​So, what has ‘a woman in her fifties with no skills’ got to say for herself this week?

Actually, I wasn’t really sure of my chosen subject until watching the 6 o’clock news, last night, and the coverage of Nicola Sturgeon’s never-ending bid for Scottish Independence/her place in history.  My only problem, now, is that of restraint!

I am not convinced of the merits of airing one’s political views on one’s blog; however, why should that matter?  All things considered, I still have no idea what a blog is anyway!  Furthermore, I am a great believer in spending this short life doing that which one loves, supporting causes about which one feels passionate and never being afraid to speak up, whatever the outcome.

Yesterday, of course, there was the Scottish Parliament debate and subsequent vote on the bid for a second independence referendum; a foregone conclusion with the blind support of the Greens for the SNP.  Once again, however, I did enjoy watching Ruth Davidson – for whom I have a growing respect – verbally whacking the First Minister out of the ball park with her intelligent, no-nonsense argument based on utter common sense.  The leader of the Scottish Conservatives continually trounces Nicola Sturgeon whose stance is not driven by what is best for Scotland but, rather, embedded in a long-held bitterness manifesting itself in the ‘chip syndrome’.  She makes it so easy for Ruth Davidson to belittle her argument for another independence referendum conveniently seized upon at a time of political chaos in the United Kingdom – and the result of a democratic vote, I might add!  There is no agenda, no foresight beyond ‘I want’ and, as we are all taught as children, ‘I want’ doesn’t always get!  Meanwhile, nobody knows yet whether exiting the EU will prove beneficial or detrimental to the country; whether it will prove beneficial or detrimental to Scotland!  There will be a re-allocation of powers from Brussels and that, surely, will be a plus; certainly sufficient argument against a bid for independence before clarity.  Or maybe not.  Let’s push for a Scotland independent of the UK – or, more clearly, Tory rule – but, instead, governed by Brussels assuming we are granted membership!  There is no logic.  Nicola Sturgeon is not the voice of the Scottish people.  She is speaking for herself and supported, in the main, by the uneducated and narrow-minded who are driven by an anger based on envy and low self-esteem.

An anger based on envy and low self-esteem which seems to need no justification and one which, moreover, targets the undeserving and innocent.  I have witnessed the ‘chip syndrome’ throughout my life – as have my children – and continue to do so.  Let me give you an example …

Born in Glasgow, my family moved to Cupar when I was 4 years old.  We had replaced the city with the country and we absolutely loved it!  Near St Andrews and the beach, our new home was a lovely old, falling apart house with a rambling, overgrown garden – a bit like the Beverley Hillbillies, truth be known, and sheer heaven to us.  Anyway, full of the joys of life, we were eager to make friends with the many children who lived around us and this we did.  That was the wonderful, carefree summer of 1964 and our house was always full … until word spread that my sister and I would be going to St Leonards, in St Andrews, rather than the local school. Some of our new friends were no longer allowed to play with us; not with the girls going to that posh school!  Why?  Nothing had changed.  We had done nothing wrong.  Irrelevant.  We were now regarded as different; too good to go to the same school as everybody else.  As children, we didn’t understand it and, in truth, I never will.  Suffice to say, the real problem was not ours having no bearing on us, as people, but rooted in a lack of self-worth which spawns corrosive envy.

That memory lives with me and, in subsequent years, has been compounded by far worse borne of the same ilk.  I will forever be angered by those who judge another person negatively, from the outset, based on the school he/she went to or his/her accent.  To be well-educated and fluent in the Queen’s English is not something for which one should have to apologise.  For my part, I shall always be grateful to my father who worked incredibly hard to pay for our education at the school of their choice and to both my parents for all the sacrifices they made in favour of their children.  If I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so to speak, then my father bought and paid for that silver spoon many times over through hard work.  Never make assumptions.  We are all afforded choices in this life.  Do not blame anyone else for yours …

Returning to Scottish Parliament, I had to look twice at the image on my screen as the camera shot the outside of the building.  There are no words to describe a mass of concrete which looks more like a dilapidated council estate in Easterhouse, Glasgow, than a presitigious parliament building costing an apparent £414 million!  This, without the obvious qualification that it was designed and built amidst a wealth of the most stunning and historic architecture.  I am, at once, appalled and embarrassed.

Cut back to the footage of the debate, prior to the vote, and one goes from Ruth Davidson to Kezia Dugdale (Scottish Labour Leader), then Alex Cole-Hamilton (Liberal Democrat for Edinburgh West), all smartly presented and voicing the obvious.  Next, Andy Wightman (Scottish Greens), sporting a jacket, denim shirt, no tie and supporting the SNP, regardless.  However, it was the collective image of those seated behind him … each one representing another reason for supporting a United Kingdom!

Finally, whilst Jackie Bird endeavoured to conduct an interview with Ruth Davidson, there was a commotion behind attributed to a gathering of ‘Indy2′ supporters complete with flags and requests for drivers to sound their horns in support.  Above chants of ‘What do we want?  Independence!  When do we want it?  Now!’, RuthDavidson spoke with intelligence and reason.  I wish the same could be said of Nicola Sturgeon … and the sheep would follow.

‘Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.  Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.’

Winston Churchill


This is Trish, signing off.