I knew the date rang a bell – 58 years to the day since JFK was assassinated.  Do I remember it?  Well, knee high to a grasshopper, surprisingly, no, but … amazing what the psyche soaks in.  I wonder what John F. Kennedy would have made of the world today?  I have read a lot about him and his family; watched many programmes about them.  A family plagued by tragedy and one which continues to fascinate to this day, not least when Biden instructs the postponement of the release of CIA files relevant to the assassination which shook the world – and which happened over fifty years ago.  What secrets do these files contain?  The truth?  Politics, power and the man.  The age-old combination.

Power.  The ultimate aphrodisiac?  Works for some.  It certainly did for him.  The definition of a serial womaniser, he was the pits – in my book – and yet his wife, humiliated and hurt, stayed with him.  Why?  Did she have no self-esteem?  She loved him?  How could she continue to love someone who so callously belittled her?  Of course, the answer is power.  She was not prepared to relinquish the role of First Lady which, history ensured, was to be the role of her life …  Hilary Clinton was/is the same.  Supposedly a strong, independent woman, she is dwarfed by her acceptance of her husband’s disdain.  Undoubtedly powerful, like his erstwhile predecessor Bill Clinton is, also, known to possess huge charisma and, in turn, a confidence in getting what he wants no matter the cost.  Watching Impeachment (BBC 2) just now – the latest series in writer Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story anthology – it’s focus is the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal of 1998 which so very nearly proved his Waterloo.  Actually – despite Monica Lewinsky, herself, being a producer on the series – in my opinion, it is no match for The Clinton Affair of 2019 which earned its place on my Seriously Good! page.  No mean feat, obviously.  Unlike JFK, karma has, seemingly, not yet come calling on Clinton.  A nasty piece of work, he got away with it – and so much more – and, yet, will remain President Clinton until his demise.  Ironically, his Office proved not only his enabler but, ultimately, his protector.

Power.  Pre-internet and social media.  The lives of both these men would have been very different today.  Is there anywhere to hide?  In a word, no.  The power of technology is beyond the ken of most of us, quite frankly.  Even to admit that is scary in itself but life goes on … until one is reminded that the very devices we, all, take for granted – depend upon – are monitoring each and every one of us!  Disbelieving?  Dismissive?  Smiling?  I’m trying to remember who among our friends admitted to having two Alexae (surely, the plural?) in their house but … Help!  Talk about Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft!  Who is that lazy – or gullible?  Rhetorical.  I suppose it’s like playing oneself in one’s own film of one’s life – and all credit to the likeness!  Look, let me just lay down two alarming pieces of evidence …

Watching some riveting quiz programme on Sunday evening, one of the questions happened to be: Of the four ingredients on a Four Seasons pizza, which represents Spring?  Don’t miss the sarcasm in ‘riveting’ and I certainly didn’t mention anything about intellect.  Continuing, the listed ingredients were tomatoes, artichokes, ham and mushrooms.  Artichokes, then?  We happened to Google said pizza and its toppings – that’s all – only for Google to list artichokes, in bold, as being the ingredient ‘representative of Spring’!  No other ingredients in bold; no reference to any other season.  We had made no reference to Spring.  So, logical explanation?  There is none other than the laptop had picked up on our conversation.  Big Brother is listening!  Is that someone at the door?

I, immediately, thought back to the problem I had had with the iTunes sign-in box which insisted in blighting my screen.  Repeatedly pressing ‘Cancel’, that box just kept on popping back up as though determined to defeat me.  It was a game!  I tried every password in my repertoire to no avail, eventually Googling a possible solution.  The following is the reply I received: ‘You are seeing this message because some of the content that is on your iPhone was originally downloaded using your ex-husband’s Apple ID, and it requires authentication for his Apple ID to download it again.’  Not only does that beggar belief but is there no respite?!  How the hell does Google know that he is my ex-husband?  Seriously?  Moreover, given that it does, why not refer to him by the name I prefer to use?!

There is little humour in the sinister.  In a world in which it is, now, conceivable to lockdown those who choose not to have a medical procedure – refusing the injection of a ‘vaccine’ developed using new technology and, moreover, one for which the trials are still ongoing – with neither opinion nor opposition from other countries, clearly anything goes.  Human beings ‘imprisoned’ for exercising their basic human right: the right to choose.  Human beings who, come February in Austria – if the threat is exercised – will find themselves subjected to what amounts to being forcibly injected with a ‘vaccine’, the side effects of which can be fatal!  On whom would/does liability fall?  Nobody!  That was one of the first alarm bells.  No comeback at all for ‘vaccine’ injury BUT refusal would mean what?  God knows!  It would seem there are no consequences for countries who deny their citizens basic civil liberty – take China!  I have heard comparisons made to apartheid but shouted down.  Apartheid was enforced based on the colour of one’s skin, after all; the wrongly labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’, on the other hand, have made a choice.  Perhaps so, but a choice which is theirs to make and for which they are to be punished; denied freedom.  On what grounds?  Non-compliance, of course.  The rhetoric dictates that the unprotected are a threat to the protected.  Read that one more time.  In plain English, that means that the protected are NOT protected otherwise the unprotected would pose no threat.  Conclusion?  There can be no trust in the vaccine.  Did someone mention control?

Nazi officials implemented the Jewish badge (an identifying badge to mark Jews) between 1939 and 1945.  They did so in a systematic manner, as a prelude to deporting Jews to ghettos and killing centers in German-occupied Eastern Europe.’


There are uprisings throughout Europe peopled by those prepared to fight for their freedom; the right to choose.  Not that one would know from the lack of media coverage.  Meanwhile the rhetoric continues, constantly, as Vaccine Mark 3 is rolled out to the masses.  As the NHS grinds to a halt with enforced vaccine mandates further depleting valuable staff in their thousands, the backlog continues to rise and people are dying at home while ambulances languish in holding bays outside hospitals, unable to offload their patients.  No beds.  COVID?  The unvaccinated?  No, an NHS peopled by Managers who have been draining resources for years!  There are no beds because they have been cut.  There are no staff because they won’t pay them and that was before vaccine mandates.  This is no longer a caring institution, funded for the good of the people.  This is a business controlled by – and drained by – hoards of numpties with not a medical qualification between them.  God forbid anyone is sick!

Spreading good cheer as always … I’m not a miracle worker!  The rabbits in the hat are all dead.  We went for a walk on the West Sands, late Saturday afternoon.  The tide was well in leaving only a narrow strip of sand.  Hideously, we filed in groups, one behind the other.  It only dawned on me later that the overview resembled one of prisoners on their daily exercise, mindlessly walking up and down …

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.’

Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning.

This is Trish, signing off.