This isn’t going to be good!  Desperately searching for that ‘little spark of madness’ because I desperately don’t want to be ‘nothing’!  Oh, look, not even two lines in and the exclamation marks are breeding …  No blooming wonder, I say.  No blooming wonder.

It’s dark now.  I haven’t ventured out but, wrapped in twenty layers in an attempt to stave off frost bite, the only other body I have seen – as yet- is Eddie from Pest Control.  I told you it wasn’t going to be good!  In truth, I have the key for the cottage two doors down, the inhabitants having escaped to Oregon for Christmas.  Great lengths but the heavy pitter patter of unwanted visitors in the walls will do that.  Unfortunately, one took a wrong turn and ended up in the eaves behind my bed too, though, which has done wonders for my beauty sleep – not.  Thankfully, Eddie could see no trace today so, hopefully, Ben’s gone home for Christmas.  Another rat out of my life!

My phone pinged – is that the word? – a minute ago alerting me to a news headline just in: Prince William’s godmother apologises to Black charity boss for asking where she ‘really’ came from’.  (Why does ‘Black’ require a capital?)  Oh, my God!  Expletives galore!  Why?  The equivalent of paying the ransom for hostages, this is the most slippery of slopes.  Apparently, Lady Hussey and Marlene met at Buckingham Palace on Friday …  Wonder what native guise that awful, manipulative, militant woman donned, on this occasion, as that intelligent, well-educated, well-travelled, classy, loyal eighty-three-year-old lady was forced to condescend?  No transcript, as yet, but, then, no need.  Mission accomplished, I suppose.  So disappointed in a Royal stance so alien to that of our late Queen; she of the most wonderful put-down:  ‘Recollections may vary’.   Have they learned nothing?

My desk is awash with notes, as I write, courtesy of this hideously ‘woke’ world.  Worthy of great hilarity were it not evidence of utter lunacy!  Just a few examples …  Certain researchers at Edinburgh University, it seems, wish to cancel Adam and Eve.  Why, those of sane mind may ask?  Well, for creating ‘an abhorrent and pervasive gender bias against women’, of course.  Silly question.  Apparently, research claims that historic paintings of Adam and Eve commit misogynistic stereotyping being that Eve tends to stand to the left of Adam which, one is told, is a sure sign of sexism.  Help!  Just help!  Come in, Laurence (as in Fox) …  His take?  The glaring irony in the fact that it’s declared abhorrent and sexist for women to stand to the left of men on the very day that – in Scotland – Sturgeon and her henchmen voted to enable men the freedom to become women.  God save us all – or maybe we just need J. K. Rowling!

The Cambridge Dictionary, meanwhile, has taken upon itself to re-define the word ‘woman’.  Wait for it.  A woman is now to be ‘An adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have had a different sex at birth.’  Sorry?  The English, itself, is deplorable.  ‘They’?  A plural pronoun for a singular noun?  Has Sam Smith written this?!  Just further evidence of the level of intelligence at play.  Enlightening, actually, for therein lies the crux of the matter – an extreme lack of intelligence manifest in a grievance-driven activism courtesy of a ‘woke’ minority.  The thing is, that minority is aggressive, devoid of boundaries, and thus, dangerous.   And?  This country fought and won two world wars!  Why, then, are we acquiescing to a bunch of half-wits hell-bent on obliterating history, tradition and everything that made this country ‘Great’?  Churchill must be turning in his grave as, little by little, our beautiful English language is being redefined to erase gender.  The ultimate irony as, without it, we are no more.

Oh, just a couple of things before I move on to something equally depressing – and frustrating.  It is the final of Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday, though it lost me some weeks ago courtesy of the Z-list celebs.  Nothing to do with colour, just Z-list celebs.  Anyway, I should not have been surprised to learn that the dream of BBC bosses is not for a white Christmas but, rather, a non-white Strictly Final.  The audacity!  In what world is it acceptable to voice that?  Oh, sorry, silly me.  For, this is the world PGF – Post George Floyd – and being black is, apparently, a ticket to ride!

Or maybe not for all …  Unfortunately, for the likes of Azeem Rafiq, karma does prevail.  Remember him?  The former cricketer who specialises in victimhood and cited a plethora of racial and bullying allegations, last year, attributable to his fellow teammates at Yorkshire County Cricket Club?  (Refresh your memory: 12th November, 2021 and Seriously?!, 19th November, 2021).  Single-handedly, he was responsible for so many losing so much – notably, their jobs – while he accepted a six-figure sum for his trauma!  Turns out, all the while he was guilty of far worse …  EXCLUSIVE: ‘Azeem Rafiq is accused of sexually harassing women on two occasions while he was at Yorkshire ..’  Actually, let me quote myself.  I rather like this one!

‘Amazing how those who shout loudly about being victims are often revealed to be brutal in their execution of others.  Meghan Markle, meet Azeem Rafiq …’.

Karma?  Should I call it that?  Perhaps not but it seems Rafiq and his family are leaving the country in an effort to escape the barrage of abuse and threats received following his exposé.  Seems the glass in his house is cracked.

Enough. Does make me angry, though.  If only I could go on strike be that it is so of the moment!  I mean, the list is endless: trains, Royal Mail, nurses, ambulance staff, Border Force etc., etc..  Oh, let me not forget driving examiners.  Suffice to say, combined with the big freeze of late, they (no, not Sam Smith) have proved rather successful in the latest form of lockdown.  Strikes.  Unions.  Detest.  If only Maggie could be exhumed, none of this would be happening.  Mick Lynch would be no match for Baroness Thatcher!  If only.  However, it is the nurses’ strike which is the most abhorrent.  Of course, they deserve to be paid more – always have done – but to strike, inevitably, putting lives at risk is unforgivable.  Way back in 1987, Pop – a Consultant Psychiatrist – took early retirement from a job he loved because it became untenable.  Why?  The introduction of middle management; bureaucracy.  The pen-pushers now on six-figure salaries.

Watching GB News – as is my wont – on Thursday night, Dan Wootton provided some interesting information …  A review into the management of the Health Service and Social Care sector has been produced entitled The Messenger Report.  It highlights the senseless squandering of an NHS budget in the region of £200billion which should be more than capable of funding, from within, the nurses’ coveted 19% pay rise.  Instead, however, the money is spent on the likes of Diversity Officers or paying a contractor £50 to change a light bulb!  In fact, the axing of ‘woke’ job titles ought to free up a few hundred million pounds, not to mention the suggested £7billion – across all Government Departments – which could be saved by binning all the ‘woke’ projects.  The state sector, alone, pays huge sums for courses on divisive and controversial issues such as gender ideology, questioning the very existence of a man or a woman, or critical race theory which suggests that one is intrinsically racist based on the colour of one’s skin!  Oh, when will it end?

On this very subject, Amy Gallagher, a brave mental health nurse, has taken the NHS to court.  In the final stages of a two-year course in Forensic Psychology, she objected to a lecture entitled, Whiteness: A Problem of Our Time, the sole aim of which was to force students to confront the reality of their white privilege!  In another, Miss Gallagher and her fellow students were told that Christianity is racist because it is European.  SeriouslyThis is why the NHS cannot afford an increase in nurses’ salaries?

Scarily, The Messenger Report found that the words equality, diversity and inclusion were mentioned three times as often in the NHS ‘Handbook’ as patient care …  Perhaps, that would explain the expenditure of more than £1million on staff networks responsible for events centred on transgender issues, sexuality and racism: Tea & Rainbow Cake picnics or a special session devoted to pronouns!  Patient care.  What’s that?

Finally – thank you Dan Wootton and GB News – the report found that there are 10,000 equality and diversity roles in the public sector at a cost of £500million to the taxpayer.  Just think, that could pay the salary of 12,500 nurses.  Nothing short of criminal.

Do I feel better for sharing?  Why, yes, I believe I do.

For ‘woke’ is a victim culture, birth dictates the joining fee
Some bemoan the hand they’re given, some accept responsibility.
Ultimately, we walk this path alone, one life, one chance, one legacy
Change the ‘o’ to an ‘a’, wake up to ‘Poor me!’.  Love yourself, that’s the key
And start living!’

A Voice Outwith the Crowd, Woke Up!

This is Trish, signing off.

P.S.  I haven’t watched it!  Not one teeny, tiny bit …