Sunday, 5th March 2023.  Seeing that in writing is scary on so many levels.  Firstly, it is March already!  Where is the year going – so fast – and, secondly, 2023?!  I remember the build-up to the Millennium and trying to get my head round 2000, for goodness sake, but it seems I blinked and twenty-three years have passed just like that.  Life is truly fleeting …   No time machine yet, more’s the pity, in a world which so desperately needs to rewind.

I’m not sure I have the energy anymore to cope with the new, sordid reality, the likes of which has enabled a school on the Isle of Man – Queen Elizabeth II High School (Her late Majesty would be so proud!) – to bring in a drag queen as a guest speaker for children as young as eleven in the name of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic) education!  No words.  Apparently, none allowed, either, as the pupil who, bravely, questioned the existence of seventy-three genders, saying, ‘there’s only two’, was told to leave the classroom.  This, moreover, is only the tip of the iceberg as, it is revealed, other topics on the syllabus have included oral and anal sex, sex-change operations, the construction of an artificial penis and instructions on masturbation for children in Years 7 & 8.  Give me strength!  Of course, the pupils are traumatised and the parents up in arms, launching an independent investigation, but how the hell did it get this far?  Why were the parents unaware or, on a more sinister note, were these ‘lessons’ compulsory following the statute of September 2020 under the Children and Social Work Act?  No excuse.  No school would ever have been permitted to indoctrinate my children in this way …  Thankfully, mine are adults but, if no other option, home schooling would, surely, be preferable to this?

Apparently, the Scottish sex education syllabus is being branded, by parents, as integral in the degradation of PSHE in the Isle of Man school with little doubt that Scotland leads the way in the teaching of gender and sex ideology to infants.  Infants.  Be reminded that December 2021 saw the issue of a 70-page document, compiled by the Scottish Government, stating that, under new LGBTQ+ inclusivity guidelines (pretty much included the whole alphabet already!), teachers be urged not to question children who wish to transition genders but to ask, instead, for their new names and pronouns.  The reality?  Children as young as four-years-old, in Scotland, are now able to change their names and genders at school without requiring parental consent.  Nothing short of abhorrent.  Infants, barely out of nappies, subject to the indoctrination of the state to the deliberate exclusion of their parents.  Run for the hills – and don’t forget your children!  Hang on, though, the ‘Commander-in-Chief’ in all this – the instigator/source of the poison – has resigned (read laying low/in hiding).  Yes, the ‘White Stiletto’ has hung up her heals – suddenly – and what mug believes her reasons?  Eight years have taken their toll?  On Scotland, definitely, as fuelled by grievance and hatred for Westminster, she completely disregarded the day-to-day needs of the country as she strived to satisfy her ego in her costly bid for independence.  She was an embarrassment who, ultimately, became dangerous but there is not a chance in hell that she resigned, voluntarily – nor John Swinney, in her wake.  It is only a matter of time until the truth will out.  Meanwhile, the police investigation into the ‘missing’ £600,000 in fundraising cash (read, alleged fraud) continues.  Just saying.

Perhaps, though, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  No more, the diminutive dictator’s dangerous Gender Recognition Reform Bill, for one, and, hopefully, her successor will adopt a more intelligent, more altruistic approach to the running of the country …  Too much to ask?  Quite honestly, I’m scared to do the research!

What, then, of Drag Queen baby raves such as that which took place at the Honor Oak pub in Lewisham recently?  Imported from the US, the advent of Drag Queen Baby Hour is spreading like wildfire across the UK while being framed as ‘family-friendly’ by LGBTQ activists.  It seems there is a new company – Caba Baba Rave – which specialises in providing ‘sensory events’ for newborns and infants, the performances being a combination of cabaret, drag and burlesque aimed at ‘parents and their babies, 0-2 years’.  Broadcaster Dominique Samuels was the first to warn the public of these grotesque spectacles, even making a YouTube video in which can be seen men gyrating in fetish gear and a drag queen wearing nothing more than a leopard-print thong, inches from crawling babies and their woke mothers!  Meanwhile, horrified parents, protesting on social media, have been subjected to accusations of homophobia and, of course – yawn, yawn – far-right …  There is nothing far-right about protecting the innocence of children, however; little beings who should not be exposed to highly sexualised depravity in the name of ‘diversity and inclusion’.  What happened to parental responsibility?  In a word, ‘woke’ (I refuse to give it credence by omitting the punctuation).  Four little letters capable of dismantling the entire moral compass of society – if left unchallenged.

Thank God for Laurence Fox who has the courage – and the intelligence – to contest it all.  He, quite simply, restores my faith.

We need to teach kids civic responsibility: good manners, helping people across the road, not shop-lifting, looking after one another.  This is the stuff our kids need to learn.  They don’t need to learn that they can pop on a dress at 11 years-old and become a bloke – or a girl.’

Transcribed, part of an impassioned conversation with Dan Wootton on GB News last November.  Perhaps, though, the following quote puts his feelings – and mine – most succinctly:

Schools need to be returned to places of learning, not indoctrination.’

Amen to that.

It’s enough to ‘frighten the pants off everyone’!   Dear Matt …  As little-by-little, the wheels come off and the true extent of deceit is exposed, there is no vindication for those of us who saw through it all.  Labelled conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, a danger to society, we were treated as pariahs.  To question – and refuse – an experimental vaccine, devoid of long-term data, was unthinkable; to question the protection against liability afforded all who administered said experimental vaccine was unthinkable; to question the origin of the virus was unthinkable.  In short, the propensity to challenge any of it was not just unthinkable but unacceptable!  We were to be fed information, given instruction and comply without protest.  Denied the right to choose.  Now, in light of the emerging truth, exposed as mere fools …

The lies, the scaremongering, the indoctrination, the manipulation, all in the name of control; in the name of money.  The reasons sinister, the ensuing damage immeasurable, still there is deafening silence in the wake of the evidence: excess deaths, vaccine injuries, long-term side-effects … the very origin of SARS-CoV-2.  Why was it so simple to deceive?  Why were millions so ready to succumb?  Easy.  I happened to catch a torturous snippet of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway last night.  Sheep are deserving of more …

The demise of the intelligent human being with a moral compass.  Perhaps that explains why someone – after pausing on the Via dei Fori Imperiali to soak in the enormity of the surrounding history – then proceeded to walk over to the wall of the forum and deposit her litter, despite the proximity of a bin?  Have we sunk so low?  Rhetorical and oh, so depressing.

When we are born, we cry that we are come
To this great stage of fools.’

William Shakespeare, King Lear.

Now, I see …

This is Trish, signing off.