So, there we go. I’ve fallen at the first fence!  I was supposed to write everyday but have failed miserably.  Actually can’t remember what I’ve been doing either which is rather worrying.

Anyway, just been interrupted by a phonecall from my old friend, Susan, with whom I shared a flat at uni.  So pleased that we have kept in touch, particularly as she tells me it is virtually 40 years since we first met!  Strange but I can remember our first meeting vividly: I arrived at the David Hume Tower, Lecture Theatre A, for my first English Literature lecture.  I was 17 and knew nobody.  Sliding along into a seat, Susan was sitting next to me and that was the start of a lifelong friendship and a lot of fun.  As the lyric in one of my favourite songs goes , ‘Turn a different corner and we never would have met’….. How many times have I turned the wrong corner?

Seems appropriate that Passenger is playing in the background as I write.  I always loved his song ‘Let Her Go‘ but he absolutely swallowed me up when we went to see him at the Usher Hall last November.  Just him and his guitar, he is an amazing talent and an extremely clever guy. Each song is a story and his day-to-day observations and social comment cannot help but  strike a cord.  ‘Holes’ was his encore and I shall never forget it – ‘We got holes but we carry on… 

Manny has just told me that 107 people have viewed my blog – scary or what! I have started to compile a list of things I want to write about; things which rattle my cage but more pertinent is the first day of Wimbledon and the fact that we are not there!Wimbledon is Summer.  In fact, the end of the Wimbledon fortnight marks the end of Summer in my book so this year we are definitely stuffed!  I was lucky enough to grow up through the Borg, McEnroe, Connors, Nastase era ….. not forgetting Donny!  Ok, he had nothing to do with Wimbledon but he was of that era.  I was a huge Borg fan – why wouldn’t you be?! – and I remember the opposing factions in our house as my mother and sister supported Nastase, or anyone on the other side of the net to Borg holding a wooden contraption resembling a racquet! Yes, racquets used to be wooden and tiny requiring, one would think, greater skill?  I don’t know about that.  I will have nothing said against Andy Murray.

Suffice to say, Becca is barely talking to me as I unilaterally decided we shouldn’t go down to Wimbledon this year. Big mistake!!  We have sat on Henman Hill, religiously, for the last 3 years – with the exception of the first year when we had tickets for Court 1 and the Men’s Semi-Finals and then last year when this time, for the men’s semis, we sat on Centre Court, front row opposite the Royal Box and Cliff Richard!  An experience never to be forgotten.  Sadly we had watched Andy being beaten in the Quarter Finals the day before, however, but one cannot have everything.

For a life-long Wimbledon fan, Centre Court is the ultimate.  Even walking through the tunnel with its paintings of each and every winner throughout time on the wall, it catches your breath.  Wimbledon is one of the last remaining stalwarts of tradition and, climbing the stairs into Centre Court to take your seat, it is like stepping back in time; to a better time.  How I love that!  Then one is faced with the harsh brutality of life today and corporate dominancy – large numbers of the seats are empty and will remain so as those whose knowledge of tennis extends no further than a racquet and ball enjoy their corporate entertainment, preferring another glass of champagne to one of the most coveted seats there is and the chance to be part of, and support, one of the greatest sporting events which also happens to be quintessentially British!  Amen.

Here’s to Wimbledon and Summer 2015!  Savour while it lasts.

Trish, signing off with so much more to say.  Until next time…