The Hero and The Hell

Human nature knows no bounds
It seems we never learn
Has history taught us nothing?
Why are we here again?

Old as time, the lust for power
The reason never changes
I want so therefore I shall have
Who cares the cost, arrange it!

The day that Russia invaded Ukraine
Was the day that COVID ‘ended’
Co-incidence?  Of course, who’d dare to presume
An agenda at play, war intended?

What happened to life as we knew it
The one before COVID, now war?
So near, yet so far but still we remain
A world gripped by fear – ever more?

Does evil truly wait round every corner
To ensure that the innocent know hell?
While Putin sits in his armoured bunker
Families, severed, bid their last farewells.

No words can describe the bravery
Of Ukraine in all of its might
As Russian armoury made its advances
They vowed to stay and to fight.

The world stood by and support was hollow
For a country not yet in NATO
If only Ukraine had completed the form
Wakened Biden, taken Bojo’s Prosecco!

But sanctions are all we have offered
And weapons to kill or be killed
Helpless, we watch innocent slaughter
With feelings of shame and of guilt.

For the images are truly harrowing
As civilians take blow after blow
The dead, the wounded, the fleeing, the terror
The courage in the bunkers below.

Millions have fled to the borders
In fear, leaving all that they know
And Poland was the first to embrace them
No questions, just harbour and hope.

Again, Britain’s part has been wanting
Bureaucracy more important than heart
For the thousands who have made it to Calais
No visa, no entry, that’s that!

But amidst all the horror and evil
The suffering at the hands of the depraved
There are beacons of hope for humanity
Proving night always gives way to day.

The selfless have rushed to the rescue
Offering comfort to the battled and bruised
 Generosity, too, has been overwhelming
Please, God, erase evil with good.

But through it all, one man stands a giant
His courage no coward could buy
Rescue declined, he’ll stay ’til the end
Well aware, he’s the ultimate prize.

Volodymyr Zelensky has the heart of a lion
With patriotism instilled in his soul
He will fight to the end for his country
For democracy and freedom for all.

Yes, the West may have denied his pleas
But in rousing his people, he excels
Their courage is only mirrored by his
A true hero amidst the hell …


A Voice Outwith the Crowd
March 2022