Big Boys Don’t Lie …

Oh, yes, they do!  Oh, no, they don’t!  Oh, were this pantomime
But Christmas cannot right the wrongs of the year we leave behind.
Who would have thought we’d be still here, that little would have changed?
Masks, restrictions, a media possessed, ensure the fear remains.

But wasn’t the vaccine coming?  Wouldn’t everything be alright?
That’s what the experts told us.  Roll up!  The end is in sight.
Then spring turned into summer and most did what they were told
But not all could be persuaded in view of the risks involved.

Still subject to trial until ’23, there were adverse reactions, who knew?
No mention of stats?  Don’t worry, they’re rare.  This is the truth, be assured.
But I have a problem, you need to be straight.  Why silence the experts who wish to debate?
A rhetorical question, too much to lose, but everyone has the right to choose.

Two jabs, they said, that’s all it takes to set you free, to fly
But, then, they learned protection wanes fast and a booster is required.
What a surprise!  Arm out, again, and why not have the flu one, too?
A chemical overload, take one for the team, just selfish to deny.

The fact is, there are millions around the world who choose
Not yet to be injected with an experimental dose.
Labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’, that’s just so far from the truth
For most have had every vaccine before, tried and tested, no dispute.

I question why the heavy hand, why the blackmail to comply?
To be socially responsible, protect the NHS, to live and not to die?
It makes no sense to argue that the unvaccinated must submit
To protect the vaccinated who are unprotected?  Is this a comedy skit?

You see, this is the problem, how can anything make sense
When there is no consistency and gripped by fear, the world is tense?
Mainstream media is to blame, the rhetoric unrelenting
The party line is all that’s allowed.  Strict censorship of the ‘dissenting’.

Like the Sword of Damocles, we are led to believe, the virus is just waiting
Manipulated data, constant figures, the scaremongering is unabating.
Christmas is coming, a chance to reflect, spend time with those we love
Oh, look!  Here comes Omicron, just in time, a gift from up above!

Stop!  I have had it!  No more can I take.  Life is for living, for goodness sake!
No Covid passports, no mandatory jabs.  Free to make choices, to have or not have.
Stop being fed information and look for yourself.  Open your eyes, this is not about health.
The truth does not fear open debate.  The censorship, damning, controlled by the state.

The truth does not fear open debate.  So why the accepting, resigned to their fate?
The daily statistics, manipulated, we know.  Every death is from COVID, no cancer no more.
Adverse reactions?  Pray, what are they?  Scores of injuries and fatalities.  No liability.  No say.
Doctors and scientists who try to enlight?  Their voices are silenced, jobs lost overnight.

So, to say things aren’t sinister, is denial in the extreme
To accept and not to question, believe just to believe.
It gives free reign to those in power, to manipulate and control
To do exactly as they choose; to flout the rules they enforce.

Ferguson, Cummings and Hancock make three
Those that we know of who did what they pleased.
Harbingers of doom, they built the walls which confined
Then, smirked as they lived life while the minions obliged.

Does it not make you wonder why they had no fear
Of the virus they warned of with consequences severe?
How could it be that only they were immune?
Were they hiding something?  Had it all been a ruse?

Now, in the light of the ‘parties’ last year
Could it be that they celebrated while most isolated in fear?
The country is outraged, the trust has all gone
Could the irony be Boris has been lying all along?!

Irony?  Wow!  It’s present in spades
To, at once, question those to whom one is enslaved.
The ones who have manipulated, controlled and instilled fear
The ones who were partying at the end of last year!

I have to admit, it has made me smile
To think that this party is the focus of all guile.
For the gathering is irrelevant bar the spotlight it shines
On the blinkered, blind belief that big boys don’t lie!

 A Voice Outwith the Crowd
December 2021