Day nine. We’re all swapping rooms, here. Becca is upstairs on ‘my floor’ skyping Fen and Manny is miraculously mastering another song on his keyboard. Me? I’d, normally, be writing my latest ‘masterpiece’ at my little desk on my little chair but, instead, I am multi-tasking downstairs – conjuring up a vegetarian delight in the kitchen with Starsky & Hutch on in the background. (What day is it, anyway?!) Thing is, Hutch has grown his moustache by now – must be late 70s – and I really didn’t like that! Come to think of it, I really don’t like moustaches in general! Why? That is my question. Why? As in how could any guy think a moustache would improve his looks? Unless he’s had collagen in his top lip which has gone wrong!! Still, in this episode, they’re out in the mid-west somewhere – checked shirts and cowboy hats. My spiritual home. Country music, too. What’s not to like? Leads me on to Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis & the News fame. Anyone remember him/them? Power of Love (Back to the Future) and Stuck with You? Never mind.

That paragraph was growing. Apologies, Betsy! Huey Lewis? I have been thinking about him a lot recently, perhaps because he was the guest on Ken Bruce’s Tracks of my Years, this past week. I remember the height of his popularity – probably 1985 – when we went to see him at the Playhouse in Edinburgh. His support was Bruce Hornsby & The Range. Did we give him a second thought? No. Now, That’s Just The Way It Is is an absolute classic … I wonder if I have the ticket stub somewhere? I thought I was obsessed with my memorabilia but I cannot believe I cannot find my tickets for The Monkees and The Bee Gees in 1989, nor Eagles in 1986! Fallen at the first fence, as Pop would say.

I digress. I loved Huey Lewis & The News. Fun, upbeat and catchy, their songs were a reflection of life in these days. One could tell he was a real character, when we saw him in concert, and a nice guy. That was proven, last year, when Becca and I met him at The Dunhill. Standing outside the R&A clubhouse, on the Thursday – late September – he had just finished his round and, as he came off, he made a funny comment to us then came over to chat – no ‘celebs’ do that!  Wearing white chinos and shades – still with his own hair! – he still epitomised ‘cool’! Asking if we would like a photo, we agreed to pose, and it was as though her were an old friend. Good guy! First day of The Championships, I thought we would meet again but, sadly, that was not to be. I had so much to ask him, too, and I kick myself when I look back to previous years. He is a regular at The Dunhill – obviously a good golfer – and I remember one particular year when we were in The Jigger Inn with Hugh Grant, just behind us at the bar. We were focused on Hugh but, all the time, I was aware of Huey standing at the bar on his own. What an idiot! What a missed opportunity! Not only is he a lovely guy but turns out he lives on a ranch in Montana! I have always wanted to go to Montana. A River Runs Through It, The Horse Whisperer, both filmed in Montana. Moreover, I have never forgotten the programme, Holiday, which, way back, featured Triple Creek Ranch in Montana. A luxury dude ranch, the setting was/is majestic and one is free to participate in the day-to-day working of the ranch, or not. Growing up on westerns – The Virginian, High Chaparral, Alias Smith & Jones – and, lucky enough to spend my childhood in the saddle – the cowboy life has always appealed to me. That and mountains and wide open spaces … I even like beans!  The fact that Triple Creek Ranch cost £8,000 for a mere 10 days in the 80s is neither by nor large.  Working on it!

So, Huey Lewis lives in Montana – and I didn’t even ask him about it! More fool me. My kind of guy … I suppose it serves as a reminder of opportunities missed. Life is full of them. Hindsight. Sad by its very nature; the recognition of opportunities missed.

To opportunities of the future! I will go to Montana – and I will love it!

Climb every mountain
Ford every stream
Follow every rainbow
‘til you find your dream.

The Sound of Music, Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Until tomorrow …

This is Trish, signing off.