Misinformation. That’s information with a ‘mis’
The power of three little letters, who knew?
The word of the ‘now’, it’s the perfect misnomer
For anything which threatens ‘your’ truth.

For Covid has divided into brothers and foes
And the ‘experts’ have been carefully chosen.
No verging from mainstream, they’re la crème de la crème
All others have hooves which are cloven!

Years of training, proven knowledge and expertise
Count for nothing unless you agree
That the vaccine is sacred, be it one, two or three
Injuries?  Early treatment?  Quiet, please!

The doctors and scientists who dare to dissent
Must be censored and silenced, rebuked.
No platform, no voice, not a chance of debate
Could it be there is too much to lose?

Fact-checkers align!  The support it is growing
For those who have nothing to gain.
For the ones who remember the Hippocratic Oath
To help not to harm is the aim.

It does beggar belief that one word holds such sway
Just challenge the narrative, there it is, sure as day.
Labelled ‘Misinformation’, that’s all that it takes
Lest the masses should SEE, just tell them it’s fake!

But my question is this, what happened to opinion?
The freedom to choose one’s own truth at will?
The freedom to access all missed information?
To make an informed choice, not just follow the drill?

For I have the right to decide just for me
The ‘experts’ I seek, those I choose to believe.
To deny me the information I wish to find?
Merely adding a prefix does not render me blind!

Joe Rogan attracts an audience of millions
And venom from those under threat.
For his podcast is free from restriction and censure
A voice for the silenced who deserve some respect.

At the end of the day, though, it’s all about money
And ego can never compete.
So, blackmail averted, content advisories in place
Warn of misinformation.  Of course!  Just in case.

But the word of the ‘now’ lost its lustre, per se
When it came to our own Dr James.
For he couldn’t be challenged nor would he concede
To tyrannical mandates borne of power and greed.

So, Misinformation, it was fun while it lasted
To cast doubt over truth everywhere.
But the savvy are gathering, no more will they take
The censoring of content; the lack of debate.

You will be remembered, of course, let’s be clear
As the word of an era enshrouded in fear.
A fear so hypnotic that the world, it was duped
And the use of three letters all but silenced the truth.


A Voice Outwith the Crowd
February 2022