I’ve just asked Manny what he thinks about the colour of my hair.  ‘Which bit?’ was his reply!  Understandable.  He did compliment me, recently, though, by telling me that my roots were growing in dark brown on the top and that was quite surprising for someone of my age!  Interesting as it is to be re-introduced to my natural colour, the concept of multi-coloured hair is not one I would choose to adopt.

I did consider not writing today as it’s all a bit same old, same old but, then, it’s a challenge to muster a few hundred words on nothing and one at which I am becoming rather adept.  Hang on, though, Boris’ ministerial address is still rippling as though the aftermath of a pebble dropped in water.  Everyone, it seems, is craving clarity, particularly with regard to the ‘rule’ which allows one to see one other person at a time outwith one’s own household.  One person at a time!  No, that is too ambiguous.  Does that mean one cannot see both parents at the same time?  (God forbid!)

Firstly, I cannot believe the number of people who are asking that question.  Piers Morgan nearly blew a gasket, returning to work yesterday morning, because Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary, made a mistake when interviewed on the BBC, earlier.  Asked to clarify whether or not one could meet both parents at the same time, his reply was affirmative as long as the two metre social distancing is upheld.  Well, it turns out that that is just wrong!  One can only meet one parent.  Can one, then, go on and meet the other parent?  Apparently so.  So, if social distancing is maintained and the meeting takes place outside in the fresh air, what difference does it make?  What harm can it cause?  Piers Morgan suggested that Dominic Raab’s error may end up with some accidentally killing their parents by following the wrong advice and meeting both at the same time!  What has happened to Piers Morgan?  He is an intelligent guy but his rant suggests a touch of hysteria.  Or is it that, as an intelligent being, he is just totally and utterly frustrated?  I suggest the latter.

Utter chaos abounds and that nobody can deny.  The ineptitude and lack of unity displayed by those governing the country is, at once, worrying and extremely frustrating.  We have had enough of being treated like numpties or, perhaps I am being presumptuous in the use of the plural?  Perhaps it is just me?  I suspect not.  I hope not!  My worry is that an acceptance has set in and we, now, believe we are numpties!  Surely only someone whose brain is sufficiently numbed would seek clarification as to whether or not one can see both parents at the same time?  Isn’t the answer just common sense?!  I acknowledge the rules.  I hear the advice but I also have an intellect which renders me capable of making a judgement.  Nobody would, wilfully, subject loved ones to unnecessary risk but, if one needs instruction as to whether or not one is allowed to see both parents, together, in an outdoor space – adhering to social distancing – as opposed to seeing them ten minutes apart, then this lockdown, with its associated brainwashing, has, arguably, done more damage than good.

I am tired of preaching without a pulpit.  I do know that there are those who agree with me wholeheartedly, however, and I am happy to be their voice.  I am, also, aware that there are many who disagree with my stance but that’s exactly how it should be.  Nothing better than an intelligent debate.  Twitter?  I repeat, an intelligent debate!

Well, that’s 600 words on nothing!  It has been a strange day.  The weather has changed dramatically.  Dull and rainy, it is positively baltic!  Suddenly, it is as though the months of sunshine are a distant memory.  Just fickle.  I haven’t been to the beach today, although we did go late last night.  It was cold and deserted but the colours of the sky and sea created a palette worthy of painting – how I wish I could.

The birds are singing, as I write.  A constant twitter interspersed with the familiar call of the pigeons.  At once evocative and nostalgic, one must never take their song for granted.  Somehow, it represents a freedom lost to us for now.  A sound which transcends time, it bodes of continuity; of a future which beckons, regardless.  Just listen.  Really listen.

I have eaten, watched my friend, Jeremy, host Who Wants to be a Millionaire and borne witness to the ITV News at Ten.  Therein, I learned that the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has ordered that anybody flouting the rules of lockdown should be shot dead!  Decisive and permitting no room for ambiguity, somehow the word ‘herd’ is still very much appropriate.  Well, they shoot horses, don’t they?

Only someone wishing to disappear would ever strive to ‘fit in’.’    Shaun Hick.

This is Trish, signing off.