Quite honestly, I am not in the mood.  I have run out of steam.  Freedom Day in England?  Even having to write ‘in England’ is ridiculous!  We are the United Kingdom.  Scale has nothing to do with it.  Instead, as ever, it is purely politics.  The games of children, except children possess an innocence …

July 19th.  Freedom Day.  Anything but!  It was a carrot in the future, merely to appease, and then, suddenly, it was upon them.  No turning back.  The day-to-day restrictions of the past sixteen months may have lifted south of the border – temporarily – but there was no opportunity for joy.  Instead, the media scaremongering moved into top gear with talk of extreme caution, variants, the unvaccinated, asymptomatic spread, responsibility to keep wearing masks, no guarantee of protection, overloading of the NHS, no ruling out of another full lockdown …  Relentless.  Freedom Day?  Freedom Day?!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Instead, it was a day of cards on the table; of showing the hand.  A day which the cynical amongst us have long predicted: vaccination or ‘die’!  Cease to live, in the true sense, then …

That sounds horrific; brutal but think about it.  Each one of us has an individual right to freedom of choice, within the confines of the law, obviously.  The news today is an impingement on civil liberty; a denial of that right.  Today, Boris announced that, from September, no-one without a COVID passport will be allowed entry into a nightclub; that is, nobody who has not been double-vaccinated.  Sorry?  Once again, what happened to the right to choose?  Since when has it ever been compulsory in this country to have a vaccination, let alone an experimental one?  Who has the right to force an individual to agree to be injected with a chemical concoction which was developed in ten months instead of ten years, which is unlicensed and for which there is no, nor can be any long-term data?  These vaccines are being trialled until the end of 2023; the data-gathering is ongoing until at least then.  We are guinea pigs!

This past year plus has been an eye-opener in so many ways.  The most important realisation has been that the majority are followers.  Most are unquestioning whether it be down to trust or pure laziness.  Happy to be instructed, courtesy of so-called ‘experts’, they are indoctrinated by the media party-line, devoid of any desire to read, research for themselves or look beyond.  I suppose the need to conform is all-consuming; the need to do as everyone else does.  Putty in government hands.  Programmed to receive.  Here is my life, tell me how to lead it.  The most frightening thing of all …

Of course, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.  Those who read Trish-Trash regularly will know that I am not afraid to voice mine.  However, differences of opinion naturally invoke debate and here, again, that has been denied.  Those, like myself, who have questioned from the start, whose gut instinct has demanded that they read, listen and educate rather than merely accept, have been censored in the extreme.  There is no debate.  Mainstream media, social media – censored!  Question anything to do with COVID, the manipulated data, the fast-tracked vaccines, the right to choose, anything of the sort and one is shut-down.  Posts are removed or ‘buried’, rendered impossible to find.  Everything is slapped with a promotion for the vaccine.  Thus, was born BitTube and Brand New Tube, uncensored video platforms enabling the freedom of speech denied by YouTube.  Someone whom I admire greatly – and about whom I have written before – Bev Turner (writer and presenter, wrongly labelled an anti-vaxxer!), now has a BitTube platform.  Intelligent, educated, determined and brave, the mother of three (two of whom are teenagers) has, tirelessly, been the voice of the individual.  She has questioned, researched and sought the opinion of experts, just not the ones ‘on the payroll’.  I have seen her repeatedly savaged on mainstream media, always strategically outnumbered by those who adhere.  Labelled an anti-vaxxer, her protests go ignored.  For to concede she is no such thing does not fit the narrative.  Her children have had every other vaccination required, growing up.  This one is different.  This one is a shot in the dark!

Why is it that debate is forbidden?  Why is it that opinion is censored?  Why the need for emergency laws?  Why have the pharmaceutical companies been granted exemption from liability with regard to inury caused by vaccination?  Why is the Government Yellow Card Scheme ignored?  Why is it that anyone who chooses not to have an experimental vaccination – for justifiable reason – is labelled an anti-vaxxer, cited as someone selfish, a danger to the rest of society and, in fact, little more than a nutcase to be ignored?  Two and two make four!  Clearly, there is something to hide.   Anyone confident in his/her stance has nothing to fear from debate.  End of.

The scaremongering continues.  The political games persist as, bit by bit, our liberty is diminished and life, as we once knew it, becomes a distant memory.  Isolation pervades, families remain separated and the threat of another lockdown is ever present.  Daily life is, now, digital.  One cannot travel without fear of enforced restrictions at a moment’s notice, let alone the prohibitive cost of repeated PCR tests.  Those will go, to be replaced by the inevitable COVID passports – and, no, this vaccination cannot be equated to those of Yellow Fever, Cholera or Hepatitis A.  Those were all years in development, tried and tested.  So, no travel for those unvaccinated?    COVID passports, the future use of which was, once, categorically, denied?  Now, the blackmail tool for the rightly sceptical young.  Those for whom knowledge of long-term data is paramount.

Freedom’ Day.  Oh, the irony.  Googling ‘freedom‘ just now, the first definition offered is ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.’  For most, it would seem, that freedom is worth sacrificing but for what?  Do they know?   Do they think?  Do they care … or do they just listen without question?  Far from ‘Freedom Day’, Monday, 19th July 2021 shall be remembered as the start of The Great Reveal.  I, for one, am terrified!

People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.’

Emma Goldman

This is Trish, signing off.