Right, back to it. It’s only been a few months and who writes the rules of blog frequency anyway?!

​One problem – what to write? Solution: accept the fact that nobody is going to read it!

November 4th and one of those really dark, dank depressing days when you really can’t be bothered doing anything other than putting the fire on and watching a good film. Just me? Edinburgh is at its worst in this weather – grey, miserable and dirty. The Christmas adverts are infiltrating our lives at every turn taking juxtaposition to those about loans, debt and life insurance! When did money suck the life out of ‘life’? A recent visit to Rome, spending a few days with my daughter in the Eternal City, has only reinforced my cynicism as to the downward spiral of what used to be called ‘living’!

Rome is a beautiful city whose place in history is deserving of immense respect. One cannot help but feel humbled at the sight of the massive Colosseum; great wonder at the Pantheon with its enormous domed ceiling open to the elements and utter amazement to be walking in the path of the ancient plebs and patricians in the Forum. The work involved in recovering and preserving the remnants of this ancient world is ongoing as is the thirst for knowledge of life in historic times which shaped the world. The Romans are proud of their heritage and this pride was evident in bucket loads in the light show we were privileged to see on our first night in the city. We were allowed access to the Forum of Caesar and, courtesy of earphones and amazing light projections, were escorted through the Forum as it was in his day. The trickery of light meant we saw shadows of the past going about their day to day life ……as if we were there. When the lights went out, the small group were silent and strangely moved. Was everyone, like me, questioning life today?

There appears to be nothing to prevent the public entering the Forum without permission – no great barrier, electric fence – just an invisible wall of respect. Sadly, it was my 22 year-old son who commented that if the remains of the Forum were in Edinburgh, in all likelihood they would be vandalised or, at the very least, covered in graffiti! Like mother, like son. If we could turn back time …

Trish, signing off. Nobody forced you to read it!!