​The past week should be one for reflection; reflection on the fact that we live in a country harbouring those depraived enough to attack an elderly lady – a survivor of the Nazi regime of WWII, no less, and who had just celebrated her centenary – on her way to church.  Feral and displaying cowardice in the extreme, most must struggle to comprehend.  An isolated savagery?  Sadly, no.  Also reported was the beating of a 90 year-old woman in her own bed as she lay sleeping.  Iris Warner has survived, despite horrific injuries.  Zofiza Kaczan died in the early hours of Thursday morning.  Her neck had been broken as she was attacked from behind for her handbag …  An economic heavyweight in the western world, now completely engulfed in Brexit negotiations, yesterday saw old Blighty basking in the pomp and ceremony of Trooping the Colour.  A nation deserving of pride?  In third world countries, the elderly are revered.  Here, it would seem, that those fit – or fortunate – enough to escape the ‘care’ home are little more than easy targets.  I, for one, have an urge to look up the definition of ‘shame’ in the dictionary.  There will be those who have never owned one.  Once again, no words.
In the twelve months culminating in May 2018, there were 22,025 crimes carried out by criminals on scooters in London.  That is the equivalent of 60/day and a 49.8% increase in the statistics of the previous year.  Of course, the decrease in police numbers is the obvious excuse but is that, in itself, acceptable?  I have seen footage of Michael McIntyre being forced to hand over his Rolex watch as he was accosted by two men on mopeds – in possession of knives – whilst collecting his 10 year-old son from school.  Is there any chance of these criminals being caught?  Can one rely on the police?  Apparently not.  Criticised for not giving chase, the excuse is that they could, potentially, wreck their careers – something to do with the red tape regarding dangerous driving.  Of course.  In this digital world, one must look for the on/off switch at the back concealed by uniform!
Not at all cynical.  Moving on to a celebration of the acting prowess of my friend, Hugh Grant, perhaps the highlight of my week was catching up on ‘A Very English Scandal’.  Truly superb!  Forever criticized for merely playing himself in the likes of Four Weddings and Notting Hill, his portrayal of Jeremy Thorpe proved the perfect vehicle to silence the cynics once and for all.  He embodied the politician and I was gripped from start to finish by the re-enactment of a scandal through which I had lived.  Now, that does make me feel old!  One question: how the hell was the protagonist ever acquitted?  Definitely rhetorical. Undeniably guilty, the forces at work were undeniably biased.  In reality, could it be that one is only guilty in the eyes of the Lord?  Down here, it would seem that innocence is entirely negotiable.
Cheering to know that triviality is not dead!  Lord Sugar was seen, this week, being interviewed alongside one of the latest winners of ‘The Apprentice’.  Arrogant in the extreme, his prodigy sat beside him on the This Morning couch and was suitably sycophantic as they discussed her business idea into which he has invested £250,00: Letterbox Treats!  I know that I am liberal with exclamation marks but that, surely, is deserving of one?   I defy anyone in the modern world, to negotiate a day without being confronted by a homeless person on the pavement or in a doorway; to go to bed without having seen some horrific item on the news pertaining to starving children or abused animals.  How, then, can one possibly justify the investment of quarter of a million pounds in a business which amounts to nothing more than ordering sweets online and having them delivered, with a ‘personal’ message to one’s chosen recipient?  Silly me.  The point is said sherbet lemons are sent in a jiffy envelope small enough to go through the letterbox and choke one’s dog!  Roll on Christmas.
I did give prior warning that this had not been a good week – and I have pages of notes pertaining to topics of great irritation, dismay, or, more often than not, both!  That being so, I make no excuse for relaying information I gleaned on watching Question Time last Thursday: 85,000 people applied to be on the programme Love Island this year.  Meanwhile, apparently there were 23,000 Oxbridge applicants.  One can only ponder as to whether there was any crossover in said statistics?! 
Love Island is, allegedly, the only programme on television inciting more tweets than Question Time.  A guest panelist on Thursday, Richard Madeley commented on the irony of the pecuniary incentive afforded for ‘going on holiday’, as it were, as opposed to the prospect of the enormous debt accrued in broadening one’s mind and intellect at university.  Good point.  Always liked him for his intelligence and, moreover, his courage to speak out.  Once again, in the words of Tom Cruise, aka Jerry Maguire: ‘We live in a topsy- turvy world …’.  Of that, there is no denying.
Now, to the Queen’s Birthday Honours and Sir Kenny Dalglish.  I grew up with the aforementioned, always ‘supporting’ Celtic just to be difficult – my brother was an ardent Rangers’ supporter.  A name synonymous with success, I am sure he is a worthy recipient of his knighthood.  My only problem – as a fellow Scot, I cannot understand a word he says!!  Said honour, however, does lead to one’s reflection on David Beckham and the lack of honour, thereof, about which he has made his feelings clear – albeit, more publicly than first intended.  Never a fan, perhaps he must forever be content with making the wedding; in fact, both the weddings.  Suffice to say, he did not forget his chewing gum!
Finally, my Saturday mornings used to present a dilemma: namely, whether to watch James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen or, rather, listen to Graham Norton.  In yesteryear, one would find me glued to James but that was then.  Having acted on Manny’s dare, following his appearance at the Usher Hall, to run along to his car and pop my number through the window, it would seem that he is scared to return to Edinburgh!  Embarking on another tour of the country in October, he is coming nowhere near Scotland, let alone the capital.  So, Graham Norton it is, then …  Listening to Grill Graham on Saturday, I was appalled at the public response to this poor guy who had written in, devastated to have discovered that his partner of eleven years had been having an affair for the last two.  His dilemma – requiring of advice – was in how he should react to his ‘friends’ continuing to associate with said partner?  Sadly, most emails advised that he had no right to expect loyalty from said ‘friends’; his partner had done nothing to them so why wouldn’t they continue to see him?  Oh, boy!  Self worth!  Self worth!  Not to mention a moral compass.  Who needs ‘friends’ like that?  Dump them, head up and move on.  Graham’s reaction?  Similar to mine.  Always liked him.  Knew there was a reason.  Not just the master of sarcasm … think we would be friends.  Manny, get tickets!!
Whilst in St Andrews recently, I picked up The World According to Trump.  On opening said tome at the following quote, Becca insisted that I buy it – wonder why?
‘I definitely would apologise if I were wrong on something.’
Donald Trump on why the word ‘sorry’ rarely exits his mouth.
This is Trish, signing off.