Friday again and, once again, I feel as though I am late with my homework!  Why?  It’s just gone 5pm, as I sit down at my desk, and I have successfully procrastinated all day.  Not that I haven’t been productive, just not productive in the way I’m supposed to be productive.  Oh, well.  Where to start?

First a comment about Useless, otherwise known as Scotland’s apology for a First Minister, Humza Yousaf.  Seems ages ago now but I am, of course, referring to his attack on Sir Keir Starmer for daring to hold up Margaret Thatcher as a leader who possessed qualities worthy of emulation – which, indeed, she did!  Courage in abundance, for one thing, coupled with a single-minded determination.  Highly intelligent, she had the guts necessary to compete in a man’s world and the self-esteem to withstand it.  Love her or loathe her, she is most certainly deserving of respect, particularly when reflecting on those who have followed in her wake.  Granted, there has been no more divisive figure in British politics since Churchill but what does that say?  The two were very similar.  Leaders of great courage, blessed with great minds.  Churchill saved us from the jaws of fascism and ensured our freedom, for goodness sake; that same freedom Maggie was fighting to protect.  Those who did not share her vision were merely too blind to see.

Let me give you my vision.  A man’s right to work as he will, to spend what he earns, to own property, to have the State as servant and not as master; these are the British inheritance.  They are the essence of a free economy and, on that freedom, all our others depend.’

Margaret Thatcher

Freedom.  The individual.  Oh, that she could be exhumed!  Meanwhile, crawling from under a rock, we have Humza Useless/Yousaf – he, who should be eternally grateful that Maggie Thatcher cannot be exhumed!  Anyway, on hearing Sir Keir Starmer dare to mention her very name, Useless was all over the news insisting that his words were an insult to Scotland!  Let me remind …

What Thatcher did to mining and industrial communities was not ‘entrepreneurialism’, it was vandalism …  Starmer praising Thatcher is an insult to those communities in Scotland – and across the UK – who still bear the scars of her disastrous policies.’

Congratulations, Nicola!  Surprisingly, your puppet even managed to enunciate ‘entrepreneurialism’ …  However, the irony is palpable.  Here is a man who had a record of failure as long as your arm in every successive post he held in Holyrood before his election to First Minister … was rigged; sorry, secured!  In truth, he is all but irrelevant in the great scheme of things, that being the colossal failure of an SNP government in Scotland spanning the last sixteen years; nay, the devastation inflicted on Scotland by an SNP government, lazy, negligent and blinkered – not forgetting corrupt!  What has happened to that police investigation into the missing £600,000 which, in fact, turned out to be the missing millions?  Where is the camper van and the elusive three who were each, in turn, taken in for questioning?  Silence.  Nothing more.  Are we to believe that their cells are just being warmed or have they escaped to a luxury campsite in Delaware?  I, for one, have not forgotten the poisonous triumvirate who, for so long, believed themselves untouchable, positively smirking as the country they were elected to govern sank further and further into the mire.  Humza Useless/Yousaf and his ‘insult’ to Scotland?  He and his party are the living embodiment of the word!

Phew!  Might as well launch straight in to the Covid Inquiry which has been all over the news this week, largely thanks to the star witness – Boris.  Primed to cost billions, one has to ask why?  What is the point?  So that we may learn from our mistakes?  Really?  All I can see is an opportunity to pass the buck; to blame others, stab one’s enemy in the back.  Perfect for Dominic Cummings whose axe has long been very firmly in the back of Boris.  Then, there’s Matt Hancock.  He’s more of the slimy snake variety, though equally dangerous.  Callous in the extreme, anyone and everyone is dispensable to him.

The sight of Sir Patrick Vallance and Sir Chris Whitty did little for my constitution.  Sir Patrick, Chief Scientific Officer to the Government during Covid, with his £600,000 worth of shares in Big Pharma!  Completely impartial!  Of course, he took the opportunity to belittle Boris, whom he described as ‘bamboozled’ by science.  Seriously?  Each to his own strengths.  Wonder how adept he would be at translating Ovid?!  He was the scientific adviser.  Do your job.  Explain!  Let us not forget the predictions of Neil Ferguson, either, one of our hallowed ‘scientific experts’ during the pandemic.  He of the wildly over-estimated 500,000 predicted deaths, who was instrumental in the UK’s enforced lockdowns, dismissing Sweden’s more innovative approach.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge!  Fast forward and said ‘scientific expert’, having spread fear throughout the land, was forced to resign after being caught breaking lockdown rules, twice, with his lover!  It should be said that, at the time, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, condemned Neil Ferguson saying he had been left ‘speechless’ by his ‘extraordinary’ behaviour!  What an absolute cesspit of ego, lies, corruption and greed … no number of exclamation marks sufficient to denote the disgust.

I do have a certain amount of sympathy for Boris who is, most definitely, the fall guy in all this.  I always believed him to be a puppet; a mouthpiece for the real pieces of work, the likes of Dominic Cummings and Matt Hancock.  Boris was not in favour of lockdown, originally, leaning more towards Sweden’s approach.  Too weak, he should have stuck to his guns but, manipulated and versed, he merely uttered the words … and took the blame.  Never underestimate the importance of a fall guy should it all go terribly wrong.  Boris Johnson is it and the baying masses believe nothing more than they are fed …

So, billions of pounds on what?  For what purpose?  Actually, to deflect from the real inquiry; the real questions.  Excess deaths?  The figures have soared following the ‘experimental’ vaccine rollout.  Unaddressed and unexplained, the subject is taboo.  The same media which bombarded us with ‘Covid’ death statistics, daily, has lost its voice.  Instead, the words ‘died suddenly’ and ‘following a short illness’ speak volumes.  There is no pooling of the stats, worldwide, denoting the young, healthy athletes and sportsmen – for it is predominantly men – who are being felled by cardiac arrest.  To cite the ‘experimental’ vaccine is forbidden.  Andrew Bridgen, former Conservative MP and now representing the Reclaim Party in North West Leicestershire … he could tell you more, were anybody allowed to listen.  The dots are joined, he has the stats but so damning are they that every effort has been – and will continue to be – made to undermine and conceal.  The water level is rising, however, and the river will burst its banks …

How about an inquiry into vaccine mandates?  Forcing scared people to have a new, ‘experimental’ drug concoction injected into their bodies – ignorant of any long-term, damaging side-effects – in order to keep their jobs or exercise their freedoms.  Persuaded of its exaggerated powers of protection, most did not need it.  Turns out the ‘miracle’ vaccine neither prevented one from catching the virus, nor from transmitting it.  Meantime, while Big Pharma raked in billions, what of the doctors and scientists who tried so desperately to warn of the dangers of this new mRNA vaccine?  To warn of the sinister effects of the spike protein?  Why were they silenced?  Why did many lose their jobs?  Why, if this vaccine was safe, was their anything to fear from debate?

On a similar note, why, if Big Pharma – and the medical staff who administered it – believed in this vaccine and its safety, was it deemed necessary to adapt the legislation relating to liability,  way before its rollout, in order to waive all responsibility for injury or fatality?  Did that not ring any alarm bells?  Where is the inquiry into that?!

So many real questions.  Meanwhile, this billion-pound Covid Inquiry is nothing more than a ruse designed to stem and deflect.  Thus, as the world and its mother is encouraged to blame Boris for everything, those genuinely culpable remain unscathed, merely wiping the blood from their hands and discarding the evidence.  While the masses sleep, however – or, more accurately, are too scared to see – the forces that be may have under-estimated those who, sceptical from the start, have never taken their eye off the ball – and, moreover, are not averse to rifling through bins!

Finally, Shane McGowan’s funeral took place in Dublin today.  Little short of a state funeral, he was transported through the crowd-lined streets in a carriage pulled by two horses, his coffin draped in the Irish flag.  Among the comments from the people, ‘There’ll never be another like him’ and ‘The man’s a legend’.   Johnny Depp gave a reading …  What did I miss?  I couldn’t see past the rotten teeth!

Every drug known to man.  There wasn’t a drug he didn’t take and, still, to be a genius …’

Victoria Mary Clarke

Can it be that we, now, set the bar so low?

This is Trish, signing off.