​This must be the greyest day I can remember.  Welcome to Wednesday, 18th January 2017 and don’t forget to ‘take another shot of courage … ‘ and your Vitamin D!

Seriously, we choose to live in this country and this climate for what reason?  For my part, I suppose it’s lethargy, familiarity; then there’s Wimbledon, ‘Loose Women‘ … oh, and the ‘children’!  Only kidding, although the first two do play a big part.  Manny, actually, questioned me earlier today as to whether I would have chosen to stay in the UK, given my time over again?  Given the same time over again, probably.  Remember, I grew up in a country town in the 60s and 70s when gentlemen were gentlemen, mothers were mothers, children played outside from dawn to dusk enjoying a freedom so cruelly robbed by technology, and a family wasn’t just a pipe dream.  The way we were.

Listening to the news, this morning, one can only shake one’s head.  Since the exposé of Jimmy Savile and pure evil, the domino effect has not only been massive but ongoing.  So, the news of historic sexual abuse in football clubs etc, etc.  Today, also, a topic on Jeremy Vine was that of dog fighting, something which, shockingly, is still very much prevalent throughout the country.  It is all so depressing to be constantly reminded of the depths to which humans will sink.  Closer to home, there is a father who, continually, breaks promises to his son by choosing to put himself first.  Moreover, his son is the only one trying desperately to push him back up onto that horse; willing him to reach that stirrup while all the time knowing, now, that it is a lost cause.  His heart, thankfully, is a reminder that the good eclipses the bad.

Pitch black outside, now, I feel as though I am hibernating.  Does that not mean that I should emerge about April time having eaten all my fat reserves and be stones lighter?  Those bears are not daft!  Mind you, as one who craves the company of animals, I would never under-estimate their intelligence.  Anyway, need to drive into town and get some food supplies … or not!

As my observant reader/follower may have noticed, I am now on Facebook.  I cannot quite believe it given my abhorrence of social media but let me explain …  Snap happy with my new camera in Austria over Christmas, there were many photographs taken in Salzburg.  I hate being in front of the camera but my 2 ‘travelling companions’ insisted that I need a Facebook account in order to share my blog.  Still clueless as to what a blog really is, I could see the merits of forcing my rants/opinions on the unsuspecting and, thus, I went along with it.  Quick as a flash, I was bamboozled by an ongoing list of those whom I might know or might like to add – now, scrolling through those was addictive and, finding many from my distant past, I can only say that the ongoing years have not been a blessing.  Such fun!

No! I must not become addicted and must only use my Facebook account to share my blog – and keep in touch with the chosen few.  That was, and still is my plan but one or two have crept in.  Once again, I have been given conflicting advice by Becca and Manny which is nothing if not interesting: regarding a certain friend request, I was disinclined to accept as I really do want to keep my friends to a handful – yes, as in life – and Becca told me just to ignore the request and  said person would never know.  Manny, however, was adamant that I must accept as it was just mean not to.  I, now, have 10 friends and my hands are getting bigger by the moment!

My goodness, it is past 6pm – or wine o’clock.   Not looking good for the food shop but more leaning toward the hibernation and weight loss!  I must wrap up, here, but I can’t sign off without telling you about my visit to the dentist yesterday … New paragraph?  Not sure but running – make that, run out of page!  Oh well, back to the dentist; new dentist.  Well, same place, actually, but new dentist!

Whilst in the waiting room, I was handed an ipad on which I had to update my medical   information.  No change and, deciding to stick with the 14 units of alcohol a week, I handed it back.  Fast forward to the dentist’s chair when she was trying to familiarize herself with her latest patient.  The radio was on and, in the background, I was aware of Johnny Cash singing ‘I walk the line’.  Nothing funny in itself until she proceeded to comment, ‘So, I see you chew tobacco?’.  You know me and technology … my finger had slipped and there was now a tick in the box affirming my new habit!  Can somebody tell me why that is a standard question on a dentist information sheet?  Is it just me?!

Rambling on, as ever, I can’t finish without my customary quote.  Totally irrelevant but I showed Manny a clip of a Frank Sinatra concert I had recorded when he performed at The Festival Hall in London in 1970 … and, no, I wasn’t there (age 11), more’s the pity!  Anyway, I had stopped it at the end when, of course, he was singing ‘My Way‘ as I wanted to ensure that I write down the correct wording of one of the best lyrics ever:

‘For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows, I took the blows
And did it my way.’

Wow!  Manny agreed.  A sentiment we live by – we all should.

This is Trish, signing off.