I hate to begin by letting my readers down but, following on from last week and my gripping piece on dentists and teeth, I did promise – well, maybe a bit strong – infer that, today, I would be discussing feet in relation to the individual, and the preservation of.  I know, there’s a thesis in there, make no mistake.  For example, my mother had only nine toes.  Would recognise her anywhere!  Enough.  There was no visit to the chiropodist this week but, that said, I am due a check-up with my optometrist in the near future and, when it comes to the individual, the eyes will always have it.  Described as windows to the soul for a reason, they maketh – or breaketh – the person.  Honest, kind, funny, intelligent even, it is all there.  Similarly, cold, insincere … take note and be warned.

Growing up, it goes without saying that animals taught me so much but, when it came to the ponies, the eye was so important.  Look for a kind eye.  Never failed.  Apply it to humans.  Again, never fails.  It’s something I do subconsciously – and instantly – judge someone by his/her eyes and, for my part, I am looking for the twinkle; that sense of fun.  Someone who possesses it in bucketloads is Judi Dench.  One look and one can see the humour, the willingness to laugh; mischievous is the word.  Her counterpart in the series As Time Goes By – and my particular favourite, reminding me of Pop – Geoffrey Palmer was the same.  Sarcasm oozed from his face!  What of Hugh Grant?  Does he have the twinkle?  Most definitely but, clearly nobody’s fool, I suggest he is select in those he entertains.  (Always been most gracious to us, I might add!)

Actually, only the other day, I was putting something away in Becca’s bedroom and, for some reason, I stopped to look at a framed montage of iconic Audrey Hepburn photos she has on her wall.  Shots from Breakfast at Tiffanys, in only one of the three images is she wearing sunglasses.   Unwittingly, I was thinking about the eyes – windows to the soul – and, thus, I compared the two looks, with and without sunglasses.  Stunning – and instantly recognisable, regardless – with sunglasses, she is two-dimensional; however, without, her eyes fill the picture, owning her character.  Fascinating.  One reason, I could never tick the box pertaining to eyes on the old organ donor card.  My eyes are me!  Way too personal …

This was to start with a quip about the chiropodist before moving on to my more familiar format – the rant!  Of late, I have shied away from that, bowed by the weight of so much corruption and bias, let’s face it, everywhere.  It’s too much.  How does one tackle it, or reconcile the race to the bottom when one feels powerless to prevent it?  All-consuming, as though watching the end of the world in slow motion …  Nothing if not stoic though, many of the subjects of irritation and utter disbelief arising from the past week I have in note-form next to me.  In a time, seemingly, hellbent on pandering to the minority – in the face of both the majority and common sense – there seems no logic; no foresight; no vision.   So it is that, in a world driven by ego – fuelled by grievance – it is no surprise to discover that irony abounds.

How could I fail to ignore the news on Monday (18th) that Ofcom has found GB News in breach of due impartiality rules?  The programme in question seems almost irrelevant – Saturday Morning with Esther and Phil which aired on 11th March this year – merely serving to highlight the glaring irony exposed by Ofcom‘s own rules.  I quote:

The Code is clear that when programmes are dealing with matters of major political controversy and current public policy, the heightened special impartiality requirements apply.  Specifically, Rules 5.11 and 5.12 require that an appropriately wide range of significant views must be included and given due weight in such programmes, or in clearly linked and timely programmes.’

Continuing …

Our investigation found, however, that in discussing these matters, the programme was overwhelmingly reflective of the viewpoints of different strands of opinion within the Conservative Party.’

In one!  Conservative being the key word.  Replace with Labour – similarly, white with Black – and there would cease to be a problem.  Today, age old! However, I beg to highlight the glaring amnesia; the elephant in the room: Covid and, specifically, the vaccination!  What happened to the rules, then?!  Conveniently ignored as misinformation became the word of the day.  Conspiracy, anti-vaxx, the labels used to dismiss anyone who questioned the mainstream narrative.  What happened to all those genuinely altruistic doctors who questioned the safety of an experimental vaccine, opposing the mantra of the so-called ‘medical experts’ in the pockets of Big Pharma?  Were they given a voice?  Rhetorical.  Rather, many lost their jobs, at the very least, silenced.  No sign of Rules 5.11 and 5.12, then …

Actually, before I leave the subject of Covid, does anyone know the name Matty Lock?  Perhaps not.  Aged only 19, he died, suddenly, on the 8th September.  Speculated cause of death?  Cardiac arrest.  From Merseyside, he was a member of the Labour Party and had recently been elected as a town councillor in Maghull.  Also, a gadget enthusiast, his long-time speciality was vacuum cleaners which brought him to This Morning.  Appearing frequently on the programme, I remember him as a thirteen-year-old and, thus, to hear of his sudden death was shocking.  However, to believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg is scary.  Excess deaths.  Any mention of them on the news recently?  What of Andrew Bridgen, the MP who desperately tried to highlight the growing figures relating to vaccine injury and fatalities and was savaged as a result?  Did Ofcom insist he be given airtime?  Funny, we used to have the stats for ‘Covid deaths’ shoved down our throats daily.

Gosh, it is all coming back to me: the blatant corruption, the injustice …  Is it any wonder there is no recovering?   Which brings me to the NHS who, it was announced this week, are to create 244 new positions under the auspices of diversion and inclusion at – wait for it – a cost of £14 million!  Makes perfect sense.  After all, far better to pander to the aggressive, grievance-driven, left-wing woke minority than to cater for the sick!  There are, now, 7.7 million on the waiting list, one which grows daily.  Forgive me but what happened to the National Health Service?  One whose remit was to treat those in need of medical attention?  Is it no more, along with the Hippocratic Oath, in a week which saw consultants and junior doctors, alike, striking for money?  To do no harm.  Forgive them, for they have blood on their hands …

Let me end on an email I received the other day which further enraged me.  From Change.Org, said correspondence denoted a list of petitions requesting my signature.  That which immediately caught my eye was the one calling for the removal of Ruth Davidson from the board of the SRU.  Whoops!  A huge fan of Ruth Davidson, in my opinion, she was our beacon of hope; the only one who could have saved us from the malevolent Sturgeon dictatorship.  Boasting intelligence and integrity, she is yet to be matched.  However, I digress …  Oblivious to the fact that she had been appointed as a Non-Executive Director on the SRU Board, I read on, not surprised to learn that the main reason cited for her removal was/is her surmised lack of impartiality.  Cut to the comments – and, believe me, there were loads – each and every one as telling as the next; each and every one, worthy of national pride!

It has taken decades to rid Rugby Union of its ‘elitist’ badge … this is a step backwards.’

‘Because she does NOT support Scotland as a NATION’ and …

I hate tories and she is a brit wasting a Scot’s accent.’

Nothing if not original – and expected.  Remember, they are citing lack of impartiality as grounds for Ruth Davidson’s removal!  Do they even know the meaning of the word?  Moreover, have they ever heard of irony?

I would have written a shorter letter but I did not have the time.’

Attributed to Mark Twain – apparently, wrongly!

This is Trish, signing off.