Well, here I am once more afoot …  I used to say that all the time and I have absolutely no idea why!  Today, it’s said in resignation, really, as I did not intend to be here at this moment.  In fact, I had one foot out the door on my way to the beach when darkness fell all around.  I wasn’t sore afraid but I confess to be sore pxxxed off!  Do you ever have these moments when you are convinced God is up there laughing?

So, here I am, at my desk – and it has stopped raining, of course.  I should be continuing with my future bestseller but, as ever, I am just bursting to comment on the latest gems this wonderful country/world has to offer.  The weekend was ever generous with its controversial delights but, thankfully, I had watched Laurence Fox on GB News on Friday evening when he and his guest, Ben Habib, afforded me an intelligent, plausible explanation as to that which I was about to witness.  Confused?  Bear with.

Talk about excitement overkill!  What with the Coronation last weekend – following months of build-up – and then head-on into the Eurovision Song Contest, on behalf of Ukraine, don’t forget. Not content with the inclusion of a Gospel Choir in the Abbey, there had been the inevitable, yawn-worthy, non-racist comments from Adjoa Andoh – ‘terribly white balcony’ – along with the usual aggression from Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on Good Morning Britain.  I say ‘non-racist’ comments because both the aforementioned are black and, apparently, it is only white people who are racist.  Silly me!  Silly you!  Just nod one’s head in agreement because only acceptance will be tolerated.  Make no mistake, to dispute is to be guilty of racism.  No heed to intelligence or logic, us Brits must hold our hands up to being privileged and racist.  Oops, nearly missed out the important part, that’s white Brits only!

So it was that our oh, so gifted, recently appointed First Minister of Scotland, Humza Yousaf – of Pakistani heritage – had the audacity to stand up in Holyrood, in his first address, and angrily list all those in office who dared to be white!  Sorry?  Had he, momentarily, forgotten where he was?  Scotland.  A country whose population is 96.02% WHITE!  Enough.  The thing is, weighed down by his chip – and the burden of being Sturgeon’s mouthpiece – Useless/Yousaf had no qualms about making such an attack for he is protected; absolved of any malice.  For he is not white and, repeat after me, only white people are racist …  Tantamount to brainwashing!

The Tyranny of Tolerance.  It is ubiquitous and increasingly intolerable!   Ironically, we are said to be living in a more tolerant world but quite how does that manifest itself?   In the majority being usurped/silenced/bullied by the minority.  So it is that, since the demise of George Floyd and the ensuing madness, all meritocracy has gone.  Jobs are allocated on a quota basis, according to the colour of one’s skin and/or one’s sexual preference/gender.  Thus, in a country still predominantly white, all evidence of that has gone.  Where there is white, there must be black.  Television, magazines, adverts … mainstream media is becoming increasingly multi-coloured and I would have no problem with that were it not so blatantly forced.  It’s embarrassing.  I would be embarrassed were I one of the token, non-white individuals chosen for my skin colour, alone – to fulfil a quota – regardless.  I had to switch off the BAFTA Television Awards last night, unable to stomach any more the new, enforced, multi-cultural Britain.  Two presenters: one white, one black.  To present each award?  God forbid two white Caucasians!  The recipients of the awards?  Increasingly non-white.   Moreover, asked to refrain from making any political comment in their acceptance speeches, most ignored making the inevitable dig as to how amazing it was that someone like them could, finally, be honoured – or, more cynically, tick a box!  Finally, the fellowship award went to the multi-talented British Asian actress, Meera Syal, and was presented by Krish Majumdar, currently Chair of BAFTA – of Indian heritage – wearing an Indian tunic.  Welcome to Britain!

Racist?  Absolutely not but I am intelligent and I hate nothing more than being treated as a fool …  Homophobic?  Once again, emphatically not, but not blind to the fact that the rampant woke culture has unleashed a new proportional representation.  In short, one could be forgiven for thinking everyone is gay!  Which brings me on to the Eurovision Song Contest.  Let’s be blunt, it is no more a song contest than fly in the air!  Rather, it is a Gay Fest in the hands of predominantly gay presenters presiding over predominantly gay contestants in increasingly provocative attire – or lack of – whose performances are increasingly risqué and geared to shock.  In a nutshell.   Garish and indulgent, in the extreme, there is not a musical instrument nor a melodic note to be had.  Robotic, computerised, dance … what?  Just a din, as Pop used to say.  No lyrics, no tune, instantly forgettable.  So sad because I have such fond memories of the Eurovision Song Contest, growing up: the excitement, the catchy songs, the famous singers, the dresses and dinner suits.  I remember it all.  The songs live on, beloved.  Who could forget Johnny Logan’s winning song for Ireland in 1980 – What’s Another Year?  An actual singer who penned a beautiful song …  I turned on the radio on Sunday morning only to hear the iconic intro of Abba’s Waterloo.  The genuine article!  That was 1974.  I couldn’t help but smile, knowingly, as though the only living survivor of a once wonderful, lost world.

Back to GB News, though, the courageously individual Laurence Fox and his guest, Ben Habib – a member of Reform UK, a former MEP and, incidentally, half Pakistani.  Rewind, again, to 2016 and the Brexit Referendum when I was very much a Remainer, believing in the benefits of our ties with Europe.  However, immigration was a key issue with the promise to take back control of our borders.  Seven years on, that promise remains unfulfilled and immigration, unbridled.  The economic downsides are obvious, notably the added burden on housing, the NHS and schools, but these problems are immediate, as it were, and hopefully, with time, surmountable.  Not so, the much greater threat to our culture: the complete destruction of our heritage and values; all that is British.

I have long been a misanthropist – as Pop before me.  Never a fan of people, in general, I like individuals.  I am no racist but I will admit to being irritated by large groups of the Chinese – in particular – who come to this country to study at our top universities; in Scotland, those being Edinburgh and St Andrews.  I saw the pattern when Becca was an undergraduate at St Andrews.  There were many Chinese students in halls – nothing like today, admittedly – all of whom kept to themselves with absolutely no interest in integration of any kind.  They studied, socialised and ate together, all the while speaking their native language …  I saw it, too, in Edinburgh, a member of the Admissions staff even verbalising to Manny that there were places available but they were reserved for the Chinese!  Travel to any of the large cities in England, meanwhile, and the effects of immigration are ever more obvious but, in the aftermath of George Floyd and the insidious woke culture, the Britain of old – and all that made it Great – is rapidly disappearing into a melting pot and we seem powerless to prevent it.

In conversation last Friday evening, Laurence and Ben voiced what most are too afraid to say.  Immigration, unabated, to this country has resulted in a multi-culturalism which is not working.  In effect, what is happening is that people come here, retire into their little enclaves and continue to adhere to their own cultures and beliefs, making not attempt to assimilate.  The result is a fractured society; cultural isolation.  Not good but add to the mix the inevitable racism element, exacerbated by the woke extremists, and one has a situation in which the minorities are now threatening the majority and if one refuses to accept and champion their values, it follows – automatically – that one is inherently racist!

It’s very important the nation understands what’s going on here because it is, as you say, a culture war that will undermine the country.  It’s undermining the foundations of our self-belief and that is a disaster for the United Kingdom.’

Ben Habib to Laurence Fox, GB News, 12/5/23

There’s no arguing with the evidence of the last ten days or so and, seemingly unabated, the problem is increasing at an alarming rate.  The bedrock of this country is under attack: our values, our heritage, our history!  The Tyranny of Tolerance is a powerful foe but it must be challenged.  There is too much at stake.  Whatever happened to backbone, courage, to self-belief? Are they, too, lost at the bottom of the great big melting pot?  Churchill, Maggie, wherefore art thou?!

‘We’ve got to get back to the way I was brought up, at least, which is it doesn’t matter what colour you are … it doesn’t matter what religion you are.  It doesn’t matter what sexual preferences you have.  What matters is what kind of person you are; what contribution you’re making to the country and how you carry yourself through your life.  That’s what matters.’

Ben Habib

Amen to that.

This is Trish, signing off.