Right.  This is November!  Grey, overcast, cold and miserable.  Yes, here to cheer, as ever.  Anybody out there?  Actually, I would love to know how many readers were inclined to – or took the time to click on Friday’s link to The Light and Vernon Coleman’s article?  If you didn’t, what does that say?  Of course, there would be those who were angered, immediately, at the thought of entertaining a narrative contrary to that of the mainstream media – and that is their choice – but, quite honestly, that is the problem.  Why just believe everything you are fed?  Frequently, of late, I have I have heard the argument that the Government and media are merely listening to the advice and direction of the scientists and the medical experts but which ones?  Hand-picked, they promote the fear with never-ending predictions of doom unless one does what one is told but what of the elephant in the room?  What of the many other scientists and medical experts who do not agree with the chosen ones but are denied a voice?  In fact, not only not given a voice but censored; removed from public platforms; never invited onto mainstream programmes such as Jeremy Vine or This Morning and wrongly labelled anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, allegedly promoting misinformation.  Why is that?  Something to fear?

Firstly, once and for all, labelling those who question the party line, or those who are hesitant about taking this new mRNA ‘vaccine’, anti-vaxxers is not only wrong but totally misleading and dismissive.  I guarantee that the majority have had every other ‘traditional’ vaccine and, in turn, had their children vaccinated, too.  So, at least use a word which correctly describes them.  This ‘vaccine’ is not like any in the past.  It cannot be equated to the injections given for the prevention of Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Cholera or Yellow Fever.  Not only have they been developed over years and subject to stringent trials accumulating required data on short and long-term side-effects but none of them work by triggering the production of a spike protein which, subsequently, trains one’s immune system to behave in a certain way.  New technology.  Cannot be compared.  Genetic modification?  Well, if the cap fits.  Disputed, it may be but, as discussed, those who are unvaccinated are falsely labelled anti-vaxxers, too, and who listens?

So, all those other eminent scientists, doctors and medical experts – the ones who are censored, excluded and accused of misinformation – if they are totally off their trollies, then it should be as easy as pie to share the stage, as it were, and knock them out of the court once and for all with facts; with evidence. Job done.  No more mis-truths and conspiracy theories.  BUT … they won’t do that; can’t do that; are afraid of doing that.  Why?  For the very reason that they are not confident; they are winging it.  The chosen ones cannot produce evidence as to the long-term side effects of this ‘vaccine’ – there isn’t any!  They want to bury the thousands of injuries and, thus, the Yellow Card Scheme – the official website for recording all injuries and fatalities – is all but buried.  In fact, I just happened to Google how many people have died, to date, as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine and the following article came up: How many people have died as a result of a COVID-19 vaccine?

Clicked on the link?  If not, why not?  Not enough time?  Don’t want to know?  I’m happy with the information I am hand-fed?  Can’t be bothered?  She’s like a dog with a bone?!  Completely agree on the last one but it’s out of frustration!  The mainstream media is not God and, most certainly, not worthy of blind trust.  Read.  Listen.  Make up your own mind.  That ‘article’ is laughable.  Nifty footwork but just too obvious.  One question: how can the Government statistics relating to COVID fatalities – the ones we were fed for 18 months and which, sometimes, we still are today – include all deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID test and, yet, those reported on the Yellow Card Scheme – attributed to the vaccine – must be taken with a pinch of salt?!

Some people will, sadly, die by chance shortly after receiving a vaccine, so the death can be mistakenly attributed to the COVID-19 vaccination by a family member or carer.  In the course of such a large-scale programme, this could add up to a large number.’

Of course.  Now, I understand.  Any death within 28 days of a positive COVID test is, without doubt, attributed to the virus.  Regardless of whether the person had cancer?  Yes, the virus killed him/her!  Got it!  However, vaccine injury leading to a fatality – and recorded on the Yellow Card Scheme (which is so difficult and time-consuming, I have heard) – cannot be accepted as death caused by the vaccine as the chances are it was just co-incidence.  Come on!  Talk about one rule for one and one rule for another?  Smacks of subterfuge.  Note the use of the words ‘by chance’ and ‘mistakenly’.  Once again, if there was nothing to hide …

Apparently, Bev Turner was on Jeremy Vine on Monday.  I missed it but, once again, she was savaged.  That lady has guts!  She, also, has integrity and is, clearly, highly intelligent.  Speaking for thousands, she is the voice of those who are not prepared to be injected with a new ‘vaccine’ for which there is no data – nor can there be – with regard to long-term side-effects; a new ‘vaccine’ which has been responsible for an untold number of injuries – and fatalities – for which there is no liability.  Do some digging.  It is all there.  Continuing, it dawned on me that she is allowed on, from time-to-time, to placate; in an attempt to suggest there is nothing to hide.  However, the choice of other panellists, alongside her, is strategic.  Always pro the mainstream narrative, Dr Sarah Jarvis is, inevitably, wheeled out; she, who, oozes arrogance – and not sex appeal, as she seems to think – and who must, clearly, have no patients.  The others?  Aggressive journalists primed to attack – and they do.  Bev, however, is always prepared, confident in her facts and argument but, without fail, she is ganged up on and shouted down and over.  Objective achieved.  As she, herself, has said many times, though, why is she there and not one of the many eminent scientists or medical experts who sing from her hymn book?  Easy.  That would deprive them of their greatest defence: Bev is not a scientist, nor has she a medical background.  What can she, possibly, know?

Help!  Still with me, Torrance?  A friend of Manny’s, he told me – on Saturday – that my posts were very long and maybe I should split them up into subject matter.  None taken.  That said, there is only one ‘subject matter’, here!  Torrance, you are a bullet point to my sentence …

Quickly!  Believe me, I had no intention of going down this rabbit hole today but then, opening Instagram this morning, I was met with the following courtesy of crg_globalresearch: ‘Aussie Health Chief Says People Who Don’t Get Vaccinated Will be “Miserable” and “Lonely” for Life’. What the hell?!  As one person commented, ‘So … it’s NOT about health’.  No, it’s all about control – and punishment.  Who knew?!

Finally, Azeem Rafiq appeared in front of a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Select Committee Hearing at Westminster, today, to give evidence as to the accusations of racism he has made against Yorkshire County Cricket Club.  Reported as being close to tears, at times, he used the word ‘inhuman’, claiming that he was driven to the verge of suicide by the racial abuse he suffered.  Not about revenge, rather, he wants to be a ‘voice for the voiceless’.  Very commendable but will he share the six-figure sum he received in settlement of the legal case he launched in 2020 with said ‘voiceless’?  Forgive me, but what has money got to do with anything?  How can money compensate, in any way, for the deep trauma he has suffered?  My thoughts?  I have read through his evidence.  Firstly, may I say that it is devoid of context and context is relevant.  However, racism is wrong on any level, regardless that comments may be made with an understanding of friendly banter.  That said, I cannot help but feel that Rafiq is a grown man on a mission and the bullying culture to which children are subjected at school – on a daily basis – can only put his experience into perspective.  ‘Fat’, ‘Ginger’, ‘ugly’, ‘stupid” – not everything is about colour.  Please do not allow it to be so.

The greatest tragedy for any human being is going through their entire lives believing the only perspective that matters is their own.’

Doug Baldwin

Look him up.  Might surprise you.  Should introduce him to Serena Williams …

This is Trish, signing off.