Graham who?!  Not a peep!  Not a word!  Complete and utter disregard for my poetical genius alluding to a website – and blog – worthy of great respect!  On my favourite, favourite day, too.  Pardon me, while I reach for the tissues …  What is wrong with this world?  I give up!

Hang on a minute.  No, I do not!  Steve?  Graham?  What do they matter?  They have no vision as to the potential of Trish-Trash; the potential to conquer the world; to go where no man has gone before …  No!  That’s Star Trek!  You see this ‘too much time on your own’ thing?  Dangerous!  Thank God, I’m so sage and level-headed …

Exclamation marks.  Ellipsis.  Gobbledygook!  It’s, actually, interesting how important punctuation is – as if I didn’t know … Betsy!!  Anyway, contrary to belief, I have not completely lost the plot.  Yes, 11th April has long been, nostalgically, my favourite date in the annual calendar but, sometimes, it doesn’t live up to the hype.  Highs and lows.  Graham Norton missed a trick because I know he would have appreciated my little ditty, had he seen it!  One can only imagine the enormity of emails he receives, however, most with mundane Birthday and Anniversary requests.  Personally, I’d rather something different and more appropriate to him.  Mundane.  That was the correct word.  Graham Norton, on Radio 2, is subject to the constraints of the majority and there’s the rub!  (Becca hates that phrase!).   It is not he but his lackeys who will sift through the emails in preparation for his show and, therefore, nothing a little bit different will be accepted.  Life!  I haven’t given up, however.  A challenge.  Next Saturday will be the one …

The power of hope.  I have written about it, at length, before.  Never underestimate it.  Yes, today I had the radio on from 10-1pm, all the time hoping that he would read out my poem or play my record.  He didn’t but that doesn’t take away from the fun I had in anticipation.  No regrets.

Trish-Trash, the voice for positivity!  Honestly, I think I should be a life coach.  Over the last ten years plus, I have been dealt some cruel blows but I have learnt so much – about myself and my values.  Forever ‘complaining’ and ‘criticising’, one could be forgiven for thinking my character erred on the negative.  Once upon a time, I would have agreed!  However, one is forgetting my all-important, such-a-big-part-of-me humour …  I realise, now, that ‘negativity’ was never my voice; rather, it was part of my coping mechanism.  Humour.  ‘That little spark of madness’ to which Robin Williams alludes.  It is my armour.  ‘Don’t ever lose that ‘cause it keeps you alive.’.  Thankfully, I know!

So, my favourite day …  The sun shone.  The day, itself, I summed up as being rather boring –  the 1977 version is a hard act to follow.  However, it culminated with an evening walk on my favourite beach and Becca reminding me that my day had, actually been special: I spent most of it on the phone to my best, old friends reminiscing about that day and old times.  I guess 11th April will, forever, make me look back – and appreciate.  Thankful for it.

Anyway, Happy Easter to one and all.  Cynical, as ever, as to the commercialism of today, I am not a big fan but it is a time of hope and that is something to which I wlll always subscribe.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.’

Audrey Hepburn.

This is Trish, signing off.