Below is a poem I wrote eleven years ago.  Dated November 2009, it is written from the perspective of a wild animal in a zoo: the elephant taken from its family and natural habitat, imprisoned for life; the polar bear, captured as a cub in Manitoba, Canada, and flown to Edinburgh Zoo to live, forever, in a concrete enclosure, reduced to nothing more than a money-making exhibit for human entertainment.  Beyond the bars …



What can I see beyond the bars?
Them.  Pointing, laughing, staring
At me.  Why?
Every day, relentless.

What can I do in my concrete world?
Nothing.  Sleep, pace and more sleep.
Why me?
Every day, relentless.

What can they learn from me behind these bars?
Nothing.  Dead birds, cakes and sweet corn, a diet for …
Not me.
Every day, relentless.

But when I close my eyes, I can see
Endless skies, my family, life
As it was meant to be.
Not futile but free …


Lockdown.  Rules.  Restrictions.  Control.  Whatever happened to freedom of choice; liberty?

Is this karma?

This is Trish, signing off, ever grateful for the magnificent Born Free Foundation.