Bloody hell!  It’s snowing here and to think I can no longer fly to Namibia …

The ‘worst ever’ strain of the virus.  The words of Sajid Javid, our calm and collected Health Secretary, yesterday, in relation to the discovery of a new variant which was, supposedly, first identified in Botswana.  Yes, that same caring Health Secretary whose reply to a man on Twitter, last week, questioning why he was given a Moderna booster after having had two Pfizer vaccines was: ‘So what?  How about you show some respect for the NHS’.  Charming!  That to someone who has done what he is told and put his arm out three times – so far!  An intelligent question but … there’s the rub.  One is not supposed to think.  One is supposed to do what one is told.  Dare I say, ‘obey’ without engaging one’s brain?  I just did.  Thing is, there are plenty of us who do think and who choose not to accept without question; who hear the alarm bells raised by the refusal to debate.  I am still to receive a plausible answer as to why that is, ‘plausible’ being the key word.  No, those who refuse to accept the party-line, the relentless rhetoric of the mainstream media, are neither ‘anti-vaxxers’ nor ‘conspiracists’ spreading ‘misinformation’.  Many are eminent scientists and doctors desperately trying to inform – with no financial incentive – who have been censored, banned, targeted and maligned in an attempt to ruin.  Eminent scientists and doctors more than qualified to speak.  One such example, is American virologist and immunologist, Dr Robert Malone, who was involved in the invention of the mRNA technology used to create the COVID vaccines.  More than qualified to comment, one would agree?  Well, not if he questions the safety of said mRNA technology, apparently.  Thus, his name has now been removed from those credited with the invention and he has, repeatedly, been criticised for promoting misinformation.  (I was going to add that he’s the spit of a young Kenny Rogers but not appropriate in view of the seriousness of the subject matter.)

Sorry, that paragraph is way too long.  Betsy would have annotations in red pen all over it! Down another rabbit hole I go …  Well, I blame the relentless rhetoric to which I awaken every morning.  So it was that I had to laugh at the predictability of the news, last night, about the new variant – the ‘worst ever’!  As the sound of continuous gunfire fades into a noise, the canon is fired to re-awaken and instil panic and fear before Christmas.  Who would have thought?

Going back to Dr Malone, briefly, and the alarm bells raised by the censorship and criticism of this eminent scientist – one of the many – who, himself, was involved in the invention of the mRNA technology, I found an interesting article regarding his ‘misinformation’ from which I quote:

Dr Malone has been expressing serious concerns about how therapeutic approaches that are still in the research phase are being imposed on an ill-informed public.  He says that public health leadership has, “stepped over the line and is now violating the bedrock principles which form the foundation upon which the ethics of clinical research are built”‘.

Strong stuff but it is the next paragraph which contains the pivotal question.  It’s answer lies in the ensuing silence …

Dr Malone asks why health leaders seem to be so afraid of sharing the adverse event data.  He says, “Why is it necessary to suppress discussion and full disclosure of information concerning mRNA reactogenicity and safety risks?”‘

There is no other question and, in the absence of any explanation, there is only one conclusion.  These quotes were taken from an article in Total Health (Google it) which should be read, rather than dismissed.  It is as follows: Are people getting full facts on COVID vaccine risks?  

Most, I’m sure, will not click on the above.  To be honest, I am not surprised.  In a word, the horse has already bolted.  Most have been vaccinated, un-swayed by the stringent censorship ensuring the lack of balanced information or debate, preferring to believe in the force for good.  On that note, however, I ask what exactly is it that Dr Malone – and the many other experts in their field – have to gain by trying to fully inform the public as to the risks involved in this vaccination programme?  It is up to each and every one of us to make his/her own decision based on the benefits and the risks.  Informed consent, I believe, it is called.  Too late.  Meanwhile, as those such as Dr Malone are vehemently maligned in a bid to silence, they have nothing to gain.  Glaringly, the same cannot be said of those who fear debate and, thus, the truth.

Always this subject, how I wish it were not so.  Sadly, there is little escape.  Three footballers collapsed, mid-game, this week.  Wigan’s Charlie Wyke was hospitalised on Thursday, less than 48 hours after Scotland international and Sheffield United player, John Fleck, collapsed in the second half of their Championship game against Reading.  He, too, was taken to hospital but released on Wednesday when Sheriff’s Adama Traore fell to the ground clutching his chest during their match against Real Madrid.  Medics were called and he was helped from the pitch …  These are not isolated incidents.  What is going on?  Co-incidence?  Maybe but my problem lies with reactions such as the following, reported in an article in yesterday’s Telegraph: Scientists reject pundits’ vaccine ‘theory’ after three footballers collapse in a week.

TalkSport, for example, had to cut off Trevor Sinclair, 48, from a broadcast as he questioned whether Fleck, who collapsed during his side’s win over Reading, had recently had the jab.  “I think everyone wants to know if he (Fleck) has had the Covid vaccine,” he said.’

… and he’s right!  It’s not rocket science.  It is, however, too late for most to entertain the idea of such an adverse link, thereby acknowledging that these vaccines are still subject to clinical trial and approved for administration only courtesy of emergency legislation.

Enough.  I have depressed myself.  Mind you, the news is all horrific, the other topics on my list serving only to sadden.  They will keep.

Truth that came too late was as useful as a meal to a dead man.’

Mary E. Pearson, Dance of Thieves.

Pulling no punches …

This is Trish, signing off.