Oh, my gosh!  I thought I’d have a quick read over my post of 31st December last year.  Serene as ever?  Raging, more like.  I thought this year had flown by – and, it has – but, reading back, not only does it seem a lifetime ago but I question how we survived!  The scaremongering, the ‘imprisonment’, the bullying, the division; worse, the falsehoods …  How we, all, looked forward to 2022.  Every year, since I can remember, we have said that things are going to get better; this is going to be the year.  Hope springs eternal!  That’s a good thing but, in truth, hope is one thing, reality another.  So, it was that I will not look back on 2022 with great fondness.  Yes, we were ‘released’, as it were but did life ever really go back to normal?  Absolutely not, for the brainwashing, the scaremongering had/has taken its toll; the division and isolation has worked.  The anxiety remains.  Habits have changed.  We are less inclined to go out, the comfort of home preferable to the big bad world outside with other people and, God forbid, germs!  Granted, we have been spared the daily statistics fed to us by a corrupt mainstream media but that is not to say the brainwashing has ceased.

2022.  Never had a good ring. Somehow, I never liked the ‘2’s, don’t ask me why.  Not that 2023 sounds any better …  The aftermath of  Covid?  As I remember, the year began with the Djokovic being incarcerated in Australia before deportation, denied the chance to defend his Open title because he refused to be injected with an experimental vaccine.  He stood his ground putting his health before his career, dominating the news worldwide.  It was a key moment for me, restoring my faith in the courage of the individual.  He was the face of me and so many others.  Not one to follow or be told what to do, rather, he questioned, he researched and came to his own conclusions.  His body.  His choice.  He could not have risen further in my estimations.  Gladly, he went on to win Wimbledon, once more, and he is now in Australia preparing for the first Slam of the year.  What a difference a year makes.  Djokovic, I salute you!

February brought the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the emergence of a new hero, Volodymyr Zelensky.  Refusing to abandon his country, he has been front and centre in the battle of democracy versus communism.  For, that is what it is.  Ukraine is fighting for the West against communist Russia, all the while, China, Putin’s ally, waiting in the wings.  The scariest of times.  For my part, I have never understood – who would? – the part of NATO and the refusal to join forces with Ukraine on the ground.  Yes, Ukraine has been supported with the supply of weaponry and ammunition but why nothing more?  Putin.  Hitler.  Ten months on, why hasn’t this evil, ruthless dictator been stopped?  The threat of the button?  Or, once again, does it all come down to money?  I suspect the latter.  Nothing surprises me anymore.  However, one thing, the authenticity of which I do not question is the courage and the patriotism of the people of Ukraine.  Their bravery and their fight … qualities of old in a shameful world.

Doom and gloom?  Well, an economy in crisis, thanks to the madness of Covid and its irrational lockdowns, an NHS all but destroyed, three Prime Ministers and a cost-of-living crisis courtesy of the war in Ukraine and the loss of cheap gas supplies from Russia.  The fear remains.  Fear of falling sick – faced with the twin-demic, of all things – when GPs no longer see their patients face-to-face and ambulances never come.  Fear of heating one’s home in the freezing temperatures, unable to pay the astronomical bills.  The fear of so many, unable to feed their families as food prices soar; no longer able to afford petrol to fill their cars.  Fear of the future in a climate of strikes, all serving to isolate.  Stay at home.  Can’t stay at home.  Can’t afford to heat home.  Can’t afford to drive.  No trains.  No post … When will it end?  Seriously?   When we are all subservient, reduced to atoms of no gender, history has been obliterated, all power of individual thought has gone, freedom of speech is an imprisonable offence, our every move is monitored – as if it isn’t already – and we are sufficiently dumbed down to be grateful for it all!  One or two problems in this master plan, however.  Firstly, the demise of gender will, surely, mean the end of the human race; that is, if the human race survives the aftermath of Covid.  Look around.  The number of unexplained, sudden deaths, age irrelevant.  Mostly men.  Many sportsmen.  Fit.  Healthy.  Cause unknown.  Never to be reported …  on mainstream media!  Join the dots.  There have been thousands of deaths and injuries, worldwide, due to the experimental vaccine; an experimental vaccine which millions were forced to take, believing it would protect others …  They did what they were told!  Watch GB News (Freeview, Channel 236 – Dan Wootton and Bev Turner), listen to the unbiased views of Neil Oliver and follow Dr Peter McCullough on Instagram.   Shun the lies and the deceit.  Be nobody’s fool in 2023 …

Help!  I need to sign off before 2022 is gone.  A year which saw the tyrannical rise of ‘woke’.  How?  Why?  Everything bad.  It also saw the death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  A force for good. Never shall we see her like again.  The world has changed forever with her passing.  The last of the war generation, she represented everything we have lost.  She was a reminder of everything we have lostShe is in a better place, now, with better people, quite frankly!  What, though, for the rest of us?  Fingers crossed and pray, I reckon …

Right, I really must go.  Have I brought the mood down?  I hope not but 2023 is a bit scary, to say the least.  Is there something to be said for going through life with your eyes shut and no opinion?  Noooooo, as Puff Puff would say!   Let me end, then, with the motivational words of American actor, André De Shields (courtesy of Hamza Yassin, the winner of Strictly).  Three rules:

1)  Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you come in.
2)  The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next one, so keep climbing.
3)  Slowly is the fastest way to get where you want to  be.

Amen to that and Happy New Year to one and all.  Just remember to fasten your seatbelts!

This is Trish, signing off.