Discipline!  That’s what I need.  A whole day at my disposal and here I am, almost 8pm, just opening my laptop.  Thing is, as I’ve said before, I have always been a night owl and, given the fluidity of life right now, I am following my natural clock.  Half an hour until the latest Boris briefing.  It is all-consuming and, worst of all, there is no end in sight.  Nothing for it but to keep writing …

An auspicious day for Alex Salmond, our delightful former First Minister, as he was cleared of all charges – 12 of the sexual assault charges facing him and another not proven.  Who would have believed it?  Actually, I would.  Almost a week ago, now, I failed to change channel quickly enough and caught Reporting Scotland!  Suffice to say, I had to grab a pen and paper as I listened to what amounted to a comedy script.  The detail consisted of Mr Salmond’s defence in response to the accusations of ‘Woman F’.  As I wrote in my notes, he told the jury that he and she had been ‘working, at night, in a bedroom in Bute House’.  Furthermore, ‘they’d both been drinking shots of Chinese spirits and, when she put her boots on to leave, he sat beside her on the bed.’  Sorry?!  Explosive on so many levels – not least that both were being paid for this – but ‘Woman F’s accusations should have been dismissed immediately without credence!  How can any woman claim sexual assault when she, voluntarily, chose to put herself in such a vulnerable position?  What woman, of either intelligence or integrity, would agree to work overtime – in the evening – in a bedroom?  As for drinking ‘shots of Chinese spirits’ …  Aside from making allegations of sexual assault, she should be fired!  Him?  Hideous and he would be far better suited to a career as a gorillogram!  I have no time for any of this.  How much money has this ridiculous trial in the Court of Session cost the taxpayer?  Complete and utter waste of time!  ‘Woman F’ is nothing short of an embarrassment and, as for the other historic allegations of bottom pinching during photocalls etc?  Any woman with backbone or self-esteem would have pulled him up, there and then, and dealt with the creep herself.  That, to my mind, is a strong, independent woman!  Worried about her job?  Life is all about choices – and values.

Well, safe to say, Alex Salmond wouldn’t be anywhere near my dinner party.  Gorillagrams really aren’t my style!

Two more guests?  It is deserving of some consideration.  So far, I have three gentlemen and one other lady.  Yes, yes, it is Judy Dench, she of the renowned mischieviousness and the quite recent tattoo, so do I need another?  I might as well just waitress for all the attention I will command!  I do have a penchant for a further guest of the male variety, though: namely, Michael Palin.  He is just lovely.  Intelligent, funny – obviously – travelled the world, literally, kind and good-looking to boot!  The full package.  So, there seems to be a pattern emerging, here … the older man; that is, apart from Graham Norton.  Humour, too, is the link.  Might as well go the whole hogg and invite Prince Philip!  I ran into him – literally – in the foyer of Teviot Row many, many years ago when I was a student.  Completely taken aback on realising it was him, I remember showing due reverence with the utterance, “Oh, Hi!”.  You see, thirteen years at a school for young ladies was worth every penny!   Justification for the Royal invitation?  Once again, he is intelligent, worldly, stubborn and a complete and utter loose cannon – perfect!  Don’t think he had any time for the Queen Mother either so there’s something else we have in common …

You know, this is fun thinking about one’s perfect dinner party.  Table for seven, so far, including myself.  Shall we aim for 10?

I watched Boris’ latest briefing tonight.  Suitably sombre, the message has been received; and received; and received.  It is debilitating not only physically but mentally.  One is beginning to imagine one has IT!!  Thing is, the fact that one has to subject oneself to the public in order to buy provisions vital for one’s longevity means that one is still forced to put oneself at risk.  No choice.  I did venture into the local farm shop, today, as it was about to close and, thankfully, I was virtually alone.  I stocked up on eggs and, as Pop knew only too well after our infamous holiday/prison sentence in Cipière in 1988 (wait for the book!) there is no end to what one can do with un oeuf!  Lose weight

I am eternally grateful to be in virtual lockdown beside one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It makes it all bearable.  I stand in awe at its majesty, daily: the sight, the sound and the smell.  Humbling and the offer of an unfaltering perspective.

Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.’

Author unknown.

Until tomorrow.

This is Trish, signing off.  (Unchecked.  Too lazy!)