Day six.  How’s the hair?  Washed, at least.  A little more shaggy than preferred, I admit, but I thought it was coping well until now.  Just looked at the photos we took on our daily stroll and there is trouble ahead!

Who cares?  Nobody.  Perspective.

We did venture out today – only once for our daily exercise.  The countryside around here is second to none – that surrounding Cupar and St Andrews.  Fife at its best.  Never took it for granted, even growing up.  Driving back from the garage outside Cupar, this morning, I took Manny the scenic route home past Kemback and the church of that infamous wedding in 1984!  It is the quaintest but, thankfully, its surrounds hold childhood memories for me – me and Pop walking the dogs – which are far more enduring.  Us, three, went back as the light was fading, this evening, and it served only to embellish my words.

This is very much a time for reflection.  Much needed for some.  A time to re-evaluate one’s priorities.  In monetary terms, it is crippling.  Is that it?  No, far more important is the health and safety of one’s loved ones.  Who knows what lies ahead but, without one’s family, nothing else matters.  The ‘Reset’ button has been pressed and, perhaps, it has been a long time coming.  Life is precious.  Time is precious.  Memories are precious.  Money has no currency.

Nature has become crucial to our day.  The balance it affords is immeasurable and, hopefully, one and all are realising its importance.  A release from confinement.  Does one ponder, in empathy, the life of the elephant or the lion taken from the wild and condemned, for the rest of time, to a life in a virtual prison cell in the name of human entertainment?  Now? What does it take to walk in the shoes of another?  This evening, we retraced the paths of my childhood, acutely aware of nature in all its glory.  It is spring.  Life is in bud.  Daffodils adorn the country verges, the gorse bushes abound with yellow flowers and the fields are home to sheep on the verge of lambing.  The air was fresh as we relished the sense of freedom; a landscape unchanged in the intervening years.  A pocket of life on pause.  Rhododendrons have been my favourite flowers for all time.  Forever reminders of happy days spent at Chapel, the bushes were in abundance in Kemback, this evening.  Every shade of green, the healthy leaves signal new life and the beautiful blooms to follow.  New growth.  A reason for hope …

I realise I have a final guest to choose for my imaginary table of ten.  Those who know me are convinced of the one name remaining  – it has to be Donny!  It should be Donny!  It deserves to be Donny!  Such a huge figure in my formative years, he has never let me down.  Meeting him in 2001, thirty years on, he surpassed every teenage expectation.  There could be nobody nicer.  The epitome of good looks in his teens, he still had it!  More than that, though, he had a twinkle and a kindness which could not be ignored.  One of life’s good guys, his career – from the age of 5 – is unparalleled.  He has worked with everyone – who is anyone – in the book and yet he remains humble and human.  Donny Osmond, I salute you!  Each and every one of my other chosen guests would be privileged to share a table with you.  My ultimate dinner party but who’s cooking?  Moreover, some serenading is in order.  To be continued.

It’s late and I’m tired tonight.  Emotionally drained.  I should imagine that goes for most of us.  Regardless, ‘we fight on’, as Pop would say, assured that ‘it will all fall into place.’

Miss you, Pop!  Sat on ‘our’ bench today.  Precious memories.

A lifetime on earth is a day in heaven.  See you tomorrow …’.   Unknown.

Until tomorrow.

This is Trish, signing off – unchecked!