This is getting harder.  What day is it?  Tired of listening to the depressing subject matter, I have made a point of avoiding the news which means that, more and more, the days increasingly merge into one.  I am so relieved that Boris has pulled through, though, and was released from hospital yesterday.  I do regard that as a symbol for hope and, perhaps, a turning point.  We could do with that.

The sun has never failed, strangely, and the weeks in lockdown have been buoyed by its rays.  Spring is here.  All around is verdant green with pockets of loyal yellow daffodils.  The cherry blossom is in full bloom and my favourite, the luscious rhododendrons, will soon be in flower.  Nature’s palette serving to cheer – untouched by any lockdown.  A reminder of a life beyond.

Talking of Nature, I don’t think I mentioned my surprise when, on Saturday evening – on our evening visit to the beach, as per norm – we parked the car in our usual spot, walked through the dunes and … virtually into the sea!  The tide was all but in leaving a narrow stretch of sand on which to walk – and sink.  The thing is, I have been going almost every evening, at the same time, for weeks and I am like a tiny dot on the surface of the moon!  Forever trying to catch the majestic vista on my phone, the waves have been nothing more than a speck in the distance – until Saturday.  Why?  How?  What changed?  Yes, I was a Geography scholar at school.  Sorry? A-level result?  Irrelevant.  Not at all reflective of my expertise!  More to the point, did I study tides?  Not that I remember.  Something to do with gravity?  The moon?  It was huge and pink, on Saturday, so was that the reason?  You know, I could google an explanation but I really can’t muster the energy today.  That’s the other thing – I haven’t been sleeping well at all and the sole of my left foot is very itchy!  Doesn’t that mean I’m about to come into copious amounts of money?  Hang on, Saturday was also the 11th April, my special date …  It’s all beginning to make sense – not!  Let’s face it, the abnormal has become the normal, of late.  Expect the unexpected or drown in the mundane!

I did have the best ‘day off’, yesterday.  No lists in my head, no pressing chores, I had a lazy morning listening to my friend, Michael Ball – then quickly turned the radio off before Elaine Paige on Sunday!  I cannot stand that programme.  Mind you, I can’t stand musicals; I mean real bona fide musicals.  It’s the fake American accents and twanging singing voices (perfect for Kylie!)  All too theatrical and over-baked, for my taste.  Having said that, in London for my 21st – light years ago – we went to see They’re Playing Our Song at the Shaftesbury Theatre and I loved every single second of it!  Starring Tom Conti and Gemma Craven, it was written by Neil Simon with music by Marvin Hamlisch and lyrics courtesy of Carol Bayer Sager.  How could it fail?  It was superb and something I shall never forget.  Years later, however, I discovered that the alternative, for the evening of my 21st, was tickets to The King & I starring none other than Yul Brynner and … Virginia McKenna!  Unbeknown to me, my sister was afforded the final decision by my mother.  No further explanation necessary!  Key to remember here, though, is that, since seeing Born Free at the tender age of six, I had dreamt of meeting my heroine, Virginia Mckenna …  Oh, well.  Never will be privy to that agenda.  Turned out fate was on my side, regardless.

Successfully, avoiding EP, then, my day was made when I, later, discovered an old episode of Top Gear on the Dave channel while having my coffee.  The Patagonia Special filmed in 2014 – Help!  Six years ago – is two hours long but I was smitten from start to finish.  Who doesn’t want to watch three little boys playing with their cars in some of the most beautiful, untouched scenery in the world?  The best two hours I have spent in ages!  It is the relationship between the three ‘little boys’ which is the glue.  Jeremy is the brusque, grumpy, sarcastic father-figure who, one knows, is, actually, a big softy and loves the other two to bits!  James is the buffer: the more genial ‘middle-child’ whose kindness one can rely on and Hammond?  Well, he is the cute, ‘Davy Jones’ of The Monkees one whom all the girls love!  Good-looking (why are they always short?) and mischievous, Jeremy loves to goad him while, quite obviously, harbouring the greatest respect for his pint-sized friend.  Meanwhile, Hammond is ahead of the game: gutsy, he likes nothing more than to challenge Jeremy, all the while allowing him to think he has the upper hand.    They are the perfect combination and TV gold.  Jeremy’s sarcasm is second to none and the scrapes they found themselves in …  Thank you for the best afternoon’s viewing!  Oh, and I nearly forgot, there was a huge play on Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.  Who would believe it?  Jeremy’s favourite film.  Almost mine, too!  Not only did they locate and stay in, the log cabin in which Butch and The kid hid out but they re-enacted the ending when Butch asks The Kid if he has seen Leforsout there’.  The answer being negative, Butch, famously, replies: ‘Oh, good.  For a moment, I thought we were in trouble!’.  Humorous to the end … and what an end!  Freeze.  Fade to sepia.  The best!  A Star is Born – 1977 and 2018; The Jazz Singer (1980) and, most recently, Judy (2019).  Hits exactly where it hurts!

Don’t you just wish I had taken another day off?  Apologies.  Tomorrow is another day … Which one, exactly, God only knows!

The only person to ever look good in the back of a 4-seater convertible was Adolf Hitler!’

Jeremy Clarkson voicing his disgust at the appearance of a 4-seater convertible, on the market, as opposed to the 2-seater.

Apologies?  Absolutely not!  Regrets?  Yes, for an oh, too PC world which no longer appreciates humour.  Close to the edge, it may be but it made me laugh!

This is Trish (once a ‘common shop ‘gull”!), signing off.