Blank page and no idea how I’m going to fill it.  Unusual for me.  As I type the date, however, I am reminded that it is October.  My favourite month.  Somehow, though, it seems to have come round so rapidly.  No build-up, no suspense, just here I am!  So, we had no summer but Autumn is upon us, regardless.

One of my strengths, filling pages with nothing!  Back to October and the joys of Autumn while robbed of the chance to look forward to it.  The best part – the looking forward.  Take Christmas …  I have always loved the anticipation; the Christmas songs, the feel-good films, the fairy lights, candles, that fragrance, choosing presents, sending cards.  I feel better already just thinking about it!  The actual day, however?  Does it ever live up to one’s expectations?  You see, that’s the thing about looking forward to a special day or a special time.  As in life, so often, the reality falls short of one’s expectations.

Cheery.  It has been a strange week, though, culminating in the news, today, that Holly Willoughby is under police guard following the arrest of a 36-year-old man who was planning to kidnap her!  Am I in a parallel universe?  Rest assured, the man is not Laurence Fox (or Phillip Schofield, for that matter), although I’m sure he would be happy to voice his thoughts on Ms Willoughby in this land of the free – or not!  He, himself, was arrested on Wednesday and taken into custody under suspicion of conspiring to cause – and encourage – criminal damage to ULEZ cameras in London.  He posted a video of his house positively littered with the constabulary, preferring to fill bin bags with the personal belongings of some unsuspecting citizen than do that which they are employed to do – catch criminals.  Thus, while teenagers are being stabbed and murdered in the street, shoplifters are running rife, burglaries are ignored and ancient trees are being felled under cover of darkness, half the police force of South West London were safe and warm in Laurence’s posh(very important) house removing, among other things, the iPads and phones of his two young boys.  Dangerous stuff!  Had Laurence, actually, committed a crime?  Had he, actually, taken a hacksaw or a hammer to any unsuspecting camera?  Of course not but he is guilty of being a white, privileged male with a brain and a voice – surely, the most heinous attributes in a world increasingly subjected to the dictatorship of the aggressive, deluded, vacuous, bitter woke.

The likes of Laurence Fox cannot win – for now – largely thanks to the weak who flounder in his wake, cowering when the going gets tough rather than offering support – Dan Wootton!  He, Laurence, was sacked from GB News while in custody this week, following his well-publicised remarks about the journalist, Ava Evans – who, remember, had belittled male suicide, suggesting the appointment of a Minister served only to highlight further injustice against women.  Phew!  Boring.  So boring.  However, that is the culture of today, owned entirely by the aggrieved.  Negative in the extreme, it is no wonder that the ensuing poison has infiltrated all aspects of life spawning misplaced arrogance – and power.  Free speech is consigned to the past as our grandfathers turn in their graves having sacrificed their lives for just that.  Freedom.   The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants – definition courtesy of Google, laziness prohibiting access to dictionary on top shelf!

‘Better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life.’  Bob Marley.

Leave it to Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator; the purveyor of justice and equality – unless, that is, one chooses to flout the narrative, flying in the face of the hand-picked ‘experts’ in a bid to alert the unsuspecting/brain-dead public to the truth.  All those altruistic doctors and scientists who desperately tried to warn against an experimental vaccination; who desperately tried to impart an effective treatment of the virus, dismissed for its lack of monetary value; who were denied the opportunity to debate.  Silenced – and at what cost?  Scroll your news feed and you will see, almost daily – buried in the small print – yet another sudden death.  Mid-thirties, male, the most-common.  Only last Tuesday, ‘JLS dancer dies age 35’.   No cause given.  One of so many and, yet, one can only surmise as to the numbers, unreported, beneath the radar of ‘celebrity’ …  It is not normal for anyone of that age group to die suddenly.  Andrew Bridgen, former MP, tried – is still trying – to alert the world to the excess deaths.  What happened to him?  Ah, yes, he joined Laurence Fox and the Reclaim Party.  Another individual, unafraid to speak up.  They have more support than one is led to believe and, in the end, the truth will out.  Don’t the goodies always win?

Onto Trump!  What the hell is going on there?  Is there any crime of which he hasn’t been accused?!  He seems to have ditched the fake tan and even the hair dye but, as his popularity continues to grow, the Democrats are scared, becoming increasingly desperate as November ’24 draws ever closer.  Of course, it is a witch hunt.  Anybody in his/her right mind can see that but government corruption is such that, scarily, they may succeed.  America needs Trump, though.  The world needs Trump!  One doesn’t have to like him as a person but, as a leader, he is a force to be reckoned with.  He lays his cards on the table; other world leaders are wary of him; if he says it, he does it.  Honest?  Don’t be ridiculous!  Show me a politician that is.  Clinton?  To be abhorred yet, somehow, that man still commands the title ‘President’.  There is no justice …  Obama?  Well, he’s pulling the strings of a sick, old man who is the subject of increasing ridicule.  Joe Biden may not be a nice man but deserving of such cruelty?

Politics.  My stories on Instagram this past week have been of little else: Laurence Fox, Biden and Trump.  It interests me.  Right and wrong.  Honesty and corruption. Truth and lies.  Black and white …  Most choose to bury their heads, preferring an easy life.  Swallow the mainstream narrative.  No questions, just obey.  Covid is still the word of the day.  I hear it everywhere – a reason or an excuse.   They think it’s all over?  Open your eyes.  This may not be Stepford but the majority have, willingly, taken the pill!  Dare to look to the future and I, for one, definitely want Laurence Fox, Trump and Nigel Farage in my camp.  An eclectic mix, maybe, but not one of them is afraid to stand alone.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’

Friedrich Nietzsche

Turn up the volume and join me!

This is Trish, signing off.