Welcome back! I am more than aware that my infrequency of ‘entries’ has ensured that I have no readers whatsoever but, then, I was always good at writing a diary.

As ever, my life remains in turmoil but I wasn’t counting on Friday, 24th June. Help! Still asleep, my phone buzzed and Manny had sent me a text from the wilds of Northern Italy to say that Brexit had won! My eyesight is so bad and my brain definitely functioning under par at 8am but, struggling to digest the news, he then hit me with another text telling me that David Cameron had resigned! It, seriously, crossed my mind that it was April Fool’s Day and I was just half asleep but that was wishful thinking. I pulled the covers over my head and resisted turning on the television. In there would, inevitably, be Nicola Sturgeon sucking every last drop out of the shock result and I would need all my strength to cope with that!

Looking back to the days leading up to the Scottish Independence Referendum, there was much scare mongering that the ‘Yes’ vote would win. Did I have time to brush up on my German – I have a ‘C’ in the GCE I took in Lower Sixth – prior to moving to Austria? I remained optimistic believing, correctly, that the ‘No’ voters were there but just keen to protect their cars and houses! My optimism proved sound.

I had faith once more and, therefore, was taken completely unawares by the ‘Leave’ vote surpassing the voice to ‘Remain’. There is actually no humour in this whatsoever. I still feel as though the stuffing has been kicked out of me and, as one who hates change, there is a really dark cloud overhead. David Cameron has gone and I am sorry. He had an apparent arrogance that could annoy me but I believed in him and in his honesty. Intelligent, educated, well-spoken and no push-over, he was a family man and the combination of these qualities is a rarity today, take it from me!  Boris Johnson? As I said, the combination of the aforesaid qualities is a rarity.

So, more division, insecurity and fear of the future. Initially – and I think I wrote about it previously – I did contemplate voting to leave the EU. Individuality is very important to me. Never one to follow the crowd, I detest the ‘sheep syndrome’. We all have a brain, a choice. Use it! No two people are the same and, god forbid, we all become clones. In that vein, I wondered whether Britain should stand alone rather than be part of the EU? Then I heard someone on the radio referring to WWI and II and reminding us of those who fought for our country, our sovereignty but, ultimately, a peaceful, ‘unified’ Europe …

Immigration was the point on which the Referendum stood and fell. The threat of terrorism is all encompassing but, whilst one might fear the infiltration of Islamic extremists, for that very reason it is important that we stand together; or it was. If Nicola Sturgeon has her way, there will be nothing united.

Enough. I am making myself depressed and I have just been watching the greatest band in the world headlining Glastonbury!  Coldplay have restored my faith. Talented to the moon and back, they are intelligent and thoughtful, their songs triggering every emotion. They are the real deal. Four genuine friends who care about each other and whose camaraderie is there for all to see. Chris Martin is the most amazing front man but there is not an ounce of self -importance. He is one of four!

I have never been lucky enough to see them live, as yet, but Manny has seen them more than once, most recently in Glasgow the night before he went to Italy. He sneaked me back one of their wristbands as a momento. Now, aside from their music, the light show …

​To the point. Tonight, Chris brought on a special surprise guest – Barry Gibb! Extremely poignant as he is the only remaining brother and you could see how thrilled he was. Chris gave him centre stage as he accompanied him on acoustic guitar and vocals singing ‘To Love Somebody‘ and then ‘Night Fever‘.  The crowd went wild as Coldplay went disco!

I saw the Bee Gees in 1989. Massive as they were, they came to the Playhouse in Edinburgh and I will never forget it. They, like Coldplay, have earned a well-deserved place in history as writers and musicians. Their songs transcend time. Barry Gibb may be the only remaining brother and the Bee Gees no more but tonight Coldplay took their hats off to one of the greats and, in doing so, made him cool once more. Coldplay, I salute you!

‘Never give up’.  Chris Martin

This is Trish, signing off. Is there anybody there?!