I have just returned from my, once daily, permitted exercise on the beach.  Yes, I concede, I drove to said location but it only takes 5 minutes and we have to venture into town for supplies, anyway.  Thing is, it was all but deserted!  There were a handful of cars spread out along the huge expanse and two joggers on the actual beach when I arrived but, then, they were gone.  Just me and my beach!  Perfect.  It does beggar the question, where is everybody, though?  I mean there is literal and there is literal.  For such a beautiful beach, stretching for miles, to be entirely devoid of people at any point during daylight hours is crazy.  The safest environment there is!  The freshest air!  Are people really scared to come out of their houses?  Whatever.  Just interested.  For my part, I am loving having it all to myself!

Thursday, today, I just could not get to sleep last night.  My mind was racing.  I didn’t read, as normal, having finished my book the previous night.  The shelves in the sitting room are filled with many more but I couldn’t squeeze behind the couch (neither could a young Twiggy, for the record!) – on my way to bed – to pull out the one I wanted.  So, the latest Hello magazine accompanied me upstairs and, I must say, it did prove a wealth of trivial material I might otherwise have overlooked.  Let me start with Harry and Meghan …

Avoiding the news, to the best of my ability, I had no idea that they had moved to LA.  Who would have guessed?!  I thought Meghan was delaying relocation to the country of her birth until Donald was out of the picture but needs must.  Apparently, they arrived in the city by private jet – but, of course – and are now ensconced in a secluded compound.  Harry?  Sources reveal that they have been house hunting for months in the millionaire, celebrity enclave of Malibu where one property boasted neighbours Caitlyn Jenner and Robert Downey Jr.  (To think, I paid a mere £2.30 to be privy to all this information).  Becoming obvious why I was unable to sleep – worried about Harry!  Take the following excerpt:

‘Doria is just one of a wide supportive network the couple have in the city.  Aside from PR team, Sunshine Sachs, they also retain business manager, Andrew Meyer, and lawyer, Rick Genow, as well as The Gersh Agency, which is looking after film and TV offers.’   ‘Hello’, (6 April, 2020).

I repeat, Harry?!  Furthermore, it is reported that, in the words of Robert Watts of The Sunday Times Rich List, ‘I think we could see them on The Sunday Times Rich List in ten years and ranked together as billionaires in 20 years’ time.’   His family will be so proud.

Hook, line and sinker.  Harry is being sucked further and further into the world according to Meghan and, abandoning all other life lines, he has only one remaining – that his granny put in place, no doubt with the input of his father and brother: the twelve month review with the opportunity to return to the fold and reclaim his patronages.  Am I reading this wrongly?  More to the point, why do I care?  I do ask myself that but, as I think I have said before, not only did I have a huge soft spot for Princess Diana (and a personal letter from her brother!) but, more poignantly, I hate to watch a family being torn apart and two brothers who were, once, so close becoming more and more distant.  It is heartbreaking and, while Meghan seems to be realising her dreams, Harry is sacrificing everything dear. Thing is, he has a son, now, and his hands are all but tied.  The age-old weapon of mass destruction …

Then I found something ‘distasteful’ on Daniel Craig!  Actually, I have just noticed that he chose the word, ‘distasteful’, himself, with regard to leaving money to his children when he shuffles off his mortal coil.  Somehow, my use of the word seems more fitting …  Now, I never liked him anyway.  In my opinion, he is too boorish to play Pierce Brosnan who is Bond, James Bond, and his modern take on the character has meant that the films have lost their magic.  Suave, that’s the word I am looking for.  He is lacking any iota of suave and 007 definitely had that!

So, I didn’t like him before I read this but I feel justified in my opinion now.  Reportedly worth £108 million, he has announced that he will not be leaving his fortune to his 3 children when he dies, preferring to ‘get rid of it or give it away before you go.  I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation.’   Sorry?  Why the hell not?  (Pardon my French.)  Je ne comprends pas!  Isn’t that the whole point, providing for oneself and one’s children?  I mean, seriously, he is an actor who got a lucky break playing the most lucrative role there is which has earned him millions.  He hasn’t saved lives, found a cure for cancer or changed the world but he is responsible for bringing 3 other beings into this world.  He is a father who doesn’t wish his children to benefit from his wealth/good fortune when he is gone?  Boy, just what the world needs more of!  

I think that was the last thing I read before I switched off my light, last night – and lay awake.  Wish I’d just watched Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip (ITV tonight).  In these bleak times, this programme should be compulsory.  Not one to laugh out loud, I was in stitches at these three little boys who have never grown up.  No acting required.  Genuine fun.  Looking forward to next Thursday’s episode.  Yes!  I’ve found it.  Something to look forward to!!

It’s amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.’ 

Landscape of the Body, John Guare.

This is Trish, signing off.