Could the weather be any more miserable?  Yes, yes, it is November and I have never liked the eleventh month.  It’s miserable!  Only thing it has going for it is the build-up to Christmas.  I mean, imagine if November was just suspended in the middle of nowhere.  Just a miserable month with nothing either side.  All the good Birthdays, gone, in October; all the nice Scorpions already celebrated for gracing the world with their presence for another year and, then, November …  Just a case of battening down the hatches and soaking up all these feel-good Christmas movies.  Not to be mocked, by the way.  Positive conduits of all that matters: The Waltons on speed!

Matt Hancock.  The name on everyone’s lips.  Enough.  Please!  Of course, like the rest of the country, I found it hard to believe that he had the audacity to take part in I’m a Celebrity; the gall.  So, too, did I watch with interest the ‘welcome’ he received from his fellow campmates – understandably tame, given the circumstances – but he irritates me now.  Clearly, he was nervous, at first, as to the reaction he would encounter but, aside from the obvious – why? – it seems he has faced no significant backlash from the other ‘celebs’.  Instead, all have maintained their dignity in a bid for peace.  I suppose it has helped that the public wrath has been manifest in the nightly vote, ensuring he brave every trial, to date, in a quest to win meals for camp and, moreover, ameliorate his name; however, I feel his innate arrogance shall prove his downfall, once more.  Perhaps ‘downfall’ is over-dramatic.  I do think, though, that he has, somewhat glibly, missed his opportunity for meaningful contrition.

There is no denying he has guts.  The trials have been characteristically torturous and he has faced each devoid of drama and complaint – and with great success, I might add.  His campmates, meanwhile, benefitting from his daily prowess, have all but been gagged as a result, lulling Mr Hancock into a false sense of security.  Claiming, last night, that he was beginning to look forward to the trials, for the first time, he has not been voted to do the next.  In his arrogance, one can tell, that he believes he is, successfully, controlling his fate.  In his arrogance …

Of course, he is educated, possessing of an intellect which clearly dwarfs that of the great majority of his fellow campmates – a fact of which he is very aware.  However, his problems are twofold being that he has an unbridled ego (nearly wrote ‘rampant’ but that made my stomach churn) and, apparently, no semblance of a heart.  The guy is two-dimensional, never mind deluded!  No apology, no remorse, his claim that he is seeking forgiveness was as heartfelt as his obvious regret – lack of – for the hurt he has caused his wife and children, caught on camera in the ultimate act of deceit.  ‘I fell in love’.  Way to go, Matt!  Ever heard my mantra – courtesy of John Donne – ‘No man is an island’?  Thought not.  You carry on, though, in your hedonistic life, immune to the feelings of others.  As for your misconception that the viewer is stupid, stop feigning ignorance as to why you were voted to do every trial and have the guts to hold your hand up as to why you are really there – your abhorrent seven figure fee!  For divorce does not come cheap, especially when a lack of remorse precludes human decency.

Today, it was announced that Australia has granted permission to Novak Djokovic to enter the country, thus enabling him to compete in the first Grand Slam of 2023.  I have not heard his reaction yet.  Mixed, I should imagine as he remembers the appalling treatment to which he was subjected by that same country less than twelve months ago.  I have no doubt he will carry it to his grave.  Who could forget?  Reduced to a number, as opposed to an intelligent, sentient human being, he was the victim of unforgivable bullying as he chose to stand his ground, used his brain, and refused to be injected with an experimental drug.  He represented the questioning minority as opposed to the complaisant majority; those who just followed the crowd, regardless.  Novak Djokovic, healthy and unvaccinated, was a threat to no-one but months of mass scaremongering had been successful, playing into the hands of those who wished to exploit their power.  Those who refused to comply, exercising their fundamental right to choose, were held up for vilification by the baying majority, accused of, selfishly, putting the lives of others at risk.  All lies and the proponents of those lies, nothing short of criminal.  Meanwhile, those who so viciously – and in ignorance – attacked the unvaccinated have now been exposed for who they really are: mindless bullies.  I’m sad to say Piers Morgan is one.  One of the most vitriolic both in the media and on social media.  He, who, previously, wrote on Twitter:

Love the idea of covid vaccine passports for everywhere: flights, restaurants, clubs, football, gyms, shops etc..  It’s time covid-denying, anti-vaxxer loonies had their bullsh*t bluff called & bar themselves from going anywhere that responsible citizens go.’

Responsible citizens?!  Among the many now back-tracking and seeking amnesty as the truth about the experimental vaccine comes to light, more recently, his stance has changed:

When it was established that vaccines actually didn’t stop transmission, they just stopped people from getting very sick and dying, the argument to supress any liberties and freedoms, to me, went away.  Because, it is down to the individual if they want to protect themselves against the virus, so I changed my mind.’

Bully for you!  To think I once thought you intelligent …  We will not forget.  I will not forget.  All respect gone.  In the words of Denise Welsch, whom he targeted in his ignorance:

You scaremongered, terrified people, called people akin to murderers, called me a Covid denier, covidiots!!!!   You bullied and harassed because YOU DID NOT DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!!!’

Amen to that.

COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.   (Source: World Health Organisation).’

The above, still slapped on any truth exposed on Instagram.  The word ‘vaccine’ still bleeped out on videos …  Today, Nicola Sturgeon was seen holding her arm out for her latest Covid booster (how many now?) – combined with that of the flu – on the STV Lunchtime News.  It beggars belief what that cocktail of dreams does to one’s natural immune system!  At least, the diminutive dictator was wearing a piece of material over her mouth and nose.  Aside from the fact that she seems oblivious to the advancement of time, be grateful for the brief respite from her hot air …  Meantime, there is still no mention of the increasing data relating to vaccine injuries and fatalities in the main stream media.  No surprise, either, that it is estimated that only 1-10% of said injuries are reported in the UK.  What of the alarming increase in sudden deaths, cause unknown?  Age, seemingly, irrelevant.  I’m a Celebrity being topical, Dec’s brother, Dermott – aged 55 – collapsed and died, out of the blue, in July.  Cause?  A suspected bleed on the brain.  Add to the list.  There will be no joining of the dots, however; no apology; no remorse.  No culpability.  That was the first and very real red flag, the changing of the necessary legislation before the experimental vaccine rollout to ensure all those involved were exonerated of any liability.  Too blind to see.  Too deaf to hear.  Too lazy to listen.  The power of the human mind.  What, though, of the power of human memory?

Remember tonight … for it is the beginning of always.’


This is Trish, signing off.