Oh, help – again!  Never boring, that’s me …  No, I’ve just realised, typing in the date, that it’s Friday the 13th.  Am I superstitious?  I wouldn’t say so but let’s not tempt fate.  Put it this way, I’m always glad to make it to the 14th!

Much has irritated me, this week – seriously!  Should I just move on and offer some light relief or dwell?  Difficult one, finding the light relief, that is.  What a Wonderful World … Switching on the radio briefly, a minute ago, that was the song playing.  Momentarily transported back in time by the unmistakable voice of Louis Armstrong, it only seemed to sharpen the reality of now.  Such a mess!  The news is awash with all the Government in-fighting.  Clashing egos and agendas, these are the people who are supposed to be leading the country and who have the audacity to tell us, mere plebs – or, in my case, a Patrician – what to do!  It would be laughable were it not so scary.  Which brings me on to the news of the miracle vaccine, this week …

One could be forgiven for thinking the Second Coming was nigh, such was the reaction.  The excitement is palpable as the media drip feeds the people while they clamber for detail as to how quickly they can offer themselves up for slaughter!  Blanket acceptance, it would seem and, most important, acceptance of its safety.  Yes, there is much flannel as to the stringent testing which has been undergone but, come on!  Let me rewind to a couple of my previous posts rather than me re-iterating it all again – just a quick jog of the memory from 20th September:

‘Never fear!  Never fear!  Well, do, obviously, but be reassured that a vaccine is coming.  We shall be saved!  A vaccine which will make billions and further fatten the huge pharmaceutical companies.  A vaccine which will have been fast-tracked – and, no doubt, unlicenced as a result (for the greater good!) – while, meantime, the regulations will have been temporarily changed (see post of 14th September) to ensure said companies are absolved of any liability resulting from harmful side effects.  Got it all sussed!  Vaccines take years to be tested and passed as safe.  Even then …  However, only the other week, a Cambridge drug company paused their trial following the adverse effect on one guinea pig.  Matt Hancock cited that today, obviously in a bid to highlight the care which is being taken to develop a vaccine safe to roll out to a population of 60million.  How reassuring!  Think of the profit at stake.  Think of the foreign bodies being pumped into one’s system.  Is COVID-19 really the greater threat?’

Nothing has changed.  My cynicism remains.  Here is the excerpt of note from my post of 14th September:

‘Perhaps, most alarming of all, is the fact that the UK Government is seeking to make changes to the Human Medicine Regulations 2012.  Any the wiser?  Don’t worry, they are inviting the views of the public (well, any of whom may be aware!) on the proposed changes, to be submitted before 11.59pm on 18th September.  (Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu). 

In view of the recent reported pause in the COVID-19 vaccine trial by a Cambridge drug company, following the side-effects suffered by one patient, it is interesting that the Government is seeking changes, primarily, to allow the temporary supply of an unlicenced product while, also, seeking exemption from any liability.  God help us!’

I was going to omit the last three words but thought them, now, even more pertinent!  There is so much at work, here, and I am not convinced that human safety is paramount.  Look at the big picture: giant pharmaceutical companies poised to cash in and an economy devastated.  Clearly, the Government has no idea how to stem the downward spiral and a vaccine is heralded as the only path back to normality.  Meantime, Joe Public has been scared sufficiently witless to accept without question.  I repeat, God help us!

With regard to the Government Consultation hyperlinked above, it concluded on the 18th September.  However, click on the outcome and take a look at point number 3, Extending immunity from civil liability

This vaccine has been fast-tracked.  Unlicenced, it is, nonetheless, claimed to have undergone the required safety trials.  How can that possibly be given the timescale?  Think about it.  What is the timescale normally  required to develop a vaccine?  Years?  I admit I referred to Google and the following is an interesting article which came up in response: https://www.antidote.me/blog/how-long-do-clinical-trial-phases-take  (Any complaints about my overuse of hyperlinks, please refer to my friend, Dylan!)

I shall endeavour to move off this subject – I did intend to make only a brief reference but …  My main point?  They can attempt to reassure all they wish but the timescale prohibits the use of the word ‘safe’, there being no scope to monitor possible long-term side effects.  It is impossible to know what may manifest itself months or years down the line and therefore I, for one, will not be offering myself as a guinea pig!

Permission for one last comment?  Continuing regardless!  It was suggested, genuinely – by one of Her magnanimous proletariat – that the Queen should be the first to be offered the miracle concoction as, considering her advancing years, she is in the most vulnerable category and God forbid we should lose her.  Seriously?!  God forbid we should lose her to an unlicenced, fast-tracked, unstable vaccine which must be stored at -70 degrees requiring military distribution within the timescale of a minute window!  It’s true.  There is humour to be found in everything, not least in the machinations of morons who, wrongly, assume we have, all, swallowed the pill …

Perhaps I under-estimate them.  I mean, only this week it was declared, in a second report by OFSTED following lockdown, that there has been a regression in the basic skills of children hardest hit by the pandemic.  Reading and writing have suffered – perhaps, understandably – but the ability to eat with a knife and fork?!  Seriously?!  Unacceptable.  Oh, look, the little green men in search of intelligent life on earth are running back into Tiger Lily, desperate!

It was announced today that Peter Sutcliffe had died; the notorious serial killer, code-named the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’, who murdered thirteen women in the Seventies.  Cold-blooded.  Evil.  The world is a better place without his like.  It is said he tested positive for COVID-19.  The rhetoric is without end.

The sun is sinking and the breeze has abated somewhat.  I have a small posy of wild flowers to take to the beach.  Told you I would!  To Ben Parkinson who will never be forgotten As Time Goes By … 

And now, I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end, the way it all would go.
Our lives are better left to chance,
I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss
The dance.’

Garth Brooks, The Dance.

If you don’t know this song, listen to it.  One of my favourites, ever!   The poignancy of the lyrics …

This is Trish, signing off.