Apologies for my lack of post, good intentions were not enough
The day ran away, what else can I say, the life of a writer is tough!
A break, perhaps, is no bad thing, I have little good to say
In a world consumed by COVID; a world which has lost its way.

Language has been re-defined, so, too, the daily news
Who knew the vocabulary was so select, the media so abused?
It begins and ends with COVID, vaccination fills the gaps
Don’t dare to question, there is no debate, accept it all as fact.

Freedom day, well, that’s a joke, a brief respite at most
The lights will change from green to red, more variants diagnosed.
A holiday?  Dare if you will but only with compliance
A double jab is all it takes, arm out and join the alliance.

It’s a carrot, not a stick; of course, who said anything about compulsory?
Just freedom for ‘freedom’, no big deal, but it is – it’s everything for nothing!
Yes, I know, that doesn’t rhyme but, quite honestly, who cares?
While the few continue to question, the majority are unaware.

The racism debate is alight once more in wake of the England defeat
Three penalties lost, the players all black, social media pressed repeat.
But is it really all about colour or nothing more than an excuse?
A target for the anger, the hatred abound, merely manifested in abuse.

England was defeated by Italy, in penalties, that’s a fact
But black or white, the goals were lost, and the bullies primed to attack.
Priti Patel condemned the abuse and was subjected to the very same
The irony there for all to see, makes a mockery of BAME!

As the sun beats down, the weather is glorious, a reason for optimism
Who knows, perhaps you’ve been pinged – even through the wall – ten days in ‘isolation’!!
Isolation?  I wish, seems the world has flocked here, my beach is truly besieged
Staycationers galore, I can take little more, Richard Branson, save a place, I believe!

This was not my plan, to pen a scathing rhyme
I was merely apologising for running out of time.
In a world of restrictions, however, I still have a voice
And the words keep on coming, my freedom, my choice.

A Voice Outwith the Crowd
July 2021