An elderly lady who just got her words wrong.’  The benign words of Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 at lunchtime today.   Of course, he was referring to Lady Susan Hussey, the late Queen’s closest friend and lady-in-waiting for more than sixty years, who was forced to resign under a cloud yesterday following the allegations of Ngozi Fulani.  Allegations?  Without proof.  Regardless, Ms Fulani made sure that her memorised transcript of the offending conversation was fed to the public at the first opportunity but, unless recorded, can one trust it to be a true reflection?  Perhaps, so, being that nobody would choose to paint him/herself in such an unfavourable light.  For, it is Ms Fulani who comes across as being deliberately difficult, prompting Lady Hussey’s continued questions and her aggression is palpable from the start: ‘I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records’!  What, too, of her use of the abrupt – and extremely rude – address, ‘Lady!’, more than once?  Safe to say, this woman would win no prizes for etiquette but, then, clearly such trivia had no place on her agenda …

A little background – as though necessary considering it has been the leading news story of the day – but Ngozi Fulani was a guest of Camilla, Queen Consort, at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.  The subject of the reception was violence against women and Ms Fulani was there in her capacity as CEO of Hackney charity, Sistah Space.  No comment – yet.  Lady Hussey, meanwhile, recently appointed to her new role of Lady of the Household, was in attendance to mingle.  Scene set?  Well, actually, not quite and the following is of crucial importance …

It was Dan Wootton, GB News, who supplied the evidence of Ms Fulani’s form: namely, her tweet of March 2021.  Ready?

Our charity supports black women DV survivors.  I can’t stay silent about this.  I admire Meghan for speaking out.  According to clear definition, it seems Meghan is a survivor of DV from her in-laws.’

No mistaking, Ngozi Fulani is accusing the, then, Charles and Camilla of domestic violence towards Meghan Markle!  Seriously?  Did no-one – other than Dan – do the research?  Furthermore, in May, another tweet claimed racism was clearly at play in the late Queen’s selection of family members to share the balcony with her amidst the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  Exclusively white, Fulani insisted that Meghan and Harry were omitted due to Meghan’s colour!  How the hell did this deluded, grievance-ridden woman receive an invitation to Buckingham Palace at all?  She, clearly, had/has an agenda, her charity, itself, testament to her views.  Expand?   Sistah Space – I know, Pop, I, too, boke at that – promotes itself as a charity which supports African & Caribbean heritage women affected by domestic and sexual abuse.  Sorry?  No support for white women, then?  Just imagine, for one minute, that some charity blatantly excluded black women in the same way …  The uproar which would ensue from the likes of Ngozi Fulani.  The cries of racism.  So, why is it that the very same treatment/exclusion of white women is accepted?  Why, in this constant bid for inclusivity, does any so-called charity think it is acceptable to qualify exactly who is worthy of support?  The definition of discrimination.

Thank goodness for Nana Akua of GB News, the voice of intelligence on Jeremy Vine.  Having afforded Ngozi Fulani yet another media platform on which to vent her story of ‘trauma’ today, only the words of Nana served to appease the coveted hysteria.  For hysteria is exactly what it is.  Don’t forget Nana, herself, is British-born and black, of Ghanaian heritage …  Of course, Ms Fulani was no longer on the line when the journalist joined the conversation.  Why should this poor woman’s story be challenged?  Surely, she had been through enough?!  Thus, Nana Akua was denied the opportunity to ask her, directly, about her discriminatory charity and, moreover, about her erstwhile tweets accusing our new King and Queen Consort of domestic violence towards Meghan and, our beloved late Queen, of racism.  No matter.  I heard.  We listened.

It was impossible to escape Ngozi Fulani, today.  Seemingly, she went from studio to studio with her story of unacceptable victimhood.  Appearing on every news bulletin, she went unchallenged as the story of her unprovoked suffering grew and grew.  First, it was one of ‘interrogation’, swiftly becoming one of ‘abuse’.  She equated being on the receiving end of 83-year-old Lady Susan Hussey’s questions to being ‘assaulted’; ‘violated’.  Finally, she felt ‘unsafe’!  Well, one would, wouldn’t one, if one was in Buckingham Palace, surrounded by hundreds of people, and some well-spoken, smartly-dressed lady had the audacity to enquire as to where one came from!  No possibility at all that she could have been genuinely interested?  Then again, the fact that Ngozi Fulani stuck out like a sore thumb in her fancy- dress attire – chosen deliberately to glean attention – may have had a lot to do with it.  I suspect an intelligent, educated, well-travelled woman such as Lady Hussey was intrigued as to her origins – or maybe she just smelt a rat, sorry, a ruse!  Suffice to say, I suggest that the more demurely-dressed guests, there to genuinely represent their worthy charities, did not invite the question as to where they were from …

One must question why this woman, Ngozi Fulani – who clearly coveted exposure – has been so pandered to by the mainstream media?  Then, again, why bother, so obvious is the answer …  It has been said that she, herself, contacted the various media outlets, intent on promoting her one-sided account of the conversation with Lady Hussey.  Dressed in ‘African’ attire, she wished to ensnare with a view to, once more, smearing the Royal household with accusations of racism.  She is an activist; an extremist.  A supporter of Meghan – and, notably, one of form.  Join the dots.  Certainly, an association with Meghan may explain her ruthless agenda and utter disregard for the fate of an 83-year-old lady whose friendship and loyalty to the late Queen spanned more than sixty years.  Ask Thomas Markle.

Ngozi Fulani.  In all her publicity, she has failed to mention that that is not her real name.  Oh, no.  Step forward Marlene Headley from Willesden!

Born Marlene Headley, daughter of Gladstone and Mildred Headley of Barbados, sister is called Sandra.  She considers herself to be British so changed her name to ‘Ngozi Fulani’ to prevent confusion.’


Superb!  As the mask falls …  It beggars belief, then, that this woman – effectively, challenging the moral compass of the Royal family – has been entertained by the mainstream media and afforded centre stage, free from question.  The hysteria.  The incitement of anger.  The damage to the monarchy.  Baggage left unattended.  A lesson learned.

Perhaps, though, the greatest disappointment – and sadness – in this story lies at the feet of King Charles and his son, The Prince of Wales, whose godmother Lady Hussey is.   So swift was their censure of this most trusted and valued member of the Royal household in a bid to appease the woke.  No hesitation.  No loyalty.  No thought.  Whatever happened to Never complain.  Never explain?  One can only imagine what the late Queen would think of her son and grandson’s actions; their appalling treatment of her friend.  For what?  To pander to an aggressive, grievance-driven activist; a phony whose only intent was to damage the monarchy.  Job done.  In their weakness, however, both have shown their hand.  The Royal Flush belongs to someone who goes by the name of Ngozi Fulani.  King Charles and The Prince of Wales, meantime, await further instruction …

Here, I was going to finish with the semblance of a quote wrongly attributed to the 18th Century Irish philosopher, Edmund Burke:

For evil to triumph, it need only that good men do nothing.’

However, it seems the true words of the man are as follows:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.’

‘Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents’ (1770)

Changes the meaning somewhat.  Seems King Charles and The Prince of Wales subscribe to the latter.  God Save the King!

This is Trish, signing off.