Talk about being distracted!  I sat down to write this at least an hour ago.  I even managed to negotiate sole occupation of the sitting room in order to do so and then, for some reason, I got lost in entries of old, correcting mistakes!  Yes. Yes. Hard to believe but I suppose when I use the word, ‘mistake’, I am using the term lightly.   True, I have found the odd one but, mostly, I have been putting the quotes at the end into italics.  A huge task (albeit, unnecessary), I ended up reading each post in its entirety content, now, in the knowledge that my time has not been wasted.  Collectively, Trish-Trash is a documentation of my life over the past five years; good and bad.  Such fun to peruse in my yurt in Montana – or, God forbid, reading material for the home these two shove me into!

Quite frankly, I don’t know why that amuses me …  One thing that definitely did, though, was an episode of The Windsors we watched late last night.  If you haven’t watched The Windsors, Channel 4, it is so worth taking a look; well, I would say the recent series, particularly.  Harry Enfield has Prince Charles down to a tee and Camilla is hysterical, portrayed as the chain-smoking, wine-swilling evil stepmother.  Wills is a benign numpty and Kate just wants to please Wills!  Harry is ‘one of the lads’ who is, now, completely controlled by mindful Meghan and then there is Pippa, the social climbing slapper who is still after Harry!  Best of all, though – and the ones which make it worth watching – are Fergie, Beatrice and Eugenie.  Absolutely superb!  How the writers get away with it, I don’t know.

Anyway, having recorded the recent series, we watched that of 3rd March, last night and much was made of Fergie, Beatrice and Eugenie at Glastonbury!  Necking cocktails in the VIP enclosure, it turns out Fergie only has passes for two and, therefore, is instructed to choose which one of her daughters can stay.  Eugenie is the favoured one while Beatrice is absolutely aghast at the thought of being forced to join the general public.  This ensures comedy gold as she queues for the portaloos and insists to the guy outside, on exiting, that she is not responsible for the smell!  Convinced he recognises her – and in a bid not to blow it – she decides to remain ‘under cover’ and, off the top of her head, tells him she is ‘Trish’ (pronounced ‘Truuuush’), ‘a common shop girl (pronounced ‘gull)’!  We were in bits!  The funniest thing I have seen in forever.  One thing, though … how did she know I was a ‘common shop gull’?  Good job my days of Cath Kidston are long gone!

Suffice to say, that episode has been kept for future emergencies but the two actresses who play Beatrice and Eugenie are absolutely superb!  Comedy gold and deserving of huge recognition, they make the programme.  The ‘so close to the bone’ references beggar belief, though, including – in the next episode – the two bemoaning the fact that the Pizza Express in Woking, to which Daddy likes to take them, is too far away when popping out for a four-hour lunch break from Eugenie’s gallery!  Aah, just makes my day.

Not a very productive day, I might add!  I didn’t sleep well, last night, but was buoyed to learn that Graham Norton was not a recording!  Pick of the Pops followed with this week in 1976!  Just prior to the long, hot summer of …  What a difference 44 years make.  No.  Should not have put that in writing!  Anyway, for those of you dying to know what was No.1 – anybody?!  It was Brotherhood of Man and Save Your Kisses for Me.

I told you today had been a non-day and I have yet to partake of some form of exercise.  I did make my daily trip to the beach, yesterday evening, as the sun was going down and was thrilled to find that I had, at last, cleared it!  Not one other person.  Just me, a little (work with me!) dot on the sand, stretching for miles.  I was in heaven.  After popping along ‘to visit’ Heap and Pop, I walked down to the sea, strolling along the water’s edge, lost in the sound of the waves and the solitude.  It was dark!  Seems to be a lifelong habit of mine – in my quest to avoid my fellow man – walking in the dark.  Note to self – carry a torch!

I had planned to go back this evening, suitably equipped, but this go-slow attitude I seem unable to shake off, today, is prohibitive.  Becca has vacated the premises and driven to the sports fields to go running – somewhat contradictory but …  Meanwhile, I am, here, with Starsky & Hutch on in the background – on mute – while I, seemingly, detail my every move!  That is not what Trish-Trash set out to do but the world is at a standstill; life is on hold and I refuse to add to the gloom.  So, here I am!  My life, my views, my thoughts on a plate, all washed down with humour.  Never underestimate its power and that ‘little spark of madness’ (Robin Williams).

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.’   Eeyore.

Found a wonderful seam …

This is Trish, signing off.