention of going – I thought I should, at least, endeavour to see what I was missing …  Help!  I cannot repeat my suggestion, to Manny, as to my preferred fate of said islands.  However, I quickly retracted the aforementioned, realising their purpose and inadvertent service to mankind …  Don’t make me put it in black and white!

The British tourist is always happy abroad as long as the natives are waiters.’

Robert Morley

… and they are allocated a wristband denoting all-inclusive: pizza, chips and alcohol!

This is Trish, signing off.