No Game …

I’ve had enough, there is no doubt
The fridge is bare, I’m all cleaned out.
I’ve tried to maintain a voice of cheer
But the towel is in, all hail King Lear!

Charlie Watts has gone, the Stones are three
Thanks for the memories and the reverie.
As for ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’?
Beloved?  A classic?  Oh, no, inflammatory!

The world’s gone mad, there’s no denying
To surpass the gloom is increasingly trying.
The rhetoric of fear is unabating
Inject the children while we’re waiting!

A year and a half has come and gone
Life is no more but we soldier on.
Daily statistics, manipulated, are still fed
Nothing’s changed, don’t think, just obey and be led.

Meanwhile, boost your immune system, take Vitamin D
For, if you fall ill, no doctor you’ll see.
Most, now, work from home for a better life balance
Take a call, go online, if it’s not COVID, it’s callous!

Millions are vaccinated, has it made any difference?
Has freedom been granted, restrictions been lifted?
It seems we’re going nowhere, confusion abounds
But the dots they are a-joining, the truth will be found.

Travel is impossible unless it’s to Bognor
Staycationers en masse, forget spontaneity, that’s an order!
Masks are ubiquitous, there’s a virus out there
The vaccinated need boosters?  No long-term data spells unaware.

Emergency legislation has been extended, of that never fear
Control, a powerful weapon, no liability, in the clear.
Wake up and take notice before it’s too late
Or sign your life over to government and state.

Oh, help, it’s depressing and so difficult to see
A way back to before when, at least, we were free.
The definition of Groundhog, every day is the same
Cue the bars, charge admission, this is definitely no game.

Thoughts in verse.

Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.’


This is Trish, signing off.