Apologies, once again.  Time waits for no man, clearly.  It’s hard to believe that I used to post every day during lockdown, dropping back to twice-weekly thereafter.  Now …  I think I was so enraged back then, refusing to be taken for a fool, as the forces that be began to reveal their true colours.  Along with COVID-19, a malevolent genie was released from the bottle, never to be returned.  Corruption, control and, ultimately, huge division.  The division between those who recognise the corruption and refuse to be controlled, and those who prefer to look no further than the end of their nose, their apathy spawning compliance in a bid for an easy life.  Make no mistake, the latter is the easier option.  For to question or oppose – nay, to dare to expose the truth – well, that takes real courage.  Just ask the recently expelled conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen …  Buoyed by its success, that malevolent genie is a giant.  Success?  One need only look to the blind acceptance of the next move: the recent emergency alert programmed to infiltrate our phones – and our lives – supposedly, to warn of a flood, tsunami or, in reality, an imminent instruction from ‘above’!  While there were those of us who, instantly, disarmed our phones, unbelievably, many more took to social media to complain that they had missed out.  Brainwashing complete.

Yes, I used to write every day.  The alarm bells rang from the start, the evidence there for all to see – should one choose to look.  Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, mis-information.  Labels given to those who questioned; who researched; who chose not to, blindly, comply; to the truth …  I am so glad I documented it all.  Back then, there was no mistaking the division.  The scrupulously selected medical ‘experts’ spoke while those who had nothing to gain were silenced.  Meanwhile, the corrupt media delivered the instructed narrative and the daily, doctored data designed to … terrify!  For, fear breeds compliance – and it worked.  So much so that, even now – as one by one the conspiracy theories are validated – the division remains.  Amidst the alarming increase in excess deaths, there is a deafening silence from a media once so obsessed with daily statistics.  The words ‘Died suddenly’ and ‘Brief illness’ have become commonplace, mirrored only by the determination to offer no further explanation.  Healthy young athletes felled by heart failure.  Countless ‘celebrities’.  Men.  Sudden.  No explanation.  Mark Sheehan of the Irish pop band The Script died, suddenly, on the 14th April following ‘a brief illness’.  He was forty-six.  So, too, was Scottish Masterchef Australia judge, Jock Zonfrillo, who was found dead in his Melbourne hotel room on the 30th April.  ‘No suspicious circumstances’.  Really?  Will there be an autopsy?  Will we ever know the truth?

Remember cricketer Shane Warne who died suddenly on the 4th March 2022 from a suspected heart attack?   On holiday in Thailand, he was fifty-two.  Fifty-two! All sorts of reasons were offered: he had asthma; he had been on a liquid diet; he had complained of chest pains recently – convenient.  It made no sense then – or now.  Regardless, it seems there was a blanket acceptance of his death by his family and friends.  End of.  What caused the heart attack, though?  A former sportsman, fifty-two years old?  Why was no-one suspicious?  Why was no-one prepared to question?

As I say, the silence is deafening – and most definitely threatening …  Music entrepreneur, Jamal Edwards, died suddenly from a cardiac arrest on the 20th February, 2022.  He was thirty-one.  The coroner later ruled that the heart attack had been brought on by a combination of cocaine and alcohol.  Maybe so but convenient for, in his line of work, I suspect he was no stranger to said concoction.  Suddenly, though, his heart failed.  Any reason?  Anything changed?  Family and friends devastated, of course, but, once again, acceptance.  My point?  Since the majority of the population were forced, deceived, scared into having an experimental ‘vaccination’, the number of sudden deaths has soared, particularly in young and middle-aged men.  Those pertaining to ‘celebrities’, which must be reported in the news – albeit, with no explanation – are merely the tip of the iceberg as the number of excess deaths reaches new heights.  Of course, it’s immediately said that this is to be expected following lockdown and missed appointments etc but, again, how convenient!  The plethora of sudden heart attacks is no coincidence; the sudden onset of myocarditis in previously healthy, young men?  No coincidence.  The common thread?  An experimental mRNA ‘vaccine’ the side-effects of which, both short and long-term, could not possibly be known …

The widower of BBC presenter, Lisa Shaw, 44, who died a week after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccination from thrombotic thrombocytopenia, has launched a legal action against the pharmaceutical giant along with seventy-five others whose relatives have died or been injured by the injection.  Gareth Eve has, reportedly, spent two years being ignored by the Government and three successive prime ministers in his bid to have them address the cause of his wife’s death.  He is not alone and, rest assured, there are other legal actions being kept under the radar.  The Government, however, were more than prepared having ensured legal immunity for all pharmaceutical companies involved from any liability – way back before the ‘vaccine’ rollout.  Alarm bells, come one!!

Gosh, I had no intention of going down this route.  It is so infuriating!  So frustrating, for it was all so obvious; so predictable.  The expulsion of Andrew Bridgen, however, is of paramount importance to us, all, as involuntary players in what is tantamount to a horror movie, the likes of The Stepford Wives?  As in the aforementioned, most are compliant but for a small minority determined to expose the truth; the corruption.  In the deafening media silence/cover-up, Andrew Bridgen is one of that small minority and witness his treatment: nothing short of playground bullying, ostracization and a blatant manipulation of the truth – he made no comparison to the Holocaust.  Cowardice in 3D!  For the House of Commons, surely, is one of debate?  One in which to express opinion?  To exercise freedom of speech?  Clearly, no longer.  Once again, though, it beggars the desperation to silence in the same way that those in the medical profession, who questioned the narrative during the pandemic, were so blatantly silenced …  One has to ask why?  What must be hidden?  Rhetorical.  I read that Andrew Bridgen was criticized for citing statistics from the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme as a source of evidence as to the number of vaccine fatalities and injuries.  Unconfirmed, apparently.  Under-estimated, more like!  Particularly ironic, however, in view of the manipulated statistics fed to us 24/7 with regard to Covid deaths being that said number included any within 28 days of a positive Covid test!

Enough.  The public acceptance is terrifying.  The thing is, though, far more terrifying now – for the vaccinated – is the truth!  Thus, the powers that be have a fail-safe insurance policy: nobody questions because nobody wants to know.  It is too late!  So, the world is irrevocably changed; life is irrevocably changed.  The division remains.  Only last week, I was told by a friend to be careful what I say in relation to the sudden death of a mutual friend’s husband from an aneurysm.  Ironically, the quest for silence merely confirmed the possibility …  Ultimately, it seems, as the elephant in the room grows ever bigger, so man grows ever smaller, willingly surrendering the ability to think for himself.

Next step is to swear allegiance to the King.  Absolutely.  Keep taking the pills!

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.’

George Orwell

This is Trish, signing off.