1. This year will be better. This is going to be our year!  How we laugh …

I have had an aversion to this – penning my thoughts since January 1st.  Who can blame me?  The news has gone from bad to worse.  The hours of daylight are so minimal that I feel like a hibernating bear, underground until spring.  I know, I’ve always said that that is, actually, my ideal, sleeping until new life returns to this mournful country when I can emerge svelte, rich and rested.  What’s not to like?  As the days progress, however, so the news is becoming increasingly worse.  The situation with Djokovic in Australia is merely a metaphor for the world and its COVID stance.  I can only shake my head in disgust.  If someone – three years ago – had suggested the vaccination status of the world’s top tennis player would prevent him defending his title – nay, would be anyone else’s business – I would have used the word ‘ridiculous’.  Today, the word ‘ridiculous’ is nowhere near strong enough!  The guy has been treated like a criminial; that same guy who donated thousands to Australia following the bush fires in January 2020.  No matter.  Now, he is a pawn in a political battle as elections loom and those in question are afraid of the public backlash following two years of tyranny.  As Oliver Brown wrote in The Telegraph today:

‘And yet it is astonishing that Alex Hawke, an inexperienced immigration minister with no legal qualifications, has seen fit to overturn the verdict of Anthony Kelly, a senior judge.

It smacks of an administration operating less according to the strict letter of the law than to the movement of opinion polls.’

Amen to that!  In truth, the worst thing I heard today was uttered from the mouth of a young boy, probably all of eight years old: ‘If he is allowed to play, I won’t watch him.  He hasn’t been vaccinated.’  Run for the hills!  A child, indoctrinated to believe in nothing short of totalitarianism; that one must follow the masses, believe all mainstream media and those on the payroll of, and forego one’s freedom of choice, one’s medical privacy, not to mention bodily autonomy.  NO!!  Give in to that and we are nothing more than robots, programmed to receive.  Silly me!  That’s exactly where this is leading …  One thing, I might add – those who, after two years, remain unvaccinated through choice, have very good reasons for that choice.  Intelligent individuals who, not only would prefer to do their own research rather than be fed, but who have pieced the jigsaw together.  As I have long claimed, the evidence is there for the taking, despite the brutal censorship and the stringent efforts to conceal, and, yes, nobody wants to acknowledge we are bit-parts in our own sci-fi film but … we are!  In short, Novak Djokovic will not be worn down.  The unvaccinated cannot be bullied.  I know many.  Each and every one of them is strong, intelligent and with his/her own mind, reminiscent of those who fought for – and won our freedom all those years ago; that same freedom most have so willingly foregone.

I decided I had to get back into the water, so to speak, so I allocated myself one hour to write without planning.  What’s new, let’s face it?  I have ten minutes left and I have covered very little.  However, I must mention a superb podcast I listened to over the holidays: that of The Joe Rogan Experience in which he was chatting to Dr Robert Malone, an American virologist and immunologist – in fact, a proverbial ‘vaccine expert’ – who was inherent in the invention of the mRNA technology.  I have written about him before – https://trish-trash.com/2021/11/26/26th-november-2021/  – and, of course, he has been censored right, left and centre as, vaccinated himself, he raises concerns about the COVID vaccines and the murky truth which lies behind their enforced rollout.

Anyway, gripped for three hours, I was particularly interested in his reference to, and description of Mass Formation Psychosis.  The concept of Mattias Desmet, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, he believes that that which happened in Germany in the 20s and 30s is being replicated now borne of the fragmentation of society, the division and the isolation.  Of course, social media is largely to blame as we interact with electronic appliances rather than each other.  It breeds an anxiety, a fear which can be tapped into by a leader, singular or plural.  Hypothetically, attention can be gleaned- and focused – by something like the leaking of a man-made virus from a lab in Wuhan which, accompanied by the right rhetoric, instils panic at such a level that the world population is putty in the hands of any leader/leaders who swoop in professing they have the cure.  An outrageous example, I know, but bear with!  The thing is that, blinded by fear, the proletariat are putty in the hands of those in power.  No matter that they may lie or manipulate data, they will follow them through hell.   Moreover, anybody who questions the narrative of those leaders is to be immediately attacked and silenced; censored!   Making sense?  Too close to home?  Well, that podcast has been removed from YouTube, Twitter, God knows where, slated by all and sundry.  Why?  It makes sense!  Let me add the link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3SCsueX2bZdbEzRtKOCEyT.  I hope that works but, if it doesn’t, just Google Dr Robert Malone on The Joe Rogan Experience.  It should still be on Spotify.

One of those dissing the podcast and the existence of Mass Formation Psychosis is Noah Bematsky in his piece in The Independent, New York City, dated 11th January, 2022.  ‘If “mass formation psychosis” isn’t a thing, though, how do you explain the enthusiasm with which so many people have embraced the existence of “mass formation psychosis”?’  Yes, I know, there’s a bit of obvious repetition, there – not mine!   That aside, though, he goes on to answer his own question:  ‘The answer is pretty straightforward.  You don’t need magic powers to make people believe things that aren’t true.  You just need a trusted source to lie to them …’.  Talk about an own goal!   I just had to put that statement in bold.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.  Never underestimate the power of irony …

You just need a trusted source to lie to them …’  and a global conglomerate which controls mainstream media and censorship.  Join the dots.  Welcome to 2022!

Now, my hour has come and gone and I haven’t touched on Randy Andy or Boris.  They’ll keep.  However, I cannot sign off without mentioning something which has been bothering me …  Say my place of work was 10, Downing Street – and I had been stripped of my integrity and moral code – and, on May 20th, 2021, I received an in-house email inviting me to a Drinks Party in The Garden at 6pm that evening, just how would I fulfil the request to ‘BYOB’?  Can one just nip out to “the offy” round the corner and buy a couple of bottles of Pomagne?  Is there one?  The dilemma has weighed heavily on my mind, believe me.  Actually, I can’t quite believe that a drinks party at No. 10 is requiring of one bringing one’s own booze …

Don’t worry, I can put my mind at rest.  Apparently, one is encouraged to keep a suitcase in one’s office at all times – along with a valid passport, nudge, nudge! – in the event that such an invitation arises and one is required to nip to the nearest Tesco with said vessel.  Bucket loads of ‘pomagne’ in situ, the waiting press and CCTV footage are none the wiser believing one, merely, to be conducting some extra-marital affair or selling brushes!  Perfect.  Note to self.

Enough!  My first written foray of 2022 … I had no idea how much I have missed it!

You don’t need magic powers to make people believe things that aren’t true.  You just need a trusted source to lie to them.’

Noah Bermatscky

So good, I named it twice?  Well, you know what I mean …

This is Trish, signing off.