​Some time has lapsed since my last entry – I was going to write ‘masterpiece’ but must continually remind myself that those who don’t know me might actually take me seriously!  I do write as I talk, though, and it is a habit which is hard to curb.  Where was I?  Ah,yes, the excuses for my lack of dedication to the cause … I have none; well, I do but none of any worth.  I have simply been digesting the horrors of the past few weeks and formulating all the thoughts in my head.  So much to think about; so much to worry about – and to despair -and, yet, so much to be grateful for (yes, I know, ending with a preposition but just sounds better!).  The climate of terror in which we are living and the atrocities with which we are being faced are, at once, forcing everyone to re-evaluate their lives and to recognize what is important.  It’s not rocket science but it’s a major wake up call and one which should put everything into perspective.  Family, friends and the health and happiness of those one loves is all that matters.  Liberating, humbling, that knowledge is empowering and gives one the strength to cope with life’s trivialities – need I say more!
Over the past couple of weeks, I have jotted down notes apropos things which have interested, saddened or annoyed me; possible topics. So, how about I make this a mish mosh and see where it takes me?  There was an election last Thursday … complete mish mosh and who knows where it is taking us!  Moving swiftly on.
I have to mention Billy Connolly!  Last night, I watched a programme recorded some weeks ago in which people reflected on how he has touched their lives.  Once again, I was reminded of his genius and transported back to my childhood and the Welly Boot song!  There is nobody like him.  He was a complete breath of fresh air catapulted to success in the 70s by his very simplicity – and daring.  His observations of everyday life – particularly those of growing up in a tenement – were so evocative; typically irreverent, delivered in that characteristic Glasgow drawl, they were also hilarious!  For me, he will forever be inextricably linked with the image of Michael Parkinson in absolute hysterics and the sound of my father roaring with laughter – nothing more infectious.  Who can forget the ‘joby wheecher’ or the one about the incontinence pants?  Then, there was the big slipper and the coats on the beds … pure genius!  Would he have been as funny without the infamous Glasgow accent?  I’m not sure.  The same could be asked of Ricky Fulton.  My parents were both Glaswegian and my siblings and I were born in the City.  I love the accent and, to me, it is synonymous with sarcasm, itself, and definitely with my kind of humour. 
‘The Big Yin’, as he is affectionately called, swears a lot and his stories are littered with the ‘f’ word.  I hate that word but, strangely, there are those who can ‘get away with it’, so to speak.  Billy Connolly is one of the few.  Last night, I was also reminded of his ability to make me laugh out loud, a rarity amongst modern-day comedians with the obvious exception of Michael McIntyre and, perhaps, John Bishop.  Morecambe and Wise had the same effect.  The common link?  I think it’s a shared innocence.  There is no dependence on sex, religion, politics or cruelty; instead, there is the gentle humour of a seemingly bygone age reliant on talent, intelligence and the power of observation.
Billy Connolly is a one of a kind and I have every intention of equipping myself with some of his DVDs for my more desperate moments!  Joking aside, somebody on the programme actually recalled that a doctor had genuinely prescribed an hour of Billy Connolly per day for 6 weeks instead of an anti-depressant – and, no surprise, it worked!  Let me see if I can do justice to some of the ‘Billy gems’ I wrote down …    
Well, of course, the following has Billy written all over it: ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather!  There’s only the wrong clothes!’  So simple; so clever and so typically Glaswegian.  Makes me laugh every time I read it, let alone hear it.
Now, this next one is slightly more sensitive but equally as clever – and as funny!
Imagine his Glasgow drawl: ‘Suicide f…ing bombing – there’s a bright idea!  I want to see the instructor …  ‘Right, lads, I’m only going to show you this once…!’
Horrific subject matter but, once again, the genius lies in its very simplicity and I defy anyone not to laugh.  In the scary, cynical world of today, we need more laughter and Billy Connolly in bucket loads!
I mention the scary, cynical world of today … I have just noticed one of my other notes to self regarding an item I caught – walking past the TV, of course, whilst engaged in something else extremely worthwhile and important!  It involved an interview with a gay couple in Portland, Oregon, one of whom is pregnant.  The couple are, outwardly, gay men but one is, in fact, a trans-sexual retaining the female reproductive organs.  He looks like a gay man but, along with his beard, ‘he’ has a pregnant belly.  So disconcerting!!
Believe me, I am not homophobic but I think this is pushing it!  If I remember correctly, one of the couple already has 2 biological children but they decided that they would like to add to their family with a child of their own.  Has the world gone mad?  Well, we have already established the affirmative but perhaps I should identify the key factor in my misgivings, here …  I cannot remember why but, whilst on the phone to a dear friend who shall be nameless (thank God, she says!), this very subject came up and it was she who threw the word ‘selfish’ into the picture.  She’s right!  Yes, the most important thing is that a child is brought up in a loving, stable home but this is not Disney …  do I need to spell it out?  Life is hard enough as it is.  For my own part, I question what is wrong with adoption?  There are so many children out there, desperately in need of loving homes; sadly, they are dismissed in the pursuit of ego.
I remember it being suggested that I share my blog on twitter but, opinionated as I am, I am not stupid!  Sometimes I think twice about the subjects I choose but, then, there is nothing I abhor more than ‘sheep’!  The world has become far too ‘PC’ and I believe it detrimental in the extreme.  One is supposed to condone – nee, embrace – everything and anything and therein lies the reason for so many of the problems today.  Trivial though it may seem, I shall end with an example of the above which forever irritates me.
I thought the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert was superb, particularly Chris Martin and Coldplay – to see them live, preferably at the Circus Maximus in Rome, is on my wish list.  However, when that moment arrives, please God do not let me be standing behind one of these ignorant girls/women who insists on ensconcing herself on somebody else’s shoulders regardless – and, yes, the culprits are inevitably female.  Just further evidence of the ‘It’s All About Me’ culture prevalent in spades!  Totally selfish with not one thought for those behind.  Would I say something?  Yes, I think I would but there are no prizes for guessing the response … and I hate that word, as I have already said.  Still, if nobody speaks up then we aren’t ‘Driving with the Brakes On’ (thank you, Justin) but, rather, driving with no brakes at all!
I saw on facebook, last week, that 19 years have passed since ‘Sex & The City’ hit our screens and entered our lives.  A sceptic for many years, I eventually decided to watch it and see what all the fuss was about.  Completely won over, I became addicted to a programme based on the friendship of 4 women; full of humour, pathos and life lessons, it belies its title and is very definitely worthy of all the awards and a place in our hearts.  The following is one of my favourite quotes from the series – of which there are many.
‘I admit it’s tempting to wish for the perfect boss or the perfect parent or the perfect outfit but maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we’ve been given and accessorize the outfit we’ve got.’
Carrie, ‘Sex & The City’
This is Trish, signing off.