Going live!  Glasses on.  Right hand working.  Left thumb doing what the hell it likes … 
It has nearly been 5 months since my last entry and 2016 just keeps on coming.  It is certainly one which shall not be forgotten in a hurry for numerous reasons, cutting through my thumb being one.  Lesson learned?  Never use a Swiss army knife when you don’t have any scissors!  Yes, it may be a quick, clean, painless cut but the blood dispensed by a hole in your artery knows no bounds – nor height limit – and your nerve and flexor tendon can be quite handy, excuse the pun.   
That said, I have been the perfect patient and learned to live with the use of one hand, almost 10 weeks on.  Dressing, bathing, going to the loo, putting toothpaste on one’s toothbrush, drying one’s hair when one can’t hold the hair dryer … a learning curve requiring no expletives!  However, one thing I will never get used to is the fact that one cannot chat on the phone and consume wine at the same time.  Amazing.  One is constantly learning what is important in one’s life! 
Almost 10 weeks into an official 12 week recovery – although it can take months to regain full flexibility of said thumb – I was quite pleased with myself.  I, then, went out with some friends last Friday evening, had a lovely time, and proceeded to fall over their steps – which I swear were not there on my arrival  – on the way to the taxi.  Off to the Minor Injuries Clinic at the Western on Sunday …  contrary to rumour, I am receiving no remuneration whatsoever for reviewing A&E departments! 
My injury – sorry, injuries – have prompted some reflection and, therefore, I have handed in my notice at work.  Life is too short and I have so many ‘books’ in my head.  I have always loved writing and doing something you love is what counts; having the courage to do what you love.  I have tried to instill that in my children.  Money only becomes important if you are NOT doing what you love!  So here I am, once again, and I plan to write every day or, certainly, every second day. 

​As luck would have it, Wednesday, 9
th November 2016 has turned out to be rather significant: President Elect Donald J Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States in January, 2017.  Who would have believed it?  I tried to stay awake until the Florida result came in but I failed, only to be awoken by a text from Manny to say that Trump had won!  I felt pleased and I can’t really explain it … 

The campaigning and mud slinging seems to have been going on forever and I was always more drawn to Trump, largely because I don’t like Hillary Clinton.  I have lived my life very much following my gut reaction and I tend to know, immediately, whether I like or dislike somebody – and apparently I show it!  Liar or not, Hillary Clinton lacks sincerity or warmth but perhaps, deep-seated, is my lack of respect for a woman who stayed with a husband who publicly humiliated her!  
For the sake of her career?  Regardless.  strong, independent woman?  Negative.  I feel sorry for her. 
Now, Donald Trump …  Everyone knew of Donald Trump, the celebrity property tycoon with the horrific comb-over, but that was the extent of my knowledge until I saw him on Celebrity Apprentice USA.  Familiar with the UK version, I couldn’t help but compare him to Sir Alan Sugar and he surprised me.  He seemed more fair, more gentle with the contestants not nasty or demeaning for the sake of it.  I was quite impressed. 
Fast forward to 2016 and the election campaign …  I have always been drawn to characters; those who follow their hearts, their instincts and not the crowd.  I admire intelligence and sincerity and the courage to speak upI also love an under-dog.  Cue Donald Trump!  Intelligent?  One cannot deny that he is an extremely successful businessman.  Sincere?  I believe he believes what he says.  Courage?  He definitely has that and he certainly is not a sheep; on the contrary, he is a total loose canon!  Would I have voted for him? 
Once more, we come back to Hillary Clinton.  I would have struggled to vote for her.  However, what of the abhorrent remarks/gaffs/opinions of Trump of which he made no secret throughout the campaign?  The proposed wall between the United States and Mexico, his smearing of all Muslims, his support of Putin and disregard for NATO; the recordings of his boasts about groping women and his treatment of the couple whose son was killed serving his country.  Who would vote for the man?  Yet, who would vote for the alternative?! 

​There is something charismatic about his gung-ho attitude and disregard for the conventional and, at the very end, I admired the fact that he went out there alone.  Whilst Hillary Clinton smothered us in celebrities the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Trump’s only support was his family.  Yes, one could argue that no celebrity would endorse him but one must also acknowledge his guts. 

So, there we have it.   I remember waking up to the Brexit result and being completely shocked and saddened.  The ensuing chaos is ongoing and potentially life-changing. 

Today, I woke up to the news that Donald J Trump had won!  Once more, shocked, but not saddened.  I don’t really understand it, myself, but perhaps this maverick will come through for all those who supported him; perhaps he will silence his critics and perhaps, just perhaps, he will turn out to be a force for good.   

‘SECOND to the right, and straight on till morning.’   

This is Trish, signing off .