Christmas.  Been, gone, done that and … I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Possessed by aliens?  Perhaps but, after such a dismal year, it seemed fitting to end 2020 confined in a small space with family, fuelled by good food and copious amounts of alcohol!  What now, though?  Christmas was, undoubtedly, a distraction from the misery of reality but the depths of winter loom with no respite and, this afternoon, Scotland, once more, was all but shut down.  No sunshine to temper the darkness now; instead, an increased urgency, in its absence, to up our levels of Vitamin D in pill form.  Is this the level to which we are reduced?

A big day for Nicola, once more, she took to the podium in ‘Tarzan’s lair’ dressed in a dark trouser suit complete with her obligatory white stilettos – she likes them and that’s all that matters!  Graciously putting aside her raison d’etre, Scottish independence and her fixation with IndyRef2, she spent half an hour padlocking the door of life in the name of saving lives and protecting the NHS.  When will it end?  If the media is to be believed, we must all reconcile to the fact that life now is sitting at home and waiting to die!  Harsh but that’s what it feels like.  There is no escape.  The scaremongering emanating from every media orifice is relentless.  The COVID death toll is rapidly rising as the new, more virulent strain takes hold …  It seems that COVID has the monopoly.  No longer are people dying from cancer, heart disease, strokes …  Unbelievable.  A miracle?  Far from it.  Just that COVID, the rhetoric of now, is, apparently more important.  It is cited as the cause of death on every certificate allowed.  Yes, ‘allowed’!   Check the small print beneath the soaring figures flashed up on your screen.  The figure represents the total number of deaths, for any reason, of those who have tested positive for COVID in the last 28 days.  ‘Tested positive’.  That does not mean the person died as a result of contracting COVID!

Just before Christmas, I met someone whose mother had sadly died – not as a result of COVID.  However, COVID it was that was cited as the cause of death on the certificate.  Her family were not having it and fought to have it removed – ‘fought’ being the operative word.  They were successful.  This guy, then, went on to mention the death of another person known to him who, similarly, had not died of COVID.  You guessed it.  ‘Cause of Death’ – COVID – regardless.  This time, the family were unable to have it removed.  What is going on?

One day ago, it was in the papers that Jeremy Clarkson ‘feared he would die alone’ having contracted the virus over Christmas.  Interestingly, on the same day, his twitter account denoted the following: ‘Dear the newspapers.  I didn’t “battle” Covid.  I lay on my bed reading a book till it went away.’   Is there a pattern developing here?

Katie Hopkins will not go silently.  Only today, I received a message via Instagram with a video of her asking, only, that one questions the figures.  While she and her family are subjected to death threats and the wish that, should any of them contract COVID-19, they are not treated – who ARE these people? – she has produced graphs showing the critical care bed average over the last three years.  While we are led to believe the NHS is on the brink of being overwhelmed, the figures for 2020 are actually down in terms of critical care bed occupancy over that term.

She goes on to show a line graph referring to the critical care bed occupancy in Cardiff and Vale – Wales.  There used to be 90 beds available and, then, on the 1st December, the number seemed to drop off a cliff – down to around 50 beds offered.  Of course, this makes things extremely difficult but this, according to Katie, is because the number of beds has been reduced in accordance with the fall of staff due to many choosing to self-isolate at home even though rapid COVID testing means they could be at work!  This, in turn, is responsible for the LBC News headline stating Wales’ largest hospital ran out of critical care beds as COVID cases soared …  Not true.  More likely that the capacity wasn’t there as there wasn’t the staff!

Katie Hopkins.  Fan or not, she is emphatic that she is sharing all this with us, not to criticise or complain, but, merely, to question … and thank God for her!  Someone who is not prepared to blindly accept.

This evening, Becca received two videos from a friend in Austria.  He, too, is questioning.  Intelligent?  I was loathe to commit that to paper but, yes!  Surely, those who are intelligent must always question?  Who is it who accepts, without question, the instruction of one merely cited as an expert?  One in a position of authority?  Is human nature, without question, a force for good?  A rhetorical question demanding of an answer in the negative!  Let’s start at the very beginning … Adam and Eve.  How long did it take for Eve to pick the forbidden fruit?  Human nature.  Greed.  Agenda.  Never accept without question!

Returning to Becca’s friend in Austria, one of the videos he sent was on Tik Tok, @officialtreway.  I cannot copy the link here but it is a black guy who is questioning the emergence of the COVID vaccine when, in 40 years of research, they have failed to develop a vaccine for HIV; in 100 years of research, they have failed to develop a vaccine for cancer; amidst ongoing research for the common cold, there is no vaccine; YET, in one year, we’ve developed a vaccine for COVID-19 ‘and you want me to take that shit?  Thanks but no thanks!’.   I second that emotion.

As if that weren’t enough, he, also, sent video footage of some American political figure – a woman – being administered the ‘miracle’ vaccine … except the footage caught the plug dropping from the syringe as the woman states how simple it was …

COVID-19 is horrific.  COVID-19 can be fatal.  COVID-19 must be taken seriously … but, surely, NO MORE SO than cancer, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons and all the other HORRIFIC diseases.  What is happening?  Why are they all being side-lined?

One favour?  NEVER just blindly accept …

The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason.’

Benjamin Franklin

This is Trish, signing off.

Unchecked.  Apologies for any errors but the sentiment remains …