Why?  Just why?  Whose stupid idea was this to post every day?  I just don’t have enough time in the day!  What have I been doing?  Well …

This posting every day could turn out to read like – no, hate that word – could turn out to read as though one of my teenage diaries: what time I got up, the weather, what I had for breakfast and who was ‘the latest victim’, as Pop used to say!  I documented many, many years of my life, starting from the age of 12 right through university and beyond; from cheesecloth and flares to wedding dresses and responsibility.  It’s all there.  Ticket stubs and party invitations; photographs and memories.  Triggers of happy times.  Gold dust!

Don’t worry, I shall spare you the detail of my exhilarating day.  Suffice to say, I have, successfully, avoided television updates of the pandemic.  I did hear the hourly news on Graham Norton, impressed that he was actually in the studio.  Weird but I really don’t like to know it is a recording, preferring to believe that I am listening to him now.  Somehow comforting.  That’s the radio, though.  One-to-one contact.  Pop always had it on, often choosing to sit in the conservatory listening to his favourite programmes while the rest of us watched ‘some rubbish’ (his words!) on television.  Finally, it was his company through the night.  An invaluable lifeline for so many.

So, Graham Norton.  Now, he would definitely be one of my dinner party guests.  Intelligent and respectful he is, also, unapologetic when it comes to his characteristic bluntness.  As for his sarcasm?  Pure nectar!  Come to think of it, affectation is something I abhor.  I was just trying to surmise – off the top of my head – who else I would choose to partake of my beans and toast?  Someone who would appreciate Graham Norton – and the simple things in life!  Off the top of my head, Billy Connolly.  Sir Billy Connolly!  Perfect.  Graham Norton, Sir Billy Connolly and beans on toast …  How I wish that could be a reality!   Tell you what, tomorrow I shall come up with another two guests for my table, and the next day, and the next.  Good game!  Good game!  Actually, he would be one.  Think there’s a pattern, here, in these uncertain times – humour.

The rest of my day?  I was looking for a photograph of Manny in Rome to put in an amazing coloured frame I brought back from Cape Town many years ago.  The colours would be perfect and, I know I have the enlargement but …  I can’t find it for looking!  Furious, I decided to pop into the supermarket for some supplies en route to the beach.  Not a good move.  Adhering to social distancing, an old man appeared in the same aisle as me – how dare he?! – and proceeded to sneeze all over the place!  Why me?  Selflessly, I was only venturing in there to get some lagers for Manny and tomato sauce for Becca – don’t ask!

Straight to the beach to blow away all germs – and freeze!  It was absolutely baltic out there but worth every moment.  I walked through the dunes to be greeted by the vista of wide, open – unpopulated – sands and the sight of someone on horseback riding in the shallows.  My kind of heaven.  Perspective.  Had a few words with Pop, with his ‘view to die for’, and then walked some distance towards town – aka Chariots of Fire – before returning to the car where I checked in with my dear, forever friend, Shona.  We put the world to rights – as always.  She, whose nature is to see the good in everybody, providing the perfect balance to my natural cynicism.  Perfect.

To be continued.  My glass is in need of replenishment and I have written way more than I intended.  One thing, though, I haven’t mentioned the ‘C’ word and this hasn’t been all doom and gloom.  Credit where credit is due – as Pop used to say.  Don’t you wish you had known him?!

He suffers more than necessary who suffers before it is necessary.’    Seneca.

Doesn’t necessarily relate to that which I am not mentioning!  Just an incisive quote.

Until tomorrow …

This is Trish, signing off.

p.s.  I haven’t checked this!