My day has not been wasted.  For some time, of the belief that this country is no longer ‘Great’ and an alternative must, surely, exist – somewhere – offering a life free from the unpalatable ‘woke’, intent on the destruction of our very foundations, today, my prayers have, finally, been answered.  Italy!  I am off to Italy.  The fact that I, already, have somewhere to stay in Rome – while, most definitely, a huge bonus – is not the reason.  Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s in-coming Prime Minister, is.  Hope springs eternal!

Let me rewind …  On a day when darkness was all around, the heavens opened and the winds blew, I would not have chosen to venture out; however, selfless as ever, I snorkelled my way to the bank, appreciative of an umbrella of calibre.  Many years old, it is one from the White Horse Inn – Austrian, efficient and made to last.  Just thought I’d mention.  Anyway, mission accomplished, the friendly young guy – whose demeanour was/is always an absolute tonic, by the way – asked what I was off to do on such an awful day?  Go home, turn the heating on and watch Murder She Wrote, of course!  We laughed.  As I left, I was reminded of how little it takes to make someone’s day just that bit better …  Don’t teach that in school, or at home – or anywhere anymore in a world which is all about ME!

So, back home, heating on.  Yes, I gave in.  I wouldn’t say my nose is particularly large but it happens to be my temperature gauge and I’d rather it remain free of frostbite!  Switching on the television as I made lunch, Loose Women popped up and the guest was a young girl, Soma Sara., who has written a book called Everyone’s Invited.  A snippet from Simon & Schuster‘s promotional blurb: ‘We are part of a system that was founded on inequality and drastic power imbalance …  But the age of social media has dramatically exposed truths previously hidden.  In this collection of essays, covering subjects from porn to the partriarchy, Soma Sara draws a line between the different facets of our society that enable inequality to flourish.’

‘Someone help me!  Help me!  Help me, please …’  Thank you for that, Donny!  I feel your pain.  All I ask is that somebody change the record.  It was frustrating to watch, thanks to the sycophancy of certain members of the panel who lauded this young girl for highlighting the dangers faced by women and young girls in today’s world while questioning how parents can, possibly, navigate the negative, and protect.  Granted, social media is scary with the power to entrap the innocent while affording anonymity to the depraved but the role of the parent hasn’t changed.  No mention of inequality, it is, simply, to love and protect!  Of course, but neither are just words.  Both are manifest in the time and interest afforded to one’s children, imperative in the nurturing of decent human beings instilled with kindness and respect; manners too!  Know one’s children.  Care about one’s children.  Put them first.  After all, you brought them into this dangerous world.  It’s not rocket science.  No books or websites required.  Perhaps, rather, less of the over-sharing and more acceptance of responsibility?

I am so grateful that my children are adults now.  For, if they were still of school age here, in Scotland, I’d have to seriously consider home-schooling.  Not a chance in hell would I have them subjected to Ms Sturgeon’s heavy-handed gender-focused curriculum at the expense of all else, including – no, especially the child!  One has to question whyWhy her fixation?  Rhetorical, though it is, it still beggars belief that she has, thus far, been successful despite the protests of parents, rendered powerless.  A case of ‘woke’ gone feral!  Meanwhile, she is also intent on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill which proposes to reduce the age at which someone can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate – without a medical diagnosis – from 18 to 16 and reduce the time necessary for transgender people to obtain said certificate to six months.  A toxic bill inciting much opposition, not only would such a change in law be open to abuse by men, creating potential danger for women and young girls, but it would also involve an infringement of female-only spaces.  Ms Sturgeon’s response:

We should focus on the real threats to women, not the threats that, while I appreciate that some of these views are very sincerely held, in my view, are not valid.’

God help us all!

Enter Giorgia Meloni, stage right, on course to become Italy’s first female prime minister …  Proof that there are those with the courage to challenge the dark forces at work, intent on eradicating life as we know it.  ‘Woke’ is merely slang for the New Left; the Progressive Left or, in today’s translation, the Globalist Elite.  Whoever, Giorgia Meloni scares them.  Her values are mainstream and, as such, challenge the ‘work’ of those for whom the individual is as debilitating as a staircase to a dalek!  Isolation is the key to manipulation; the key to indoctrination.  Marriage, the extended family, community?  The very antithesis, for, together, they constitute a network of support.    Instead, victim identity must be encouraged and an atomised society in which people are forced to become dependent on the State.  Job done.

Giorgia Meloni, however, is an individual and, as such, the individual underpins everything in which she believes.  Intelligent, educated, she is courageous and funny and about to bow to no-one.  How can this be?  She must be stopped, discredited … deligitimized.  Yes, brand her as Far Right, particularly as her party, Brothers of Italy, has links to former neo-fascist group, the Italian Social Movement.  A proverbial gift!   Next, incite the LGBT movement by suggesting her belief that a child should have both a mother and a father is a threat in the bid for equality.  That should do it.   Well, enough to spark YouTube, last weekend, to remove a video of an electrifying Meloni speech from 2019 which has been widely lauded online.  Subsequently, it has been re-instated thanks to pressure from free speech advocates …

Giorgia Meloni’s 2019 speech to the World Congress of Families is passionate, intelligent and inspiring of much-needed hope.  Manna from heaven!  Please listen: Giorgia Meloni’s 2019 Courageous Commonsense Speech.

For those who couldn’t be bothered to click the hyperlink, the lack of an inquiring mind is surely a curse!  Here’s a couple of snippets …

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I’ve just arrived …  I was doing the ironing.  Then, I found ten minutes to come and talk about politics with you!’

What’s not to love?!  Self-deprecating.  Sarcastic.  Immediately, charismatic.

The point is, I believe in a society where every choice has consequences and you accept responsibility for them.  I reject a society where every desire becomes a right, every whim becomes a right; where I have no responsibilities, I have only rights.’

At last!  Amen to that.

Ironically, Giorgia Meloni is being called a fascist; belonging to, and believing in the far-right.  She, however, stands for everything but!  Championing the individual and the importance of merit, her support lies with family, community and faith, all of which are alien to her critics.  For, it is those who have been so quick to smear who are, themselves, guilty of the very nature of which she is accused.  Take Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, who, clearly, embodies that very irony as demonstrated in her veiled threat to Italy ahead of the elections:

If things go in a difficult direction – I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland – we have tools.’

The 2022 version of ‘We have ways of making you talk.’?  Send in the real fascists.  Don’t bother, they’re here …

Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four.  Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.’

G. K. Chesterton

Giorgia Meloni.  Well-read, to boot!

This is Trish, signing off.  Have suitcase, will travel …