​I have a ‘filing system’ covering a ‘small’ area of the island in the kitchen.  It is ‘my’ area with ‘my’ stool where I sit and have my coffee, charge my phone and look at my ever-increasing ‘to do’ pile.  Surrounding this, there were always pieces of paper with hastily written notes to self re thought-provoking subjects gleaned from the news, something on television or just daily interaction with the public.  I am, now, the proud owner of a special notebook into which I have transferred all these gems and, to which, I can now refer … did I mention that it’s A3?
A week since my last entry, the list is endless but one cannot get away from the subject of Trump and the controversy of the state visit; in fact, as I write, the lunchtime news is headlined by Theresa May’s refusal to retract the invitation.  The more I see of her, the more impressed I am.  She has guts and a strength of conviction reminiscent of a figure from the past …  Her final retort to Jeremy Corbyn in The Commons today: ‘He can lead a protest.  I am leading a country!’  Good for her. 
When I think of the world today, people today, two words are prominent: ‘cloning’ and ‘sheep’.  There seems to be an over-riding determination to eliminate character and individuality; to remove the colour palette and, instead, paint the world grey.  Everyone must agree to conform and should one dare to have an opinion contrary to the ‘supposed majority’ then one must keep it to oneself. 
Am I alone in thinking that all makes of car have morphed into one?  Am I colour-blind or are the majority of cars silver?  Do most people wear black?  The list is endless.  Perhaps the only thing that differentiates one person from another, nowadays, is his/her accent! 
What has happened to the power of democracy?  I have just looked up the definition of ‘democracy’ in my Chambers Dictionary (a heavy red and blue book full of pages!) and I quote: ‘a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people collectively, and is administered by them or by officers appointed by them’.  Inherent in this definition are the words ‘majority vote’.  Absent is the addendum ‘unless one doesn’t agree with the majority’!
Let me see if I can clarify my train of thought … Individuality is extremely important to me and, within a democracy, everyone has a vote; a voice.  However, after using that voice, one must accept a majority decision.  Donald Trump was elected President of the United States by a majority vote.  He is doing exactly what he said he would.  Of course, one might not agree with his executive decisions but that is life!   What is to be gained by this mass protesting?  The world is full of angry people or lost souls just wanting to be a part of something; part of a cause.  The ‘sheep syndrome’ is very much alive and, I think, fuels bullying.
It takes courage to speak up when in the company of a group who are daring you to voice your opinion.  This happened to someone I know, recently, in a social gathering vehemently decrying Donald Trump.  Each to their own but the group were, in fact, picking on the person in question believing her views to be contrary and daring her to speak up.  It was a form of intimidation and it is everywhere.
I happened to see Piers Morgan on ‘Loose Women’, earlier in the week, and he was superb!  As predicted, they were all set to ‘attack’ him for his stance on Donald Trump but he stood firm.  He was honest and his arguments were convincing.  In brief, he said that he would not be told not to like Trump; he has known him for 10 years over which time he has been very loyal.  He would not have voted for him, personally, because he does not agree with a lot of his politics.  He argued, however, that he has many friends – and family members – with whom he does not agree on a number of issues, let alone politics.  Should an agreement on all things be a pre-requisite of friendship?  I think not.
What of Trump’s comments on, and attitude towards women?  Piers Morgan, of course, did not agree or condone but he was quick to ask why women did not protest against Bill Clinton when he admitted ‘having sexual relations’ with a young intern in the Oval Office?!  They didn’t know.  Piers suggested that these protests were all politically driven.  Interesting, too, that the 7 countries under scrutiny were of Obama’s choosing …
Is there always an agenda?  Are we, ultimately, just pack animals awaiting the opportunity to channel our individual grievances into mass protests?   I hate ‘mass’ anything!  However, perhaps those who do enjoy nothing more than being part of a fervent crowd could refrain from bullying those who do not share their views – or who wish to stand alone.  (Perhaps, too, they could take their banners home with them instead of littering the streets!)
‘The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.  Aloud.’   Coco Chanel
This is Trish, signing off.